Friday, April 18, 2014

H I G H 5 for Friday

It's amazing the amount of work you can cram into a 3-day workweek.  Just because it was a short week didn't mean the workload was any less!  I have to say my office definitely kicked some Agenda butt. Other than work, I did do other things that are probably more exciting!

{1} Do you watch Game of Thrones?! I'm a no spoiler kind of person, so no one say anything just in case someone else happens to see this, but H O L Y C O W! Crazy, crazy episode this past Sunday. That is all. ;)

{2} Dieting is still going strong. Although, we did have a kinda cheat meal Thursday night at Outback. I ordered the ahi tuna sesame seed salad, which is super healthy and good on calories, but the slice of bread, couple of French fries, and bloomin' onion totally killed it. It'll be ok and I'll be back at it 110% tomorrow.

{Source Unknown}
{3} Monday me and Ethan were both off from work. It rained, but it was nice to sleep in and have a lazy day together.
{4} I got to have dinner with this little cutie Tuesday night with her Momma and Taylor. I really enjoyed the random girl's night dinner and it was good to catch up on basically everything!
{McKinley June}
{5} How pathetically cute is my baby boy? All curled up under the blanket and snuggled close to Mommy. He's quite the scared-ey cat when it comes to storms. It doesn't bother me at all and I soak up all the Jinxy Cat snuggles I can get.
{Jinxy Cat}
I hope you all had a wonderful week and I hope you all have an even more wonderful Easter weekend. I'm linked up with Lauren, Rebecca, Liz, and Jennie.

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