Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Morning, Monday!

Short week. Short week. That is what I'm going to keep reminding myself all week until I make it to Thursday at 5:01 p.m. I can do this, you can do this. Let's kick this week in the butt, but first, let's rewind to my weekend! :)

Friday we celebrated Doris' retirement! She's been with the County for 25 years and was my boss for almost 3 while I worked my first job with the County in the Clerk's Office. She's a wonderful lady and I hope retirement treats her well!

Friday night I had dinner at Olive Garden with Taylor to hear all about her trip to the Bahamas this past week with her husband. It sounded like she had a wonderful time and it made me even more excited for our group trip we have planned for this October! I filler her in with my latest baby news, work news, and such. Needless to say, her past week was 10xs better than mine! lol

After dinner, I met up with Ethan at a car dealership in town to test drive a Mazda CX-5. Oh. My. Gosh. I want this car. It rode like a dream, and even thought it's a small SUV, it "felt" no bigger than my current car. The car salesman came to us with an offer that was about $2k more than we're willing to spend, so we countered and we haven't heard back yet. There's some cosmetic problems with the car, so I really feel like they should come down. We're not going to fret over it, if it's God's will for that car to be mine, it'll happen. Maybe not this month or next, but I'll get a new car in God's timing. {I just really hope it's this one! Hello, sunroof, heated seats, and a backup camera. Can we say mommy car to the max?!}

Saturday was near perfect: sleeping in, wave runner riding, cookie eating, cousins hanging out and laughing, laying out, sun shining, perfect nap, and sushi. Just to mention a few of my favorite things.

{Enjoying some pineapple while getting some sun}

Sunday we had a guest preacher come in again and afterwards went to Tracee & Mike's house for lunch. Mike has a meat smoker, so anytime we go over there now, the menu is most definitely smoked chicken. It's amazing and one day when me and hubs have a house, we will be getting one!  Speaking of houses, in true Katie & Ethan fashion on Sundays, we drove around a couple neighborhoods hoping to find the one.  No luck yet, but hopefully the perfect house will pop up soon!

I'm looking forward to this week coming up! My momma's birthday is tomorrow, I've got an engagement party this Wednesday, and I FINALLY START MY NEW JOB THIS WEEK! Yay!! Oh, not to mention it's a short week because of the 4th. Another holiday that I love that includes lots of love and family time! :)

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday // An Assortment of My Week

Woohoo! Friday is finally here and I'm doing my Friday dance! This past week was a royal pain in my you-know-what and I'm so glad to have it finally behind me!  I know living for the weekend is bad, but come on, the weekends are 100 times better than weekdays!  And all God's people said, "Amen."

Let's get down to it, here's my five for the LAST Friday of June! (Holy cow.. let that sink in!)

{1} I did start my week off right with a day off. I know, I just complained about how hard this week was and it was only a 4-day work week, but for real.. you'd be surprised what all can be packed in 4 short days.  Anyways, back to my Monday, had the day off and spent it with my family. The weather was crap, so I went to lunch with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt at Cracker Barrel, then did some Sam's Club shopping with my mom.

{2} Been working on my fishtail braiding skills. Anyone have any good tips on fishtail braids? I think I need to grab smaller pieces to get a better look. Regardless, I'm proud as heck that I, little miss I only straighten my hair on days that end in Y, actually tried a new hair style.

{3} I got fabulous news this week that I get to be the "photographer" for a bachelorette party in New Orleans come February! Basically going to be a party crasher under the guise of a photographer. Hey, whatever it takes to get a trip to NO, because hubs is not interested in going and I so am! Better brush up on my photog skillz.

{4} How's about a little update on the boys. Jinx decided to give me kitty cuddles this week, which are few, far between, and rare. Two seconds after I took this picture and sent it to my hubs, he obviously got annoyed at my obsessive picture taking to document the *moment* and let me for the empty love seat. Oh well, it was amazing while it lasted.

{Can you tell I'm excited?!}

Jerry has decided that the top of our hamper is now his bed. The only problem is he's huge and bends the top, making it almost impossible to wedge the lid back to its normal spot. Hence the clothes surrounding the hamper and not in the hamper.


{5} Saw this picture on Facebook this week. This. Is. Me. Everyday. #nopantsparty

{Ok, minus the butt scratches.. I am a lady.}

{6} BONUS - Big girl got back in the gym this week. I managed to make it twice since Monday. I have got to get my motivation back. Hello, cruise in t-minus 3ish months.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday || Strange Facts Getting to Know Me Better

Today I'm linking up with Annie for her Thoughts for Thursday blog hop.  Since I've got nothing else going on, here's a couple things about me you might not have known.

{1} I only eat bananas that are slightly green or barely ripe. Once they start getting sweet they make me gag.

{2} I'd love to have a polydactyl cat one day. Basically it means they have thumbs, see this article from People Magazine to see what I'm talking about.

{3} It annoys the shizz-nit out of me when people make Facebook statuses or tweets like this.. "great restaurants near us & GO!" "Fast dinner recipes & GO!" or "Good pediatricians? And GO!" It's called Google, do the research yourself. Or at least don't phrase your questions with "and go!" Ugh.. some people.

{4} Speaking of social media, I believe you should share no more than 3 photos of an event per day on Instagram.  If you want to upload all 509 of your vacation pictures, make a Facebook album.  I'd love to see 1 or 2 shots of the dolphins playing in the waves at the beach, your lunch at the cool little local cafe, or even your Starbucks cup, but dear Lord, we don't need 11 different pictures of your kid snowboarding down the same mountain. That'll get you an unfollow real fast like..

{5} I'm not a dog person. Which obviously makes me a cat person.

{6} I want two kids. Not goats, children. And preferably one of each. If not, I'll take two girls. If I have two boys, we're trying for that magical third child being a girl. After three, that's it.

{7} Speaking of "trying," that word/phrase grosses me out. I really think there should be a better way of describing starting a family without saying "trying." Yes, I realize "starting a family" is a better way of saying it, but that takes too long.

{8} I wish there was a word that described "nostalgic" for the future. Nostalgic meaning to me "looking back fondly."  There's "day-dreaming" but that doesn't quite cover it for me.  I want a word that describes "looking forward fondly." Can anyone think of a word for that? And GO! {But seriously, I've tried to find "that" word.}

{9} I recently starting wearing a watch.  Not because I want to work on my punctuality, even though I need to, but I'm trying to step up my fashion game and boyfriend watches seem to be all the rage.  I've started simple {read: cheap} with a $30 rose gold watch {similar here} and would like to "work my way up" to any of these gorgeous Fossil watches or these Michael Kors. {I say "work my way up" because darling hubs isn't convinced my watch-wearing trend is going to last. Can't blame him.. I'm not one for being trendy.}

I'm gonna end it there at 9. Kind of an odd number, literally.. but that's all for now. Maybe next week we'll have another installment of vent, rant, and ramble. Hey.. I see a linkup for that. ::wheels start turning::

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You've Cat to be Kitten Me // A Fashion Post for Lex


In honor of my sister-in-law and fellow cat lover Alexis, I've gather up a few of my favorite cat-related items. She's even more a crazy cat lady than me and loves wearing anything kitty print. So much, in fact, that I try to get her something cat-related for all her gifts.  She's received earrings, a watch, and socks so far! So, Lex, check out this collection and let me know of anything you'd want for Christmas! ;)

Side note.. I'm actually really bummed the shoes are currently sold out and I'm going to add myself to the "waiting list."  They're just too fun to pass up!

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Very Late Weekend Recap

If you were sitting on the edge of your seat for my weekend recap, I apologize.  I apologize for being oh-so-late to update and I apologize that I didn't take quite as many pictures as I should have.  Basically I'm starting this week out {late} and as a bad blogger. Oops!

So let's get recapping!  Friday night my mom and sister spent the night out at the condo with us.  I'd love to say we stayed up painting each other nails and eating cookie dough like a real sleep over, but let's be real and say that me and mom watched YouTube videos on my tablet while Ethan and Hannah {little sister} took turns playing Call of Duty.  We did do a 9:30 p.m. junk food run, which isn't on my diet, but again, let's be honest with this whole "diet" thing.  {Read: I suck at dieting.}

Saturday morning we go up, enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the balcony and just enjoyed the morning.  Ethan got up early to play golf, so it was just us girls.  We headed down to the pool and did a little tanning.  There was a pregnant girl laying out and me and Mom couldn't help but day dream that next summer that could be me!  She was 6 months along and looked so cute.  Oh how I can hardly wait to sport my own little bump.

Saturday evening we headed over to Carol's house to celebrate her wedding and have a backyard reception!  There were ribs and sausages and all the side a bbq could offer.  The kids {and me for a hot second} played in the bouncy house while the adults talked. 

{Photos by Aunt Allie}

{Photos by Aunt Allie}

{Photos by Aunt Allie}

After the cookout we headed back to Mom and Dad's house to stay the night.  We watched the Skeleton Key.  If you haven't seen it, it's on Netflix and it's probably my favorite scary movie!  Sunday morning we got up and headed to church.  Even being only 10 minutes away from church, instead of 50 when we're at home, we were still late! lol  Punctuality has never been my expertise.

After church we ate at Vallartes, again.. what diet?!  It was soo good and I could eat chips and salsa every day of my life. Yum! Afterwards me and Ethan checked out a couple of neighborhoods and then headed back to Mom and Dad's to hang out until night church.  We watched some of the US vs. Portugal game before heading to church.  We missed the crazy ending, but I'm glad at least we tied them.  I don't really get in to soccer {excuse me.. football} except when World Cup rolls around.

I had Monday off, so I spend the morning cleaning the house and doing laundry.  I told Ethan I make an excellent stay-at-home wife. He laughed, I was serious.  I also met up with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Wanda {who was visiting from Mississippi} for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  This time I was actually good at had a grilled chicken salad. I also worked out! 

I'm "officially" back on the diet band wagon as of today.  I need to lose another 10 pounds before I get pregnant and I'd really like to look good on our cruise we're going on in October! So, if a baby and a cruise can't motivate me, I don't know what will?!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!  I'm already looking forward to the next weekend {like always..} because my cousins from Mississippi are coming in to visit! :)

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday + One More Week Down!

Happy Friday, fellow Friday lovers!

It's been a busy week at work. We just finished what I thought was my last Agenda I would have to do until I start my new job on July 2 {!!!}, but alas, after looking at the calendar, I'll have to help proof at least one more Agenda. Oh, well, patience, dear self, patience.  Which brings me to the start of my High 5 moments from this last week!

{1} I never thought I could receive such joy from erasing deadlines from a calendar! You see, my current job {the one I'm moving on from come July 2} has so many work deadlines, which don't get me wrong, I have no problem with work deadlines and due dates, but there are literally. so. many.  So, I pulled out my heavy-duty eraser and got to scrubbing {and smiling at every date I got to erase!} I just want to say thank you, Lord, for providing this awesome new opportunity for me!

{Meet my good friend, the eraser}

{2} Whilst on the work subject, I got to meet my sweet friend and co-worker Kayla's new baby girl, Charlee Faye. She is absolutely the most precious and beautiful baby ever and a spitting image of her Momma! Ahh all these babies around me! Can't wait till I get to have my own!

{Me & Charlee Faye}

{3} Me, Ethan, and Taylor hit up Bands on the Beach this past Tuesday. We got our beach chairs and some steamed shrimp from Joe Patti's and enjoyed the evening listening to a 60s/70s cover band. Not the best music selection, in my opinion, but the whole atmosphere was really fun. Not to mention the weather was absolutely amazing for mid-June.

{4} Since Taylor's husband is currently deployed and it was her anniversary, Ethan suggested we take her out to celebrate.  We went to Bone Fish Grill and it was so yummy!  Every Wednesday they have $5 Bang Bang Shrimp, which is a spicy fried shrimp appetizer that is seriously amazing.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Afterwards, me and Taylor met up with a couple other friends to check out a bar that another friend had suggested.  I pass it all the time going home, but have never been. It was a really relaxed, outdoor patio-type setup.  We girls sat back, gossiped, and listened to the live music. And also laughed at the drunk "birthday girl" that kept charging the stage to let everyone know it was her birthday. So, happy birthday to you, drunk birthday girl.

{The Bridge}

{The view on the back patio}

{5} Alexis and I attended our first baby-related seminar/class this week!  The topics included proconception care and preparing your body for pregnancy.  It was an interesting class even though I didn't learn much.  I'm such a Google addict, and the class was pretty basic, so I knew most of what was covered.  We did get to talk to one of the doctors that delivers at West Florida and a midwife. I absolutely loved both of them! I could very much see the doctor being "my doctor." I did enjoy the q&a session we had too. I have a lot of irrational fears when it comes to pregnancy, especially for someone whose never even tried to get pregnant, but it was nice to be able to ask and get answers in a "judgement free zone." I'm looking forward to this next step in mine and Ethan's life and this class even more confirmed it!

{Yay! More research material!}
Now I'm looking forward to another 3-day weekend!  I have Monday off and I'm praying the weather is as beautiful as it has been all week! I'm linking up with my favorite Friday gals ~ Ash @ The Grits Blog, Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth, Paula @ Sincerely, Paula, Rebecca @ xoxo Rebecca, April @ A. Liz. Adventure, Amanda @ Meet @ the Barre, and Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend!?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anniversary Weekend in Mobile

Coming home from vacation is always hard, even if the vacation is a one-night stay in a city barely an hour away from you. Ethan and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last Thursday, but had plans to getaway to Mobile for the weekend for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant Ruth's Chris and some sightseeing and shopping. {If you're wondering what our actual-day-of anniversary plans were, well it consisted of eating Firehouse Subs and watching the NBA Finals. #romantic}

Friday morning we woke up late, ate breakfast, got packed and headed out to Mobile.  We stopped at the Malbus shopping center, which Ethan was not impressed with.  Probably because the first store I dragged him in to was Charming Charlie, a ginormous costume jewelry store, and spent about 30 minutes perusing 800 different styles of earrings. Oops.

We got to the hotel right around check-in time, but circled the building because we were unsure about parking. One thing about Mobile traffic/streets is that they are crazy. We ended up driving down a one-way street for a really long time without realizing it. Bad thing is we had a car behind us doing the same thing!

{Main lobby of the hotel}

We stayed at the Battle House Renaissance Hotel and it was gorgeous! We checked in and headed to our room and afterwards took a tour of the hotel to kill time before going to dinner.  I wish we could have stayed at least a few days because the hotel had tennis courts, a spa, a practice golf area, a hot tub, and a couple pools, not to mention a couple of restaurants and a bar in the hotel!

{Me & Hubs}

{Panoramic of our room}

{King-sized Bed, super comfy, but "too big" IMO. I couldn't even tell if Ethan was in bed with me!}

{Because it's normal to check directions while checking out the tub}

{Tennis Courts}

{View of Downtown Mobile}


{Two Pools & a Hot tub}

We lounged around the pool area before heading back to our room to get ready for dinner. Luckily Ethan was able to get our 7:30 reservations at Ruth's Chris moved up to 6:45 because we were starving! Apparently waffles for breakfast and then a frap from Starbucks will not hold you over all day. We got ready and headed to dinner!

{Car Selfies because I made him}

We started our meal with a fried lobster appetizer with spicy sriracha sauce. It was amazing! We both ordered steak, Ethan got the Rib eye and I got the Fillet and we shared two sides, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. RC's creamed spinach is seriously amazing. Next time and forever, I will always get the creamed spinach. It was that good!  And because it was our anniversary, we got a dessert on the house! We chose the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, which was like a traditional bread pudding except it had no raisins and instead of rum sauce on top it had a {you guessed it..} white chocolate sauce. We were both so stuffed that we had to get the dessert to go, but don't worry, I finished it in bed while watching the World Cup/Stanley Cup.

{Celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary at Ruth's Chris}

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at Spot of Tea, a local restaurant famous for their strawberry sweet tea. Side note on tea in Alabama (at least Mobile), it's not sweet. They don't serve "sweet tea." I thought this was the South - Home of sweet, sweet iced tea. Ok, rant over.  Spot of Tea was really good. Ethan ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhich and I ordered an omelette. Wish I would have ordered their Banana's Foster French Toast, but it sounded too rich for how I was feeling. I did order their famous strawberry sweet tea {the only tea they serve sweetened} and it was really good.

{I'd totally recommend eating at Spot of Tea}

{Park in Downtown Mobile}

{Scenic walk back to our hotel}

Sadly, after breakfast we had to get back to the hotel to check out.  I wish we would have had more time because there was a local festival happening right across the street from Spot of Tea. I would have loved to check it out, but we weren't sure how strict the hotel was on their 11 a.m. check-out time. We got our stuff, called valet for our truck, and bid farewell to our beautiful room. The rest of the day was spent shopping. Ethan so graciously let me spend too much time in my favorite store Forever 21. I got a couple tops and the cutest beach cover up romper, which I featured here back in April! I was so excited to have found it! Ethan hates it, but that's beside the point. We thought shopping a couple of hours would work up an appetite for some Chipotle, but at 3 we still weren't hungry and we were ready to go home.  We did get Chipotle to go and ate it for a late lunch/super early dinner.

{Chipotle, I will be back to see you!}

We decided to go straight to my parent's house after our trip.  We planned to stay the night with them for church the next morning, so it didn't make sense to drive back to the beach to turn around back to Cantonment when we'd pass Cantonment first. No one was home so me and Ethan ate our linner/dunch and took a nap. After we woke up Ethan wanted to go to our mall to see if the sunglasses he'd wanted {and searched for all weekend} were available. Unfortunately they glasses weren't at our mall or anywhere around town, so he had to order them online. I did, however, find a super cute swimsuit at Old Navy for 50% off!

Our little getaway for our anniversary was spent doing exactly what me and Ethan love to do - spending time together. We have such a good relationship and I'm so thankful I have him in my life to spend time with. I'm already daydreaming about our next little getaway! If anyone has any suggestions for a quick trip not too far away from Pensacola, please let me know! Linking up with Biana, MollyCarlyCaryleeRachaelLisaBella, and Lisa

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, ya'll! I'm off to celebrate 4 years of wedding bliss with my hunny on a long weekend trip. I'm looking forward to our fancy dinner, our not-so-fancy lunch (Chipotle, I'm coming for ya!), some good shopping, but mostly just some Me and E time.

Here's my five top moments from this past week!

{1} Spending time with my love. We jumped waves on the wave runner, got junk food for lunch, and I watched him play {and get hurt.. E, darling, when are you going to learn NOT to slide in shorts} at his softball game.

{Excuse half my picture being E's hand}

{2} I GOT THE PROMOTION/NEW JOB!! I'm so stinkin' excited you don't even know! I signed all my official paperwork this week and I start July 2! {Which if you're counting, is a mere 18 days away!!}

{3} Played bunco with my Mom's group and won! Hello, winner winner chicken dinner! I turned my $5 into $15! Vegas, here I come!

{4} I registered for a seminar at West Florida Hospital. Are you ready for this.. it's called "Preparing for Pregnancy: Preconception Care"! Is this real life?! It's not until next Thursday, but I'm oh-so-excited!

{5} And obviously my favorite moment of the week is celebrating 4 years of marriage with Ethan. Lovebug, the past four years have had our ups and downs {I'm looking at you, faulty transmission..}, but I wouldn't want to share this life with anyone else! I so look forward to our future together {read: Item #4 ;) } Ethan, I love you. Happy Anniversary and here's to many, many more!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Four Years after We Said I Do

In honor of our 4th wedding anniversary today, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite wedding photos.  All photos were taken by the talented Luker Smith of Luker Smith Photography.
{matches for the sparklers}
{Now let's get cheesy. "We're the perfect match" and "Our love is on fire!"}
Ethan and I got married June 12, 2010, on a hot, hot day outside at one of his favorite golf courses, Scenic Hills County Club.
{my handsome groom & myself playing the bride}
We got married under the pavilion that overlooks the course. I thought the covered pavilion with ceiling fans along with my personalized water bottles and program fans would make up for the fact is was literally 100 degrees. Nope. The ceremony was short and sweet and a quick 10 minutes later were marching back inside to enjoy the sweet, sweet air conditioning. Hind sight: get married in winter. Just kidding, for some oddball reason I've always wanted to be a "June Bride." Blame it on the bridal magazines I gobbled up as a child.
{my brother Dakota, Ethan's brother Andy, Ethan, John, & Aaron}

{Niece Mackenzie, Kate, Marissa, Katie ((me!)), my sister Hannah, Taylor, and Niece Zoee}
{I love little Hannah's face in this one}

{Photographer: ya'll act normal.}
Our reception was held in the ballroom of the country club. Just a little disclaimer, my wedding was pre-Pinterest. I absolutely love how everything turned out, but man, you brides out there planning weddings now with Pinterest have. it. made! I had to actually read magazines and stuff to come up with ideas!
{My favorite moment at a wedding is the Groom's 1st Look}

{And one of my first looks}
Our wedding party was made up of Taylor, my Maid of Honor and best friend, Andy, Best Man and Ethan's brother, Bridesmaids Marissa and Kate, Junior Bridesmaid Hannah, my sister, Groomsmen John, Aaron, and Dakota, my brother, and the flower girls were Ethan's nieces Mackenzie and Zoee.
{The pavilion, not as cool as it looks..}

{The 1st Kiss}

{The new Mr. & Mrs.}
{Also, the way he looks at me.. heart eyes forever}
My colors were black and white damask with pink accents. We had a buffet-style dinner and a fully-loaded candy bar for favors, along with a sparkler exit.
{Black & White Damask with Pink Accents}

{Those fish were actually super hardy and lived a couple years after the wedding}
{Head table}

{Cutting of the cake (which I was not impressed with..)}
{One of my favorite wedding pictures}

{This photo and Ethan's face explain our 1st Dance perfectly. It was awkward.}

{Father/Daughter Dance}

{Spoiler Alert: Marissa did, indeed, catch the bouquet.}

{Another favorite. I may or may not have it blown up pretty huge and proudly displayed in our living room}

{My brother's vintage car}

{Perfect ending to my perfect day}

{In the getaway car}
June 12, 2010, was the best day of my life. I married my true love and best friend. I highly, highly recommend marriage. It really is the best and there's nothing quite like it. Hope you all enjoyed a peek into my wedding. I know I enjoyed sharing it. And now I'm getting all nostalgic looking over the pictures again and again. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes, darn allergies. ;)