Friday, June 6, 2014

New Babies & a Job Interview

This week has been a little backwards in my world.  Typically we have our Board Meetings on Thursday, but this week it was on Tuesday due to the Fiesta Parades downtown. Which means, I stayed still 8:30 on Tuesday night for the meeting and my body was all excited that the next day was Friday. Nope. Sorry, body.

But, alas! It's FINALLY FRIDAY!! It's been an easy week at work. It always is when we don't have a deadline to meet, so my boss took Wednesday through Friday off, and I've just been holding down the fort!

{1} Monday I found out that I got an interview for a promotion I applied for! The job is still within the County, but it's a different Department. I spent a lot of my time Monday researching the most commonly asked interview questions, how to answer "tough" questions, and what to wear, how to style your hair, etc! To say I wasn't going to prepare myself was a huge understatement! I went home Monday night and tore my poor closet apart.

{Jinxy Cat helping me find something to wear}

{2} Tuesday was the Board Meeting day. We were so busy it flew by, luckily I had nearly 3 hours of a meeting to go over my interview notes I made myself. And I'm talking 25 questions with answers on 4 full sheets of paper!  Over prepared?! No such thing!

{3} Wednesday was Interview Day. I think the interview went really well and I was in there with the Director and Manager for a solid hour. There were a couple of questions couldn't answer, which obviously made me feel dumb. I really thought I had done my research on what that office did, but boy, can you be wrong!  I guess I have to take it that there's only so much you can actually know.  Apparently I really impressed them, but still to the time of me writing this haven't heard if they want me.. the waiting is killing me!

{4} My cousin Linda went into labor Thursday!  Stubborn little Emma finally decided to make her debut 10 days after her due date.  After work I headed to Target to kill time before meeting up with Alexis to go see Linda, Justin, and Emma!  Let me just tell you, being able to casually stroll around Target, Icee in hand, no nagging husband wanting to leave, is the bomb. dot. com. I enjoyed every single stinkin' minute of walking around that place alone. I'm not typically a loner, but man it felt good. I dug through the clearance racks and scored two dresses and one top for $24!  I got an overall savings of 70%! Thank you clearance rack and Cartwheel! (btw.. if you don't have Target's Cartwheel App, you're missing out on life.)

{Scored a maternity dress for $9 - Hubs thought I was crazy, but those things are expensive and it's the biggest complaint I've heard from my pregnant friends, so $9 for a dress that'll sit in the back of my closet for probably over a year, but is perfect for when I'm {one day} 9 months pregnant at work.. I'll take it! Btw.. I'm majorly, majorly sticking my gut out. I'm not actually pregnant and this pic was sent to my bff as joke.}

{5} I've saved the best for last.  Here's a little photo dump of my new precious baby cousin, Emma Kristy. She was born 6/5/2014, weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz, and was 20" long on the dot.

{Look at that hair!}

Hope your week was fantastic! I got word that another friend of mine {who's also a good week past her due date} went in to labor tonight!  Come on, Evelynn! I know your momma and daddy are ready to meet you! Hoping to see that little nugget too this weekend and to hear good news about my job sometime!



  1. awwwww can she be anymore gorgeous???? Congratulations girl!!! The clearance rack with nobody over your shoulder.....that is Heaven! Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I'm ready to get my hands on that cutie again!

  2. hey gal! i am contacting people that linked up in the last 5 on friday linkup...that has since been put on hold for the summer. well...if you were interested, a friend of mine and i are starting it back up! the first one will be live this friday morning! prepare your post! :) it's going to be called "oh hey, friday!" it'll be the exact same rules. write about five anythings. hope to see you there!