Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

I've somehow managed to get off early the past two Fridays!  Last week was a fluke, but this Friday was due to an eye appointment.  Hey, getting off early is getting off early! No matter if they have to dilate your eyes and you feel like a space alien with giant pupils. I take what I can get around here!

My eye doctor did ask if I had considered Lasik surgery. It's something I have been thinking about, but honestly the whole procedure kind of freaks me out. It's something that I'll definitely be chewing over..

After my appointment I get a text from Lex telling me she and Dakota are going to the mall and was wondering if we'd see her there.. us being the mall rats we are I told her yes. Seriously, small town = not that much to do on a budget!  We ended up playing with the puppies at Petland before meeting them for sushi at Fuji, then headed over to the mall and Target (shopkicks hello!!).

Saturday morning me and E went to "Smokin' in the Square," a bbq cook-off downtown.  It was ok.. The weather was kind of crappy, overcast and chilly, and we only tried one of the bbq's there. I had a loaded bbq potatoe. It was pretty amazing and I woofed it down before I could even consider taking a picture. #fatgirlprobz

Next year I hope the weather is better and I want to participate in the "People's Choice" in tasting all the local bbqs. Not gonna lie, Happy Pig is still my fav.

Here's mine and E's attempt at a decent "blog-worthy" pic while we waited in line for homemade ice cream..

{"Oh, my eyes are squinty, let's try again"}

{"Well you said let's open our eyes.."}

{"Ok, now I have a potato head.. we suck at taking pictures."}

Saturday night we spent at Ethan's sister's house.  His parents are moving again, back to Orlando and made a pit stop home before continuing on. It's was good to see all his family and just catch up. I'm glad E's parents are back in Florida and especially glad that they're near my favorite mouse. I feel a Disney trip coming on.. ;)

Sunday morning we were up getting ready for church until Ethan discovered a cat poop/pee explosion in our hallway. I seriously don't know what's gotten into one of our two cats, but this is the second time one of them has decided to make our little hallway his personal bathroom. Since we live 45 minutes away from our church and cleaning up that nasty mess took extra time, I decided it was better for us to just stay home.

And stay home we did. Six loads of laundry and roughly the same number of Once Upon a Time episodes later, we called it a day. Exciting times at the Macarthur house, let me tell you.

One slightly exciting thing before I go, emphasis on slightly.. Did you know they still sell Rice Krispy Treats cereal?! I thought that childhood treat was just a memory!  We may or may not have polished off a box for dinner Sunday night.

I'll leave you with this photo of my Jinxy cat being a snuggle bug.  Don't ask how I got the floating hearts around him.. seriously they just appeared when I synced up my phone pics to the blog. Weird, but I kind of love it (and him.. mostly him).

{This takes my crazy cat lady status to a whole new level}


  1. Y'all are so cute. Even despite the Sunday morning least y'all were in it together being your cute selves! :)

  2. Did you know there used to be such a thing as Rice Krispy Treat Cereal! It was awesome. The only place I could find it in CA was Stater Brothers. Supposedly they still sell it at Wal-Mart but I don't go there so I'm not sure. Sounds like you had a productive and relaxing Sunday!

    1. I just found it at our local Walmart and had to snag up a box! It was just as amazing as I remembered!

  3. You two are adorable!! Cute blog!