Monday, May 12, 2014

Watercross Pro Tours & Mother's Day

Happy Monday, folks!  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  Unfortunately my weekend didn't start till late Friday night, as I was called in to work some extra hours in the Emergency Center.  The gig? Stuffing 5,000 door bags with FEMA and flood info. I started folding and stuffing about 4:00 and we finally finished around 8:45. We had to collate 5 different info papers into 1 stack, then fold and stuff it in to the door hanger. If I never see another sheet of neon green, yellow, pink, or blue paper in my life, it'll be too soon. Luckily I had an awesome partner to work with and Team Felicia & Katie kicked that paper-collating-stuffing-party's butt!  It actually wasn't as terrible as it seems. The people that showed up to help were all in good moods and we had a good laugh at our "Girl's Night Friday Night Party." I'll also have a good laugh when that extra bit of moolah hits my paycheck!

Saturday was an Ethan and Katie day. We slept in, got ready and headed to Shaggy's for lunch. I had eaten there once before and loved their fish tacos, so I was excited for E to try them too.  Too bad they sucked the day he tried them out. Also, don't get their nachos. They're too big for just 2 people to enjoy and the cheese gets cold before you can even conquer enough to get to the good stuff. I mean, if you have about 20 people to share with, sure go ahead. Sadly lunch was a bust and Ethan probably won't go back. Dang.

"Are you going to take a picture of the nachos?" - E
"No, probably not." - K
"Oh, you just normally do now." - E
"Guess I should, you know, for the blog." - K
Our new conversation now everytime we go out to eat. Haha

The one bright spot of our morning was the HT Pro Watercross (Read motocross, except on jet skis) Tour that was happening on Pensacola Beach. We walked over after lunch and watched a couple races and then the freestyle riding.

{HT Pro Watercross Tour}

{Start of the Pro Races}

{Pro Freestyle}

{One guy did a double back flip, which won him the Freestyle Competition}

It was a really cool event and I'm glad we went.  Next weekend there's a sand sculpting competition and I want to hit that up too! There's so many things Pensacola Beach has to offer and if this is going to be one of our last summers living there, I want to soak it all up! 

After the competitions we headed out to spend some of my gift cards I got for my birthday. First stop was TJMaxx, thanks to E's lovely parents. I got a really cute pair of Calvin Klein sandals and a plastic mason jar tumbler. The tumbler is my attempt at being "green." You're welcome, World. We hit up the mall too, but didn't really find anything there. We got takeout sushi and watched a movie. #lifestyleoftherichandfamous

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was so blessed to be able to spend the entire day with my Momma. She's my best friend and I love that I can tell her anything. She's understanding and patient. She knows what to say when you're feeling down and can be your #1 cheerleader other times. She's fun and goofy and basically just the best mom there is! She's the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas! I love ya, Momma! I don't know what I'd do without you!

{Days before my Momma's 1st Mother's Day}

It's going to be an interesting week at work.  My boss is out all week on vacation, so I'm stepping up and filling in for her. Wish me luck!

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  1. Pro watercross looks awesome!

    1. Thanks! I'd never heard of it before and it was pretty awesome!