Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter // A Weekend Recap

I'd by lying if I said I wasn't struggling this Monday morning. It's the first day in 3 that I've had to get up with an alarm clock and I'm pretty sure I'm still in a sugar coma from all the Easter treats. That all being said I had a wonderful 3-day weekend filled with family, friends, and food!

Thursday night after work we headed to Outback for dinner with Taylor. It was a total diet buster, but so worth it. So, so worth it. Did you know you can order "Bloomin' Petals"? It's a secret Taylor discovered. Bascially for half the price, you get a plate of loose petals instead of the whole Bloomin' Onion. It's the perfect amount for only a couple of people to share! We were supposed to hang out with our other friends at O'Rielly's after dinner, but it was storming so bad and Ethan wasn't in the best mood due to his truck messing up on us again, we decided to just go home.

Friday morning I slept in. And by slept in, I mean I think it was nearly 11 before I got out of bed. No shame. Ethan spent the better part of his morning researching truck stuff and finally calling Nissan again to have the truck towed back to the shop. We spent the afternoon shopkicking and just killing time until Nissan could call us to pick up the truck.

{My husband - so supportive of my diet..}
We ate lunch at Applebee's, which I haven't in a really long time, but it was really good. We got the 2 for $20, so Ethan gladly scarfed down the entire plate of spin dip. #jealous Around 4:30 we decided to go check on the 'ole truck. Basically, the stupid thing wouldn't crank again, even though we just had the transmission and  radiator replaced last week. Turns out there's "nothing" wrong with the truck and it must have been a fluke. Thankfully Nissan only charged us the tow and let us go because we "spent enough last week." How sweet of them. ::cue sarcasm::

Saturday morning I did what I do best.

{How many beach pics can I put up weekend after weekend?!}

{After all the stinkin' rain, hello, Mr. Sun}

{Not too shabby for my little hometown!}

My Grandma, Mom, Sister, and Aunt stayed over at my Grandma's beach house Friday night, so we walked over there to say hi. Saturday night we had dinner at Red Lobster with my parents and sister. I had ordered my Easter dress from Belk the last week and it finally came in, just in the nick of time. I have things sent to my parent's house since our mailbox is tiny at the condo and I see my parent's at least once a week.

Saturday night after dinner we decided to stay at my parent's house. It was still early so we went home, got our stuff and headed out to Cantonment. I can't wait till we move "back home." It's been fun living at the beach, but it just so much more convenient and homey out in the country.

Resurrection Sunday was beautiful. The message at church was refreshing and I'm so thankful for my little church. Of course being dressed up in your Sunday best is reason enough for a small phootshoot.

{My Family (minus my workaholic brother)}

{My Wonderful Parents}

{My Handsome Hubs & I}


{We cute..}

After church we headed over to my parent's house for lunch with them and my grandparent's (Dad's parents). We had ham, glazed sweet potatoes, green beans & new potatoes, and biscuits. I tried my best to be good, but Easter lunch was calling my name. After some banana pudding and a short nap, it was time to go over to Ethan's sister's house for Easter dinner. We had ham, asparagus, "crack" potatoes {so yummy, I'll have to get the recipe and share!}, along with deviled eggs, olives, and way too many desserts! I ate so much Sunday I thought I was going to die.

Since me and Ethan don't have kids {yet!}, you'll have to suffer through some adorable pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews!

{Lucy & her Daddy hunting eggs}

{Nikola gettin' his hunt on}

{Little basketball action after the hunt}

{Zoee, Lucy & Jesse}

{Niko proud of his basket}

{Throwing the ball high is funny}

{His little laugh, melts your heart}

{Playing with the cool motion settings on my phone!!}

Sunday night me and Ethan were actual adults and tackled Mt. Foldmore. If we have one bad habit as a couple, it's not folding clothes. Clothes get washed on the reg, but folded, not so much. They make it from washer to dryer to couch. It's a bad habit, I know.. I blame it on wanting to spend more time together rather than folding clothes you're just going to turn around and wear again?! #pointless Ok, so there is a point of folding clothes (read: clutter control), but it's something we're bad at. I think from now on we're going to stick freshly dried clothes on our bed, that way we're forced to fold them before we can go to bed. I'll keep you updated on this new adventure. Hastag exciting times in the Macarthur house.

I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my Jinxy cat getting Ethan snuggles last night.

How was your Easter weekend? I hope you enjoyed some time with family with lots of great food and hopefully a good church service! I'm linked up with Bella @ Dateless in Dallas and Lisa @ Showered with Design for their Weekend Recap and Molly for #mondayfunday! {Bella is also hosting a pretty awesome giveaway on her blog right now!}


  1. I love this post and all of the photos!! You and your sisters are GORGEOUS!! What a fun Easter! I also literally laughed out loud at Mt Foldmore.... guilty right here!!

    Stopping by from Weekend Recap!

    Meg @

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a Mt. Foldmore! :)))

  3. Your weekend looks like all kinds of fabulous! I love your Easter dress! And I'm so jealous of your sunbathing session!