Monday, June 9, 2014

The Best Weekend Yet

I mentioned Friday that I had a job interview last week and that I still hadn't heard whether or not I got it. I know a lot of people applied, but felt fairly confident that I could get it! And guess what?! I totally nailed it!  Friday afternoon around 3 the Department Director who I'd be working for came over and told me she didn't want me to sweat it out all weekend and was informally offering the job to me! She said to take the weekend and think it over and I could get back to her on Monday. Right after she left I did a little happy dance right there in the copy room! Hello, nice raise, new schedule, and new office!

Of course this set the tone for my whole weekend. I couldn't stop smiling! Ethan even looked over at me Friday night when we were watching tv and said "you look happy." Which, hello, yes I am! And oh-so-excited! Friday night we met up with Taylor for a celebratory dinner at Cheddar's! Her husband would've joined us, but the party pooper missed his flight! Regardless, we had a great time at dinner and followed the evening at Wild Honey for some frozen yogurt.

{Side note: Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a froyo topping = genius}

Saturday morning was spent sleeping in, which of course, was amazing. Me and Ethan got up and rushed to Panera Bread to get bagels. The beach traffic wasn't bad yet, hence the rushing to beat any traffic that could happen. We enjoyed our breakfast and then headed down to the pool. Ethan worked on the wave runner a little bit more and I soaked up the rays a little bit more.

{Got my poolside essentials!}

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Saturday night me and Ethan picked up Philly's and some ice cream for a junk food night at Mom and Dad's. It's so much easier with church when me and Ethan stay the night over there on Saturday nights. We can fight about 45 minutes worth of traffic or 10. Clearly we like the 10.

Sunday morning we had a guest preacher from Louisiana come in and preach for us. I enjoyed his sermon and afterwards my family took him, his brother, and his son out for lunch at Chili's. We had a good time fellowshipping with them. After lunch, since it was another gorgeous day, me, Ethan, Lex, and Dakota opted to hit up the pool. I know about now you're thinking all I do is hit up the pool. Spoiler alert: you're right.

{please excuse my hotdog legs}

Me and Lex talked mostly babies, which in case you've missed it, is the other thing I only talk about besides hitting up the pool.  She and I are actually attending a seminar about "Preparing for Pregnancy: Preconception Care" next week put on by one of the local hospitals. We're both entering that stage of life and we're both super excited.

Sunday night we skipped church and went to have a birthday dinner at McGuire's with our friends. McGuire's isn't my favorite restaurant, but I enjoyed spending time with our friends. Afterwards we headed back to Taylor's house for some cookie cake.

{bottom half of the cake is for me}

The last time we all got together as a big group of friends we had a cake welcoming Colin home again, welcoming Faith here for the summer, wishing Brad a happy birthday, and celebrating the other Katie's promotion.  This time we were only wishing Daniel a happy birthday and celebrating my promotion!  Too bad the cake girl didn't go with "congrads" like she originally planned. lol

So my weekend doesn't end there which explains why my weekend update is so so late. I had Monday off and I'm so glad I did because it was again absolutely gorgeous out!  Me and Ethan woke up around 10, ate the breakfast on the balcony, got dressed and played on the wave runner for a couple hours, then hit up the pool. I have a summer routine and I'm sticking to it!

{thank goodness for an empty pool}

See above-caption for this explanation. I almost went "mom" on these three little boys that were playing at the pool (totally unsupervised might I add..) Basically they kept calling each other names and just not playing nice. I wanted to {nicely, not really} scream at them to "shut up and enjoy summer because once you grow up, you don't get summer, you get random days off that you have to plan in advance and you don't want to listen to little boys argue while enjoying said day off." Also, the appropriate response to teasing, instead of "I can't hear you" while plugging your ears, is to now respond with "so sorry, I can't hear you over the deafening sound of my own awesomeness." Good to know because I was way behind on the times.

I so enjoyed my day with Ethan on Monday. It was perfect. And now I have our anniversary trip to look forward to for this upcoming weekend! I can't believe we'll be celebrating 4 years of marriage this Thursday! And since I've never shared wedding pictures before, I'll have an entire post dedicated to us on Thursday!

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  1. I'm a high school teacher, so I have the hardest time not scolding children/teenagers when out in public. I sometimes actually do because I forget, so I can totally appreciate your excitement over an empty pool! :) Thanks for linking up! xo

    1. The best part was these teenagers watching me watch {er.. glare} at these kids. Thanks for stopping by!