Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 5

Happy Friday, Everyone! I've been wishing for today since, well.. Monday evening when my wonderful, family-fun filled Memorial Day vacation was over. And guess what? It's Friday now!!  Here's a quick look back at my own Friday 5!

{1} Had the best time Monday with family and friends having a cook-out at the Neese's house!

{2} Baby fever has hit me and its hit me hard.  I've been playing around with nursery inspiration boards on Polyvore.  I'll share those next week!  I showed Ethan last night and he actually really like my "boy room." Only problem is I spared no cost in the designing of those boards. Don't worry, no credit cards were harmed in the making! ;)

{3} My latest diet bet ended today.  Sadly, I did not make the 4% body weight loss cut, but thankfully {and luckily} I didn't gain any weight this month. I kind of lost all motivation after losing my initial 14 pounds in April. No worries, hubs and me are getting back on track 110% come Monday. It always helps when you have someone else to help motivate you!

{4} Momma made the best tacos Wednesday night for dinner. Man, I love tacos!

{5} I spent Thursday evening having dinner with my Grandparents and their Sunday School group.  We ate at Cock of the Walk and it was seriously delicious! I haven't eaten there in!  Of course, in true Grandma fashion, she had me order her a couple shirts online.  Lord help us if that lady ever learns how to online shop for herself!

How was your week?  I'm pretty excited about my weekend, even though it's supposed to be gross and rainy! Family visits, a concert, lots of shopkicks, and a cook-out! See you all again on Monday! :)


Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Day We Got Engaged

Five years ago today I said "yes" to one very important, life-changing question.  And in the spirit of #throwbackthursday, I'll share our little engagement story with you today.

For my Grandparent's 20th wedding anniversary, my Grandma asked my Grandpa to take our family to Hawaii. I remember the night before we left like it was yesterday.  Ethan and I both spent the night at Grandma's house so we could ride with them to the airport. I remember sitting in the living room on the couch, Ethan setting his alarm for super early, and us talking about how exciting of a trip it would be. Little did I know just how exciting and memorable of a trip it would be.

Our flight took off around 6 a.m., and we headed from Pensacola to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Honolulu! The flight there took nearly 10 hours, but since we crossed so many timelines, we arrived in Honolulu around 3 p.m. Talk about some serious jet lag.

{Boarding our 1st Flight}

The first thing we did after unloading our bags at the hotel was walk around downtown Honolulu.  If you ever get the chance to go, take it!  It's an amazing city full of fun things to do and you can't beat the sunsets.

{Waikiki Beach}

{Waikiki Beach}

{Downtown Honolulu}

We walked around downtown for a couple hours then all headed back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat.  At first, we all were going to eat at the buffet located in the hotel, but after looking at the menu and seeing that the buffet was over $20 a person, me and Ethan decided to do dinner on our own.  We ended up on the rooftop pool and restaurant area of our hotel.  The view was amazing and you could see the beach from where we sat.  The weather was perfect, warm and breezy, and there was a live performer singing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours."  I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh. Wouldn't it be cool if he proposed right here?!"  It was all just so perfectly romantic.  Of course I didn't say anything and we finished dinner with no mention of anything "futuristic."  Looking back, I can't believe I didn't think it was odd when Ethan left me at dinner to "go to the bathroom" and be gone for what felt like 20 or more minutes. And folks, this was the days before everyone and their brother had smart phones to play with at the table.  I later found out that he had ran back down to the restaurant my parents were at, got our room key, ran to the room, got the ring {!!}, returned the key, and made it back to me.  His story? "I couldn't find the bathroom."

{Our Hotel}

After dinner, Ethan asked if I wanted to go walk down to the beach to watch the sunset.  He had heard there were going to be fireworks and said we should go now to get a good view. {Side note: I remember walking to the elevators and we passed the bathroom. I made fun of him for not being able to find it when it was literally 20 feet away from our table.  He just shrugged it off.} We walked across the street and found what I thought was a good seat for the sunset and fireworks show.  It was crowded, but we were definitely not within 10 feet of another person.  Ethan asked if I wanted to go walk down the beach and find a better spot that wasn't so crowded. {Hindsight again, Katie, here's your sign.} At first I said no. We had a good spot and it was getting close to sunset.  I think by the 3rd or 4th time that he asked me, I finally agreed. And honestly, I only agreed so he would shut up. Romantic, I know.

{After finding "the perfect" spot}

I remember the walk down the beach. He kept asking me weird questions like "where do you see us in five years?" and other things like that.  I don't really remember what I told him, but I know he remembers me changing the subject a million times.  He just kept going back to "us" and I kept moving on to gosh-knows-what.  Finally we found Ethan's "perfect spot," which was about a mile down the beach. Ok, maybe more like a quarter mile, but we did walk forever.  We sat down and he started on "us" again.  Except this time, he asked me if I would marry him!  I honestly don't rememeber excactly what he said or what I said in reply. Although, I believe it was along the lines of "are you serious?"

{05.29.2009 Our Sunset}

After nearly four years of dating, we were engaged. We sat there together, just the two of us in our own little world. We watched the sun finally set on our super long day and then watched an amazing fireworks show.  I couldn't think of a better way to start our amazing vacation!

{Engaged! Bloodshot, sleepy eyes and all!}

{He swears he didn't cry.. those eyes tell another story ;) }

After the fireworks show I couldn't wait to get back to my family and share the news! Of course they already knew, but it's a way more exciting story when there's a ring on your finger!  I remember calling my best friend Taylor back home. This was about the 4th or 5th time I had called her that day and each time I called she thought I had more exciting news to share with her than just "we just got to the islands" and "go online and look up this live-feed camera thing and you can see me!"  It was past midnight when I called her, but I had to ask if she'd be my Maid of Honor!  Of course she said yes and then told me to not call her anymore today. Haha!

{I said "yes"}

The next morning we boarded the ship to start the cruise portion of our trip.  It all still felt like a dream. I was in Hawaii with my Fiance! I've known since the day I met him that I would marry him and finally those days were here!

{Of course, it's not official until it's Facebook Official}

Ethan, five years ago today, I said yes to becoming your wife. I remember some parts of that day like it was yesterday and others, well, you know how good my memory is, but the one thing I do know for sure is that I'd say yes a million times more. I love you. Thanks for picking me. ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Life Lately

So it occurred to me that I have blogged in a week, which in the world of "life" posts isn't that crazy for me.  It's not like I'm one of those bloggers that has scheduled posts for a week. Although, for a minute there I was getting pretty good. It's been a good week! I had last Monday off and spent the day with my Mom for a belated Mother's Day.  You couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Light breeze, sun shinin' perfection.

{My little friend from Monday}
Tuesday me and Ethan actually spend the evening together. Which is a big deal for us since we normally don't have weeknights together very often. I planned on making a nice dinner for us, but ended up making banana bread and we may or may not have only eaten fresh banana bread for dinner. Ah, the life of an adult.
Wednesday night I did something big and applied for a new job! It's a Director's Aide position in a different Department in the County. It'd be a huge promotion for me and I really, really hope and pray I get it, but if I don't, I'm confident that it's not where the Lord wants me and He has bigger and better plans for me!

{Application submitted on the 1st try! Haha}
Thursday I woke up feeling like complete junk. I have a weak stomach and am used to being nauseated, but man, I wanted to call in sick so bad, but since it was a "proofing" week at work and we were swamped, I just couldn't do that to our office.  I got a lot done work-wise on Thursday, but it was a long, miserable day.
I met up with Mom, Hannah, and Grandma for dinner.  Hannah's last day of school was Thursday and it's tradition for us to stay out at Grandma's beach house the weekend after school gets out.  We ate at Aegean Breeze in Gulf Breeze and I was not impressed. Maybe it's because I felt like junk still, but it just wasn't that great.  Afterwards we went to Marble Slab for dessert.  I totally should've skipped dinner and headed straight for the dessert. The cold ice cream felt soo good on my upset stomach, which I probably completely opposite of what I should've eaten, but it worked for me.
Friday was 100 times worse. I was up Friday morning from midnight to 4 a.m. tossing and turning and running to the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick. I finally fell asleep around 4:30, but when Ethan got up at 6, I was back up again super sick.  I ended up calling to work.  I felt terrible for doing so, but I couldn't take 2 steps without thinking I was going to die. I spent most of the day laying on the couch, feeling like death and watching the cats play. Wild and crazy times.
Saturday morning I still felt like junk, but figured I could at least feel like junk and get a tan. It was a gorgeous day and I really didn't want to waste another day inside. So, I packed my Sprite and saltines and spent the day with Mom and Hannah at the beach.  We watched stingrays play in the surf for hours.

{Sick, but the beach is the best medicine!}

{Gorgeous Day!!}

{Pods of Stingrays surfing the waves}

{Mom & Hannah}

{Hannah, Mom & Me}

Saturday night we went to dinner at Ethan's sister's house.  Ethan's parents were in town for the holiday weekend.  It's so good to see them and I'm so happy they've moved back to Florida.  Ethan and I are already planning a trip to Orlando to see them soon!  I think we'll definitely go to Islands of Adventure and Universal. I can't wait to see the new additions to Harry Potter World!

{It's officially summer time! Shaken Ice Tea Lemonade!}

{Niko not happy he can't play with the big kids}

{Uncle Ethan teaching the big kids how to golf}

{Lucy Loo}
The best news this week is that I have another niece or nephew on the way! Congrats to my sister-in-law Emily on her 2nd baby!  Niko's going to be a big brother in January!!
Sunday was church. Brother Jason preached a good message that encouraged a lot of us.  I kind of mentioned before that my church was/is going through a hard time.  We as a church have really bonded together the last two weeks and, while we still have a long road ahead of us, we're going to make it. With God, anything is possible.
Today is Memorial Day and I want to thank all the brave service men and women who have given their lives for our great Country! I know the holiday is not about 3-day weekends, parties and bbq's, but I thankful I can have those things because of some that gave it all.
We did spend the day at the Neese's house cooking out and playing in the pool.  We had smoked chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and deviled eggs. Basically your typical cook-out menu! After lunch we all played in the pool.

So I'm not sure why my phone does this, but I do not make these GIFs. They just kind of "show up"!

{Crazy Kid - Cole}
{Mom, Hannah & Dad}

{Ethan & Shiloh}

{Josh trying to pop the float.. the guys favorite game they played for. ever.}

{Dad.. this float was teeny tiny, but he thought he could dive thru it.. Umm. It got stuck}

{Pencil Dive to remove the tube}

{Josh did, however, fit through the tube!}

{I think Ethan made it thru..}

{Jason chicken out last minute}

{I spy with my little eye, a football}

{Absolutely perfect day with my family and friends}

So now, it's Monday night and I've got those Monday night blues. It's been such a wonderful weekend and I'm just not ready to go back to work.  I am thankful I feel better and would much rather go to work feeling good than repeat how I felt on Friday. Yuck. I'm trying to tell myself that it's a short week and it'll be the weekend again before I know it. Oh summer time, how I love you.
How was your weekend? I'd love to hear about your weekend in the comments below! Also, I promise I'm working on some things for the blog that aren't posted on Friday or Monday, haha! Gotta love those link-ups!  Speaking of, I'm linked up with all my Monday party people!  Check them out and make some new friends!
{Lisa and Bella}

{Molly & Carly}

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Funday

So I'm checking in later than normal due to my planned 3-day weekend and Monday off! I think it should be law that you get Monday off always. Who ever invented the 5-day work week should be sent to jail forever. Basically, Mondays off are great. But let's rewind to Friday and I'll let you know what I've been up to this weekend!

Friday night me and Ethan did what me and Ethan do best. We went to the mall. Well, kinda. We went to TJMaxx for him to get a hat he says he should've got last weekend because it fit perfect and it was a cool hat. Ok, whatever. No need to persuade me into a Friday night shopping trip to TJMaxx. We also stopped by his sister's house for a little bit and got to talk to Sarah and Nate for awhile. It's nice catching up with them. Me and little Lucy picked berries in the backyard. Sadly, there were no berries ripe yet, because she'd already been out there and ate all the "boo ones." She'd point out the unripe red berries and shake her head no while saying "boo." Poor thing, I wish I had unlimited "boo berries" to give her! In other, not that exciting news, I got the boys a new toy at Target. They loved it and I loved being that crazy cat lady taking a million pics.

Saturday it was gorgeous outside. Not a single cloud in the sky.  I enjoyed my time by the pool, per the usual. I bought a new book at Target the night before and got started on it! It's my 1st book for my 25 in 25 list! I wanted to start with the Divergent series, but for some things that are going on in my life right now, I needed a comedy first.

Saturday night we had plans to meet up with Dakota and Alexis for dinner and to see Neighbors. As we were about 5 minutes from the theater, I looked over at Ethan and asked, "do you remember if I unplugged my straightener?" Ladies, I know you're with me here. That sudden panic when you can't seem to remember. Like it's so second nature to unplug that dang thing, you honestly can't remember if you actually unplugged it. I mean, it's something I do every. single. day. so my memories of the different mornings get all jumbled. Well, long story short. {kinda.. I did just ramble there for a sec.} Ethan left about halfway through the movie to go back home and check. Spoiler alert: I did unplug it. He said the movie wasn't that funny and he'd rather us be able to stay at my parents like we had planned rather than going home or not going home and risking burning our place down.

After the movie we all met up at the Food Court in the mall. We decided on the mall because we all couldn't make our minds up. Luckily I had my coupon book with me, so when Dakota wanted Pita Pit he was able to get 6 free cookies with his meal. Haha. After dinner we did a little shopping then headed over to TCBY for some fro-yo! Side note: never leave your phone unattended around your super attractive siblings. Case and point below:

{Sorry, Ladies, he's already taken.}

{Taken by this gorgeous thing...}

{Stunning couple}

{The cutie in the back would be the one I call mine ;) }

{Safe to say I'll have cute nieces and nephews one day}

Sunday morning wasn't our traditional service. The church my family attends is going through a transition phase right now. Our pastor of 20+ years resigned last Wednesday night and we are currently trying to be mindful of what God's will for our church is. I've gone to the same small Baptist church that had been founded and pastored by the same man since its beginning since I was about 7 years old. It's going to be a new start for my church and it's going to be a long road of healing. If you have a moment, please say a prayer of comfort and healing for my church and that God send us the right man to preach His Word to us.

Monday I had the day off, hence why my weekend post is so so late! It was another gorgeous day and I got to spend it with my gorgeous Momma! She headed over to my place about 10:30, we got Subway for lunch to-go, and headed down the beach for a little R&R. The weather was 81, slightly breezy, and absolutely perfect.

Momma left about 3:15 and I headed to the gym. I had planned to workout much later, but decided that if I got it over with, it would be over with earlier. <-- because="" class="goog-spellcheck-word" deep="" did="" glad="" i="" know.="" m="" style="background: yellow;" taylor="">texted
me about 4:30 asking if I had dinner plans. I was able to finish working out, get ready and meet her for dinner without having to worry about a late workout! Score! We went to the Food Trucks downtown and enjoyed the cool evening. Summertime is definitely my favorite. I look forward to more days and nights like Monday!
Monday night me and Ethan watched the latest episode of GoT. Ahhh! Best episode yet! I hate that next week, since it's a holiday weekend, that there's no new episode. Ok, I take that back! I'd rather have a day off than see a new episode. I mean, I'm a fan, but days off trump pretty much everything! ;)

Hope you're weekend was just as awesome! I'm linking up {late} with my favorite Monday ladies!

{Molly & Carly}

{Bella & Lisa}