Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday || Strange Facts Getting to Know Me Better

Today I'm linking up with Annie for her Thoughts for Thursday blog hop.  Since I've got nothing else going on, here's a couple things about me you might not have known.

{1} I only eat bananas that are slightly green or barely ripe. Once they start getting sweet they make me gag.

{2} I'd love to have a polydactyl cat one day. Basically it means they have thumbs, see this article from People Magazine to see what I'm talking about.

{3} It annoys the shizz-nit out of me when people make Facebook statuses or tweets like this.. "great restaurants near us & GO!" "Fast dinner recipes & GO!" or "Good pediatricians? And GO!" It's called Google, do the research yourself. Or at least don't phrase your questions with "and go!" Ugh.. some people.

{4} Speaking of social media, I believe you should share no more than 3 photos of an event per day on Instagram.  If you want to upload all 509 of your vacation pictures, make a Facebook album.  I'd love to see 1 or 2 shots of the dolphins playing in the waves at the beach, your lunch at the cool little local cafe, or even your Starbucks cup, but dear Lord, we don't need 11 different pictures of your kid snowboarding down the same mountain. That'll get you an unfollow real fast like..

{5} I'm not a dog person. Which obviously makes me a cat person.

{6} I want two kids. Not goats, children. And preferably one of each. If not, I'll take two girls. If I have two boys, we're trying for that magical third child being a girl. After three, that's it.

{7} Speaking of "trying," that word/phrase grosses me out. I really think there should be a better way of describing starting a family without saying "trying." Yes, I realize "starting a family" is a better way of saying it, but that takes too long.

{8} I wish there was a word that described "nostalgic" for the future. Nostalgic meaning to me "looking back fondly."  There's "day-dreaming" but that doesn't quite cover it for me.  I want a word that describes "looking forward fondly." Can anyone think of a word for that? And GO! {But seriously, I've tried to find "that" word.}

{9} I recently starting wearing a watch.  Not because I want to work on my punctuality, even though I need to, but I'm trying to step up my fashion game and boyfriend watches seem to be all the rage.  I've started simple {read: cheap} with a $30 rose gold watch {similar here} and would like to "work my way up" to any of these gorgeous Fossil watches or these Michael Kors. {I say "work my way up" because darling hubs isn't convinced my watch-wearing trend is going to last. Can't blame him.. I'm not one for being trendy.}

I'm gonna end it there at 9. Kind of an odd number, literally.. but that's all for now. Maybe next week we'll have another installment of vent, rant, and ramble. Hey.. I see a linkup for that. ::wheels start turning::


  1. I love your #4 and couldn't agree with you more, although I've been known to be a part of #3, sometimes it's easier to ask locals than google :)

    Found you through the link up!


    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! :) I think it's the phrasing that annoys me most? But you're right, locals always know better than Google!

  2. Thanks for joining our link up!! I'm the total opposite and only eat bananas that are really ripe- they have to be turning brown for me to like them! The word trying awful and it's even more awful when people ask you if you're trying- really you want to know when me and my husband do it?!

    1. Hey! Thanks for hosting the linkup! It was fun getting to know more fellow bloggers! :) Haha funny story about "trying".. last Wednesday night at my church's prayer service I mentioned that we'd be starting a family soon, one of the men that prayed aloud asked God to "bless their efforts". I about died! Maybe *that* is worse than "trying" lol Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's great to get to know you better! I def. agree there should be a post per day limit on Instagram... lol!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Glad someone else agrees with EIP (you know, excessive instagram posting lol)!

  4. You know, I love watches. Think they are adorable! But I always, always, always take them off and just forget to wear them. I have a couple in the bathroom drawer right now. I never think to put them on... and when I put them on, I never remember to use them to tell time. Weird. Haha... So if you're anything like me, your husband might be right in holding out for the more expensive ones :)

  5. Hahaha! I enjoyed this post!

    For #1: Me too! I love bananas that are barely ripe. I dislike the "too sweet" taste, except when I use them for pancakes.. :)

    For #4: I totally agree with this. I hope some people will be considerate enough to not post a thousand photos of their trip in one day. I love seeing new places even in photos but it just needs to stop at some point. There's still tomorrow!

    Hope to read more from you! :)

    xx, Jen