Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday High {Twenty} Five // Happy Birthday To Me

Here's a look back at my 25th Birthday Week!

{1} Monday was my 25th birthday and, even though I had to go to work, it was a good day! I woke up to a hug and kiss from my husband. He's a bit of a procrastinator, so I got my birthday goodies from him after I got home from work! ;)

{Holla for a free Firehouse sub! Show your ID on your birthday and get a free sub!}

{Dinner at Vallarta's to get our Cinco de Mayo on!}
{After seeing "The Other Woman" ~ such a cute movie!}

I got home around 10 p.m. and was greeted by present and a card from my hubs. The card was sweet and the prezzies were awesome! I got the complete series of Sex and the City and a Bluetooth speaker. Hubs knows that I love to listen {and sing} to some Pandora in the shower and he thought it was pretty ghetto that I was using a glass cup to amplify my volume. {Um.. thank you, Pinterest, for that handy tip!} Although, I do have to say that the wireless speaker is and I've enjoyed it every morning since getting it! Me and Luke do a mean duet at 7 in the morning.. ;)

{2} Tuesday Taylor called me asking if I'd like to attend a banquet with her honoring the nominees for Nurse of the Year for our area. Unfortunately I got booted Fortunately her husband was able to make the banquet with her so I got text updates as the night went on! She won the Excellence Award for Direct Patient Contact for the hospital she works at and is one of the Top 10 Nurses of Northwest Florida! So proud of my bestie!

{Taylor and her hubs}

{3} Liz took me out to lunch for my birthday at the new Beef O'Brady's downtown. How stinkin' gorgeous of a day! We briefly considered just running away from work and never returning. I mean, how bad could the consequences really be?

{Downtown view from the window seats}

{4} So after a yummy, fun birthday weekend I ended up weighing a little more than I did last week on our final weigh-in. I've been working hard all week since and I'm just about back to my lowest weight. My goal for the end of May is to be back in the 130s! It's about 6 pounds, so it's totally doable! I haven't seen the 130s since high school, folks. This. Is. Big.

{Even the elliptical knows I'm a year older.. lol}

{5} I decided this week that no matter how old I get I'm still going to have fun and be trendy. Hence, the ombre pink nails. Actually, that's a lie. I stared at them for a good hour last night deciding whether or not I was "too old" for this crap. I've decided that if anyone asks, I'm going to say my 13-year old sister did it to me! ;) Here's to a little white pink lie to cover up my want/need to be younger! Haha!

{25 going on 12}

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  1. hahahahaha I totally say my niece painted my nails when I do a crappy job ;-) I love your mani! Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and hosting your linkup! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I'm visiting from Sincerely Paula. Sounds like a fabulous week of celebrating! And I think your ombre nails look really pretty. =)