Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pray for Pensacola

Last night a major storm rolled through my hometown, dropping up to 27" of rain in some parts.  The devastation is heartbreaking and my Facebook news feeds is nothing but bad news. I've seen picture upon picture of stranded cars, washed out roads, and flooded streets.

I got stuck at work till after 9 p.m. last night. Once our Board Meeting was over and we were heading out, a super cell started to form over Downtown and we were told to stay put until further notified.  Once we were able to leave, thankfully, God kept His hand of protection on me as I drove home over two bridges and through flooded streets.

My Dad is a truck driver and his route is from Pensacola to New Orleans every night. He got stuck in Alabama for a little bit trying to figure out which roads weren't closed or washed out and thankfully he made it home safely late this morning.

Right now the Governor of Florida, Governor Scott is in Pensacola viewing the devastation. A lot of businesses are closed and are unsure, many due to the damages, when they are going to reopen.

Pray for my hometown as we are going through this. The Gulf Coast can handle a hurricane, but this is unlike anything I've seen in a long time. Thankfully my family and my husband's family managed through the storm with little no damage. One sister did get flood damage to her house, but I'm unsure as to the extend of her damage.

The following pictures are not mine.  I collected them from various friends and news medias that shared on Facebook. Please pray for Pensacola.


{Washed out bridge on Scenic Hwy}

{Scenic Hwy}


{Downtown Pensacola}
{Downtown Pensacola}
{Post Office, Downtown Pensacola}

{Olive Baptist Church}

{Brent Lane across from Pensacola Christian Academy}

 {Brent Lane across from Pensacola Christian Academy}

{Hwy 29 - Car City, Pensacola}
{Hwy 29 - Car City, Pensacola}

{My brother's best friend's parent's back yard. That's a 6' door being covered on that garage.}

{Interstate 10}

{Hwy 98, Gulf Breeze}

{Mobile Hwy}
{Before and After devastation, the arrow shows the same house}
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Monday, April 28, 2014

I Love a Good Weekend

Just like that new Rascal Flatt's song "Rewind," I totally wish I could rewind to 5:01 p.m. on Friday. This whole weekend was so much fun and I'd do it all over again!

Friday night me and Ethan did our usual thang and hit the mall.  Pretty much only so he could get mall sushi, which is his favorite. Yes, we drove 30 minutes to the mall just so he could get sushi. Spoiled much? ;)   We didn't really do a lot of shopping, but he did get golf balls and I got my kicks! (Yup, I'm totally still addicted to ShopKick! Download the app here!)

Saturday morning Ethan had a 6:52 a.m. tee time. He's cray. I had a 6:52 a.m.-still-sleeping-in-bed time. Although come 8:45ish I was up and ready to go. It was one of those mornings where I would've slept till 11, but nope.. for some reason I was up and at 'em!

So.. what do you do on a Saturday morning when you're up too early? I got some clothes folded, the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, and a good cardio sesh in on the elliptical. Basically rocked the ish outta that morning.

Taylor came over around the same time Ethan got home and we headed over to Sidelines for a quick lunch. I was so good and ordered grilled shrimp and broccoli, but I can't say I was that good when it came to dinner at a Chinese buffet later on in the day. Oops.. come on, Katie, jump right back on that diet train! After lunch we headed to the pool for a quick tanning sesh.  Ethan was the only one crazy enough to actually get in the pool.

{My Hottie}

{Rockin' our monogrammed hats from The Turnip Seed on Etsy!}
{Use code "macarthurlately" for 10% your order!}

After getting sun kissed, we all cleaned up and let Taylor play realtor for us while we looked at the Parade of Homes. The parade is something Ethan has looked forward to since we went last year and this year was a little more exciting to me since we're actually starting to look into buying a new house soon(ish). We started in what we could afford, to what was thisclose to being able to afford, to the "if we win the lottery we could afford this" category. Let me tell you, the "thisclose" category is depressing and it kind of irked me to look at the houses that were just a little too nice for us. Currently looking into which organ I could sell on the black market. #kidding #kinda

All-in-all the Parade was a ton of fun and I'm glad we went. It was fun to pretend which child's room it would be and how we'd arrange our furniture.  I've still got my heart set on a specific plan and neighborhood we looked at and you better believe I've started praying for God  to open doors for us now!

{Note to self: Self, make sure you coordinate your FSU banner with your shutters one day. I looks super cute!}

{Totally could DIY this!}

{You had me at Mason jars & paper straws}

{This. This is a laundry room, people, that is bigger than my bedroom. Need. Yes, need.}

Quick funny story about this picture.  Clearly I'm trying to be a good blogger and get pictures of my weekend to share.  Well, I guess not everyone understands that. So when me and Taylor were posing by the sign, I heard this older man say to his wife mockingly, "hey, you want a picture by the sign too?!" Umm.. excuse me, Sir, but it's for the blog and if you blogged you'd totally get it. Ok, that story was much funnier in my head, but you get the idea! haha

{Love the different tile hidden behind the shower curtain}

{One day Ethan will totally DIY this for me!}

{This looks so easy to DIY with cork!}

{Catching a buggy ride back to the car after walking the giant neighborhood}

The Parade was a blast and I had a great time looking at all the houses with Ethan and Taylor. Ethan and I even went again on Sunday to check out some houses closer to my parents. If you want to see more of the Parade, check out my bestie Taylor's blog and you'll see tons more photos of the actual houses and decor.  After looking at my pictures I realized I only took DIY-style pics, but she nailed it with capturing just how gorgeous these houses really were!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Yay! It's Friday!

I love a good week that just flies by. Not trying to rush my life along, but man when I looked at my calendar on Monday and realized I had a full week with nothing fun or out of the ordinary planned, I kind of dreaded it. Blink my eyes a couple times and *boom* it's Friday!

{1} Monday my coworker Liz and I tried out the new salad and hot bar at Everman's.  They just did a massive renovation and everything looks so good! She got a avocado and hummus wrap at the sandwich counter, while I made my own salad. I was very impressed and will definitely be going back!

{My whole salad was only a little over $4! Heck yes!}

{Too gorgeous of a day to eat inside!}

{2} I got invited to a friend's gender reveal party Tuesday night. Everyone there was so excited to find out what the baby was going to be!  The theme was "Glitter or Guns."  I voted "guns" and guess what?! I was right!  Congrats, Brittney, on another cutie-patootie little boy!

{We shot silly string at the Mom and Dad-to-be, which was blue obviously!}

{Excited MeMe and Mommy-to-Be}

{3} Got my copy of the Parade of Homes that's coming up next weekend!! Can't wait to tour all these homes this year, especially since me and Ethan are going to be in the market for our 1st house soon!

{4} I tried something new this week - almond butter.  I've seen countless times on #fitspo pages on Instagram that the big shot bikini competitors and body builders love this stuff.  Me.. not so much. I think I mostly missed my sugar and additives in the regular peanut butter! Haha!

{Little too healthy for my taste..}

{5} But.. speaking of dieting, your girl is doing really good!  This week marked 10 pounds official lost in my diet bet!! (Week 1 Check-in, Week 2 Check-in & Week 3 Check-in)  It's been really hard, but the hours I've spend sweating it out and eating right are totally starting to pay off! I'll be doing my final diet bet post next Thursday instead of Tuesday, since the competition was technically from April 1 to May 1!

I hope anyone out there in Blog Land has a wonderful weekend!  It's supposed to sunny and 75 here, so you know to expect some annoying tanning pictures on Monday!

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