Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

As my 25th (eek!) birthday quickly approaches, hello T-minus ONE month away!, I thought I'd throw together a little gift guide of the things that make my heart go pitter patter these days.

Dear family and friends, I do hope I've given you enough shipping time for my prezzies! ;)

{Sex and the City - The Complete Series} S&tC is my go-to show for when I'm home sick and there's really nothing better to watch on TV.  Since I have the worst immune system known to man, I've probably seen a couple episodes from each season and have actually gotten into the story lines. I'd love to be able to watch from start to finish!

{Florida State of Mind necklace} I love how this little beauty is so dainty. Similar versions here and here!

{Stella & Dot earrings} I've had my eyes on these drop earrings since I hosted a Stella & Dot party for a friend well over a year ago! I gave my sister-in-law a version of these earrings for Christmas and I loved them too.

{Kitty mug} Enough said. #crazycatlady

{Naked palette} I've wanted this palette for a long time, but I owned the perfect $5 knockoff from Forever21 so I couldn't justify the purchase. Well, fast forward some and I've had to toss that bad boy due to a severe eye infection. Nasty, I know. But at least now I'd say now I'm in desperate need of this neutral eye shadow heaven!

{Chi flat iron} As a flat iron addict my current Chi is about to bite the dust. This obviously is a necessity.

Other items not pictures, this 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that hits up Mexico, Isla Roatan, Grand Cayman, and Mahogany Bay, and this 2014 Nissan Rogue. Hey, it's my birthday. I can wish if I want to! Just a side note on the cruise, I'm gonna need two tickets. I mean, I can't just leave Ethan while I'm enjoying the Caribbean! ;)

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