Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pray for Pensacola

Last night a major storm rolled through my hometown, dropping up to 27" of rain in some parts.  The devastation is heartbreaking and my Facebook news feeds is nothing but bad news. I've seen picture upon picture of stranded cars, washed out roads, and flooded streets.

I got stuck at work till after 9 p.m. last night. Once our Board Meeting was over and we were heading out, a super cell started to form over Downtown and we were told to stay put until further notified.  Once we were able to leave, thankfully, God kept His hand of protection on me as I drove home over two bridges and through flooded streets.

My Dad is a truck driver and his route is from Pensacola to New Orleans every night. He got stuck in Alabama for a little bit trying to figure out which roads weren't closed or washed out and thankfully he made it home safely late this morning.

Right now the Governor of Florida, Governor Scott is in Pensacola viewing the devastation. A lot of businesses are closed and are unsure, many due to the damages, when they are going to reopen.

Pray for my hometown as we are going through this. The Gulf Coast can handle a hurricane, but this is unlike anything I've seen in a long time. Thankfully my family and my husband's family managed through the storm with little no damage. One sister did get flood damage to her house, but I'm unsure as to the extend of her damage.

The following pictures are not mine.  I collected them from various friends and news medias that shared on Facebook. Please pray for Pensacola.


{Washed out bridge on Scenic Hwy}

{Scenic Hwy}


{Downtown Pensacola}
{Downtown Pensacola}
{Post Office, Downtown Pensacola}

{Olive Baptist Church}

{Brent Lane across from Pensacola Christian Academy}

 {Brent Lane across from Pensacola Christian Academy}

{Hwy 29 - Car City, Pensacola}
{Hwy 29 - Car City, Pensacola}

{My brother's best friend's parent's back yard. That's a 6' door being covered on that garage.}

{Interstate 10}

{Hwy 98, Gulf Breeze}

{Mobile Hwy}
{Before and After devastation, the arrow shows the same house}
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  1. I had no idea that you lived in Pensacola!!! I saw the pictures and realized that they were the same pictures I have been staring at for 24 hours!!! I am about 15 miles North of PCola, and feel so lucky that we did not flood!!! Hopefully the waters move out quick and no more roads collapse!!


    1. Oh wow, small world! I'm so happy you didn't experience any flooding! Praise God! Things are looking better for us, we've got a long road, but Pensacola is an amazing community and we've all really stepped up and are ready to work! Thank you so much for the prayers!