Tuesday, May 13, 2014

25 in 25

Now that I've been the ripe 'ole age of 25 for about a week now, I feel like life is flying by and there are certain things I need to do. Certain experiences I need to, well, experience! I know I'm still young, but I blinked and now I'm in my mid-twenties. Seriously, I moved up a bracket on most surveys. {hello, 18-24 bracket to the ::gasp:: 25-29 bracket.}

So, after a little consideration, here's a little "to-do" list, if you will, for my 25th year:

  1. Be debt free. {So close, yet it feels so far away some days.}
  2. Get back into debt and buy myself a new car. {Currently scoping out the CX-5, Rav4, Santa Fe, and Cherokee}
  3. Get even more in debt and buy a house. {Cantonment, here we come!}
  4. Get a dog, maybe. {Emphasis on the "maybe." If this is the only thing I don't accomplish, I'll sleep well at night!}
  5. Read the Bible. {Anyone got a good year-long Bible reading guide to suggest?!}
  6. Keep a prayer journal. {To be able to look back at what all God has done!}
  7. Run a 5K. {More than likely when summer's over!}
  8. Run a 10K. {Ditto!}
  9. Cook homemade meals more often. {I'm going to be scoping out skinnytaste.com like there's no tomorrow!}
  10. Keep the laundry folded and put away. {Current status: fail}
  11. Read one good book a month. {Wish list: Divergent series, The Fault in Our Stars, Growing Up Duggar}
  12. Be more punctual. {As in, maybe I'll try to rock the new boyfriend watch trend}
  13. Workout 4-5 times a week. {Current status: nailing it}
  14. Keep up with my blogging. {I think I'm about ready to pay someone to design my blog? Any good suggestions that are quality, but affordable for a new blogger?}
  15. Go on more dates with my husband. {This needs to be a check-off list on its own}
  16. Go on an adventure. {Hopefully this'll get accomplished with a cruise!!}
  17. Go to a theme park. {Because why ruin our tradition of theme parking it every year?!}
  18. Donate blood. {I've done it once, but it's something that's worth doing again.}
  19. Declutter my house. {Moving sucks less, when you have less to move!}
  20. Worry less and trust more. {Going to probably be the hardest}
  21. Be vegetarian for a week. {I'm sure Ethan will be thrilled!}
  22. Save enough to pay for Ethan's PTA program without student loans. {Once we pay off our debt, this should be totally doable!}
  23. Get to my goal weight. {15 down, 15 to go!}
  24. Cross a few things off my bucket list. {See here}
  25. Take the time to enjoy life and more "now" moments. {Because I'm not getting any younger}
These are in no particular order, but just a reminder for myself to try to have the best 25th year possible! I'll keep updating my list as the year goes on. I hope to have all these items completed by my birthday next year!

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