Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Words for Wednesday

I saved this quote from either Facebook or Pinterest.  I'm not sure who it originated from or who to even quote, but I do know it made a lasting impression on me. I've thought about it several times since stumbling upon it more than a week ago. It's one of those quotes that is rather simple, but the message is way deeper than it seems.

I want to believe I'm doing more than just paying bills until I die. I want to look back on my life when I'm 90 years old and smile. I don't want to regret one moment.

I want to:  take chances. make memories. get out of my comfort zone. laugh until I cry. be a friend. really and truly live. 

From this moment on, I resolve to live more, no more ruts.  So here's to soaking in the all of life's moments, little and big. These are the things I want.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trending Tuesday // Feeling Girly

I wouldn't consider myself a "fashion blogger" by any means, but every now and then I get the urge to throw a look together.  I just recently started pairing this A.E. denim shirt with bright colored shorts. Late on the fashion bandwagon? Probably Yes. Easy, comfy, and cute? Yes, again.

What's your "go to" easy and cute outfit?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekending // Low-Key Style

I'm going to apologize in advance that I was a terrible blogger this past weekend and took about zero photos. I guess I got too caught up in just enjoying what I was doing to stop and do a little click of the camera. I'm sure you'll forgive me! ;)

{This picture has nothing to do with this post - it's just a fav of mine}

{Friday Night}

Ethan promised me sushi, so to the mall we headed. It may sound gross, but our mall has the best sushi! We thought about going to the movies with my brother, his wife, and his best friend, but when they said they were going to the 10:30 showing, the old lady in me said "no way!" We ended up walking around Target for a little bit, then heading home. Just my typical low-key Friday night with my Ethan.


Woke up late, did our normal Saturday morning cleaning ritual. Taylor headed over to the house around noon, we got Subway, and laid out by the pool. So thankful it was a sunny afternoon because this girl can NOT keep a tan unless I'm out there just about every weekend!

We headed to Taylor's house later that afternoon. Her car needed a new battery so while she was out to Advanced, Ethan mowed her lawn while I {stupidly} decided to do a 5,000 meter row on her rowing machine. We were supposed to do her WOD {workout of the day} but since we wanted to go to the mall and get dinner, I decided to workout without her to save time. Holy. Crap. Didn't realize at the time that a 5,000 meter row is 3.1 miles! Hello, rowing 5K! Dumb.. dumb.. dumb. At least my heart rate monitor told me I burned around 550 calories!

We didn't finish working out/mowing/etc till after 8, so we decided to stay in and ordered Beef O'Brady wings, made a diet strawberry cake, and watched some of the Crossfit Games! We stayed with my parent's Saturday night since we were out in Cantonment. So glad we thought ahead to pack church clothes! I also got to see my cousin Linda and her new baby Emma. Linda, her son Daniel and the baby were over at my parent's house hanging out with my sister Hannah while my parents attended their 30th high school reunion. It was so good to get some sweet baby snuggles!


Sunday was near perfect. Church service we had a guest speaker, then went to Founaris Brothers for lunch. My family always orders the same thing - vegetarian pizza, no olives, add pepperoni! It's the easiest way to get what we want even though it makes no sense! After lunch, we headed back to Mom's house where I took a glorious all-stinkin-afternoon-long nap. Aka.. perfection. I did get up right before chruch started and vacuumed out my new car! ;) Gotta keep her pretty! After service we went to Waffle House. It was so yummy and totally explains why the scale was NOT nice to me this morning. Worth it, so worth it!

{Favorite Moment}

Me and Ethan hiding on the couch behind Taylor trying to set up her Xbox. For some reason or another, the Xbox would NOT recognize Ethan and basically was demanding that Colin (Taylor's husband who is deplaoyed) be present. So, we had to sign out, hide, and get the Xbox to say Hello to Taylor. Persnickety little thing.

{Us.. hiding}

{Most WTH Moment}

If you're the tiniest bit squeamish, stop reading now. Ethan, my darling husband, decided to be a surgeon. He cut his thumb, not terribly, but enough where it wouldn't stop bleeding, trying a new method of cutting up a watermelon. If he put normal pressure on his thumb, it would make the cut open, thus bleeding more. So, Mr. Brilliant decided to break out my sewing needle to stitch himself up. He even asked me what color thread he should use. I said green, because that's going to be the color of my face if I watch him. Have to admit, he did a great job, but the plan was not well thought out. I asked him what would happen when the cut healed and his "stitches" were still in place. Hello, they aren't medical ones that dissolve. So long story short, kind of. He removed his "stitches" and rigged up a weird way to use a band aide instead. 10 points for creativity, 0 points for my most WTH moment.

Thanks for stopping by! Did you have any WTH moments this weekend?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Favorite // Football vs. Baseball

Wahoo another Friday for the books! I feel like this has been one of those shorts but long, long but short weeks. Ya feelin' me? I look back and oh my gosh Monday was forever ago, but lookie now, it's Friday!

{1} Ethan and I got tickets to a Blue Wahoos game for Wednesday night. The weather was gorgeous and once the sun was setting the temperature was almost cool. I'm not sure if the Wahoos won because we left at the 7th inning stretch so Ethan could get home and watch some of the Crossfit Games. Fine by me, baseball's not really "my thing." How many days till football season?!

{Wahoos Stadium overlooking the Bay}

{Guy behind us: "I think I just got in on a selfie."}

{Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward}

{2} Found this e-card that perfectly describes life in the South.

{3} Had dinner at LaHa with a lovely bunch of ladies from my church. Of course I ate my weight in chips and salsa. #cruisebody #justkidding

{4} Sunday night I accidentally knocked my straightener off the counter. When it hit the tile, I knew it was dead. I've been needing to get a new one, but really didn't feel like spending the money until I ab-so-lutely had to. Well, "broken" falls into that category. Momma got herself a new straightener and my hair's so sleek and shiny now! I forgot what it was like to have a perfectly good, working flat iron!

{5} I actually got a couple of good workouts in this past week. I think I've finally found my motivation to get back in shape now that my "deadlines" are looming. We are T-minus 30 days from my 1st "deadline" and I'd like to 145 by then.  That's exactly one month to lose 7 lbs. Doable, so doable.


So, baseball or football? Which one do you enjoy more?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July Birchbox // Likes & Dislikes

To say Birchbox knocked it out of the park this time would be an understatement. My July box was a huge hit and I'm super excited about the products I received!

First off, Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health Magazine for July and included in every box is a year's subscription to Women's Health! The great thing about the subscription is that if it isn't your thing, you can return the postcard asking for a rebate! So, if you've really been wanting to try out Birchbox, but didn't want to shell out the $10, you have until July 30th to get the July box "free." And by "free" I mean return the magazine for the rebate.  If you keep the magazine, obviously you still have to pay the $10 for the box, but you just got a year's subscription to Women's Health. That's still an awesome deal!

Ok, enough of my rambling - Here's what was in my box!

I'm impressed with the Ruffian brand nail polish. It provides a full coverage with only one coat, but unfortunately one coat isn't enough to keep it from chipping. New to Birchbox is the option to choose one of your items. I chose this specific color because I'm all about rose gold these days.  Too bad the color comes out more copper than gold.

I loved these nail polish remover wipes! They smelled amazing, got the job done, and left my nails feeling moisturized and not dried out! My only complaint is that they are too dang expensive. Seriously, 10 wipes for $12. Sorry, this girl would rather not. Unless someone wants to gift them to me. I like gifts. ;)

I don't know if it's the 12-year old in me, but when I read "peel" I thought this was one of those face masks that dries then you peel it off. Not the adult-version of a chemical peel. I haven't used this product yet, but from what I understand it's a chemical-free exfoliater that leaves your skin fresh and smooth.

I've used multiple products from this line and I've loved them all. I'm a hair abuser, so between my blow drying and straightening, I need a good deep conditioner. The smell is amazing, not too perfume-like, but leaves your hair smelling good for the entire day. I'm not sure why I got two tubs of it in my box? Maybe a mix-up, but I do appreciate the extra! ;)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to slather butter all over your lips? No? Just me? Moving on then.. Regardless, I'm pretty sure this lip balm gives you a pretty good idea.  The color may look hot pink, but it glides on as a nice sheer, shiny pink. The balm is scented and very perfumey, which to me, is kind of strange and is the only thing I didn't like about the product.

I'm super picky about lotion and body sprays, blame it on my sensitive nostrils, so this lotion is not my favorite. The scent is very strong and very perfumey. I did try it out on my hands for an afternoon and I can say that the scent lasts and it does a good job moisturizing. If you're super in to "smelly good stuff," this is for you!

Also included, as mentioned before, is the 1-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine. I've been a Birchboxer for over a year now, so last year when I got my subscription offer, I got it. I'm pretty sure I'll be "renewing" again this year. I like getting mail, especially when it's a free magazine and not bills! Ha!

So, if you've been on the fence about Birchbox, I'd say give the July box a try. It's $10 with a free 1-year subscription to Women's Health or free with the rebate. Win-win. Check it out here, to try it out!

{Pictures of the samples were taken from the Birchbox website for illustration purposes}

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Liebster Award & Nominations

Yesterday I got a really cool surprise in one of the comments on my post about my new car! I've been nominated by Tricia for a Liebster Award! I want to say a major HUGE thank you to her for thinking of me! And if you're into healthy living (which.. I still need to get back on the bandwagon for..), check her out! Not only does she post great workouts, but she also posts from the heart about her fitness journey! I know I have a new blog to follow! :)

So I'm not going to lie, I had to do a little reasearch about what The Liebster Award is and what it means. From what I've found, it originated as a way for bloggers to introduce other bloggers. The link above is a really good explanation of what it is, what it's for, and how to participate! The rules are simple. Once you've been nominated, write 11 facts about yourself and answer the questions from your nominator, then post your own questions for the blogs you're going to nominate. Notify the new blogs of their award and the fun keeps going! :)

11 Facts About Me

  1. I've worn glasses/contacts since I was in the 6th grade. My dad didn't believe me when I said I needed glasses. At first, he thought I only wanted them "to look cool," but I think he finally believed me when I was shocked that you could actually see individual leaves on a tree, not just one giant green blob.
  2. I went to the state meet for high jump my senior year of high school. Didn't win, but it was a really fun experience. Especially since my mom, grandparents, and boyfriend (now husband) drove nearly 10 hours to watch and cheer me on!
  3. Speaking of my husband, he's my high school sweetheart and we've been married for four years now.
  4. Have you seen the new beer commercials about "summer you versus normal you"? That commercial is me 100%. I hate winter and cold with a passion! If it could be sunny and 75* every day I'd take it in a heartbeat!
  5. I have a bad habit of chewing the inside of my cheek.
  6. It takes me a long time to decided whether or not I like a trend. Like the whole Tom's shoes, still undecided if I like those. And I've just now jumped on the boyfriend watch trend, ya know.. the one that's been around forever? Yea, just got one.
  7. I just wrote a post about some weird things about me not too long ago. It kind of turned into what I like to call "Vent, Rant, and Ramble" which one day I would love to turn in to a link-up. Anyone out there good with linkups that would be willing to help me or co-host?
  8. My dad mixed up my name on my birth certificate. Apparently it was supposed to be Katie Nicole or Stephanie LeAnn. I got Katie LeAnn, which I like better anyways.
  9. On the "LeAnn" subject, I grew up thinking I got the "Lee" part from my mom's middle name and the "Ann" part from my Grandma's middle name. Nope. Wrong. Apparently, my mom knew a girl in high school and thought it was cool. I'm sticking with my more creative story.
  10. I've completed all 90 days of P90X once. I lost about 10 pounds and got decently toned. I've also restarted the program probably 11 more times and not finished.
  11. I started my blog because of Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin. I loved the idea of having a blog to share all your pregnancy details without overloading Facebook, so even though we weren't even thinking about having kids yet {ok, I was, but hubs wasn't convinced} I started my blog about a year and half ago and have really enjoyed it since. Although, it's just about time for the blog to actually do what it was "born" to do ;)

Questions Asked by my Nominator

1. What is your guilty pleasure- food or other indulgences? - I don't watch a lot of tv, but when I do, I can binge watch America's Next Top Model while eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked like nobody's business.

2. What is your favorite past time/hobby? - I'd have to say blogging is my favorite hobby. It makes me remember to take more pictures of what we're up to and I love the idea of having those memories forever. Favorite past time would be soaking up the sun on the beach!

3. Where would you go visit if all expenses were paid on your behalf? - Probably Australia and the surrounding islands. My bestie Taylor is going there next April and I'm super jelly!

4. Would you rather sky dive, cliff jump, sit at the top of Sears Tower or view the Eiffel Tower, tour Italy? - Well, I'll never sky dive or cliff jump, and I'm pretty sure the Sears Tower is super tall too {are you catching the "I'm afraid of heights"-theme}, so I'd love to tour Italy and get some real Italian food!

5. What is your favorite kind of music? - I love the "tween" station on Pandora. #notashamed. I switch between it and country every morning.

6. Why do you blog?  - I started my blog as a way to track my pregnancies. Since I'm not pregnant yet, it's been a way for me to remember life as a newlywed and family of 2. I've been told the older you get the faster life goes by, so this is just my way of remembering life's little moments.

7. What is your dream job?  - I'd love to be a competitive cheerleading coach.

8. What is your greatest/favorite accomplishment? - Getting married, graduating college, getting a "big girl" job, then a promotion, and most recently another promotion, being credit card debt free, and even more recently buying my new car!

9. What is your best birthday and favorite age? - I'd be 17 again in a heartbeat. Old enough to know better, still young enough to not care.

10. Do you prefer hot dogs or hamburgers and why? If you are vegetarian do you prefer apples or grapefruit? (random but fun) - No hot dogs for this girl. Processed meat grosses me out. I love an all-American burger with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and chipotle mayo! The spicier, the better!

11. What silly thing do you do in front of only close family/friends but never in public?  - Ethan is my only audience for my car concerts. I get in to it, hand motions, fake mic and all. Also, I have this super sexy dance {cue sarcasm..} when I'm in socks and can slide/skate/scoot?! across our tile.

Questions for my Nominees

1. What's the story behind the name of your blog?
2. Would you give up internet and cell phone for a year for $10,000?
3. Dogs or cats?
4. What's your biggest pet peeve?
5. Do you have any hidden talents?
6. What was your last dream about?
7. What was your best/favorite vacation?
8. Favorite reality tv show?
9. Would you rather a weekend in the mountains or at the beach?
10. Any embarrassing/bad 1st date stories?
11. What's your favorite quote?

My Nominees

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These are all bloggers I follow along with and look forward to their next post! I'm a big fan of link ups and that's where I've found 99% of the blogs I follow! So, ladies I've nominated, if you choose to participate, I can't wait to read your responses to the questions! Especially my embarrassing date one! ;)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap // We Got a New Car!!

So, I've been talking about buying a new car for, well.. forever. Seriously, here and here, just in the last month. It's something I've been putting off for as long as I could because I couldn't justify a car payment when I had a perfectly good, running little car. After months, heck.. probably years of liking one particular car, changing my mind, researching, changing my mind again, we finally found my dream "mom" car!  Meet my newest addition :)

She's a 2014 Grand Touring Mazda CX-5, which if you've been following along for any amount of time, you know this is my dream car! I wish I could've taken some pictures of the interior, but it was nasty weather all weekend, so I never really got the chance. She has black leather seats {which are HEATED!}, a backup camera, blind spot sensors, power seats, power windows, and a moon roof! There's tons of other gadgets I'm super pumped about, but honestly having power windows is! I've been rocking crank windows for the past 10 years!

The whole buying a car process was actually kind of fun. I was way excited when we pulled up to the lot and they had "my" car pulled up front. I told Ethan, "look there's my car!!" To which he replied, "don't say that! You can't let them know you're interested." Cue: Game Face. Our salesman Rob was really great and we got him to agree on a price we were comfortable with. The best part was when my bank and their financing guy were going back and forth trying to win my business with their interest rates. Bottom line: we were pre-approved at the bank for 3.99% and walked out the door with 2.25% from the bank. Thanks to a little back-and-forth action we saved nearly $40 on our monthly payment just by getting a lower interest rate!

I told Ethan I feel like a real adult now. He laughed at me, probably because I've been an adult for awhile now, but I guess now that I have a "mom" car it's more real, to me at least.  The most "real" thing was when Ethan said at some point we could have an 8-year old and a 5-year old sitting in the backseat.  We plan on me driving this car for at least 10 years, so at some point there's a good chance the kiddos will be back there!

I'm so thankful for this car. I know that sounds silly, but we've been praying that we find a good one with a good price for so long and for this one to pop up for such an amazing deal, I feel like God personally sent this one to me. I may or may not have had a Kim Kardashian ugly cry on the way home over how blessed I am to call this car mine. {If you don't know what I'm talking about, google it and you're in for a good laugh.}

Saturday morning the weather was gross and since we didn't have any plans, Ethan suggested we hit up Foley. Taylor was supposed to come over to lay out so I texted her to see if she wanted to go too. No surprise, she was in!  We picked her up in my girl {nickname for my car} and off we were on her very 1st roadtrip! We ate lunch at Longhorns {amazing! Pensacola, get on it and get a Longhorns!} and convinced Ethan to stop at Old Time Pottery.  He'd never been and, bless his dear heart, had no idea it was basically a Hobby Lobby on steroids. He was a good sport though and let me and Taylor weave in and out of every aisle.

We did finally make it to the actual outlet. Me and Taylor both scored dresses for the cruise were going on in October and Ethan found a shirt at Under Armour.  Pretty successful day if you ask me. We dropped Taylor back off at her house and headed home to freshen up before going out for my brother's 21st birthday. We ate dinner at Outback and then went to Play, the adult arcade downtown.

{Both sporting our new shirts ;) }

{Photobooth Shenanigan}

Sunday we headed to church {Dakota, Lex, and Zac stayed over since we were all out so late}, had lunch with my parents at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Dakota's birthday, and spent the afternoon watching Netflix and taking awesome naps. {I think we're getting a little too old for staying out past our bedtimes! haha!}

Tomorrow starts another work week, you know.. like it normally does! Hopefully this week will fly by and I'll be enjoying another weekend before I know it!  How was your weekend?  I'm linking up with my Monday friends Bella and Lisa for their weekend recap, Biana for weekending, Molly and Carly for Let it Shine, Carylee and On the Daily Express for Manic Monday, Rachael and Lisa for Weekly Wrapup, Join the Gossip, and Meg for Monday Mingle. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Morning, Friday

I'm getting a late start this morning.  Got my coffee made {with light whipped cream and low fat chocolate syrup drizzled on top.. mmm the little things} and I'm just now sitting down to write up my Friday post.  I would've done it last night, but... I kind of got sucked in to binge watching a couple few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Yes, I'm a little late on that train. So far, I love the subtle humor here and there, but some of the raunchy scenes.. a little much for me. I've heard it gets pretty graphic, so we'll see how it goes.

Ok, enough about OITNB {or whatever the cool kids say?!}, here's five highlights from my week:

{1} I got to play Bunco with my Bunco Ladies Tuesday night. These are all technically my Mom's friends, so they've known me since I was at least elementary school aged or younger, but now that I'm an "adult" {when did this happen?!} I get to play Sub when someone can't make it from the regular group. I didn't win anything, but I did get to eat about 3 chocolate chip cookie covered brownies, so I feel like I won anyway.

{Source Facebook}
{2} Actually, on the diet subject, I've lost nearly 3 pounds this week.  Other than the above-mentioned delicious brownies, I've been eating better and actually breaking a sweat every night. Except last night.. I got out of my comfort zone and did an actual heavy weight workout with my hubs, and hated every single stinkin' minute of it. It was supposed to be his "killer leg workout" - one that would leave me sore for days and barely able to walk. This morning? My shoulders where the bar sat for most of the exercises is the ONLY thing that hurts on me. My legs.. they're laughing at that attempt at a leg workout.  I'll stick to this ridiculous workout that Taylor and I did this past Sunday that left me crippled till Wednesday.
{3} Ethan and I are going car shopping this afternoon, like for real!! :))) I got pre-approved at another bank for a better amount and a good interest rate, so once he gets off, it's off to the dealership we go!
{4} My July Birchbox came in yesterday and it was by far my most favoritest ever! I got rose gold nail polish, polish remover wipes, two jars of hair mask, body lotion, lip balm, and a facial peel.  Not to mention the 1-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine! It was like Christmas morning opening that bad boy up!
If you're on the fence about trying Birchbox, July is the month to do it because you can get this box for FREE! You can order the box here and then when it arrives, mail back the subscription of Women's Health saying you don't want it. They'll send you a $10 rebate! Now, if you want to keep the magazine subscription, that obviously means your box won't be "free" but you did get to try it out and get a year's subscription to Women's Health! Not a bad deal either way!  I'm actually debating whether or not to "claim" my subscription or get the $10?!
And in the spirit of full disclosure, if you do decided to try out Birchbox and use my link, I get referral points that turn in to "Birchbox dollars" that I can use to buy stuff in their Birchbox shop. But then you get your own referral link and can earn points too, so it's basically a win-win for both of us. :)
{5} The weather around here has been seriously amazing. Its been unseasonably cool in the afternoons that Ethan and I have been taking advantage of it and going on walks. I wish I would've had my phone to take some sunset pictures, but when we walk, we purposely leave all phones at home and use it as a time to just talk. It's probably one of my most favorite things that we've started doing.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I'm off to get the kitchen cleaned and maybe a load of laundry on. #goodtimes  Linking up with my favorite Friday Ladies ~ Karli @ September Farm Ash @ The Grits Blog, Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth, Paula @ Sincerely, Paula, Amanda @ Meet at the Barre, and Jennie @ Diary of a Real Housewife.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blues Weekend at Pensacola Beach

Warning: Be prepared for a photo dump/world's longest post. Ok, good. You've been warned and I'll continue!  First I have to start out with how much I love my new job.  One week in and the new boss has already let me take a personal day.  I think I'm really going to love not having such an intense schedule like my old job.  So, once again, I had a glorious 3-day weekend. Please don't hate me... because I have another one this week. I love my new job. Repeat. I love my new job.

Thursday evening after I got off work, me and Ethan met up with Mom and Hannah for some dinner at Cactus Flower on the boardwalk. Clearly I'm working on my #cruisebody. Or obviously not.  The nachos were good, but I really wish I would've gotten something.. um.. smaller.  After dinner we hung out at Grandma's beach house for a couple hours until we finally went grocery shopping for the weekend.  With an estimated 100,000 people coming to the beach for the airshow, we knew we were NOT leaving the island.

Saturday morning I woke up to Ethan running in our bedroom, rummaging through his dresser. Turns out his favorite NBA player Lebron James was "coming home" to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers again. So naturally Ethan needed his jersey.

After the excitement of LB's return, we met up with Mom and Hannah for the practice airshow. I am so so so happy I got Friday off because the weather was absolutely gorgeous! And since we didn't have an airshow last year due to the government's budget cuts, we were so excited to see our boys fly again!  We packed up our essentials and walked over to watch the show around noon. The show didn't start until 2, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the pre-show, eat our lunch, and play in the sprinklers.

{baby sister Hannah} 

{watching the Blues in my awesome new tank} 

{cooling of in the sprinklers}

After the show, we headed back to our condo to enjoy the pool.  Well, me and Mom enjoyed the pool.  We're not really sure what Hannah was doing.

 Friday night we ate dinner at Grandma's house. She makes the best shrimp creole! We enjoyed spending time with her and my Grandpa.  Ethan and Hannah passed the time with some Jenga before dinner. I'm pretty sure Hannah beat him 3-1.

Saturday morning we woke up around 10 a.m. to see the little bay behind our condo already getting full!  The picture doesn't even do it justice because you really can't see just how many boats were there!

The whole morning before the show I think all me and Ethan did was walk around. First we walked over to the beach to see my brother and cousin who were both working different medical tents for the show. After that we walked to Grandma's house to say hello to everyone.  We ate lunch at Grandma's and then right before the show was going to start, walked back to the beach to catch the Blues.

{Ethan, Me & Mom}

{Crazy amount of people!}

I did learn that my phone is a sissy little girl when it comes to heat.  I think it shut down 2 or 3 times from overheating while we were out at the show. Seriously phone, it was not that hot.  The two shows that I was able to catch were amazing! Every time I see them I get misty-eyed and the pride of being an American swells in me! Also so proud to say that the Blues call Pensacola home! I love my little hometown!

Sunday morning me and Ethan went to church.  We had another guest preacher and honestly I wasn't that impressed. I didnt' like his style of preaching and there were a couple of things he said that I really didn't agree with.  It's so hard not having a pastor that I love and trust. I'm having a really hard time with this and would appreciate any prayers for my church and myself.

After service, me and Ethan met up with Taylor to try out this "great sushi restaurant" that Ethan's coworker had told him about. We pass Jasmine Fusion all the time when we're out that way, but honestly it looks a little run down, so we've never stopped.  Well, with Matt's stellar referral, we decided to give it a try because we were both craving sushi.  Only problem.. they have 3 sushi rolls on the menu and then after I ordered one of them, they came back and said they don't make sushi anymore.  Great referral on the sushi restaurant, Matt.. I did end up getting a pepper steak stir fry that was really good. 

After lunch, me and Taylor ditched Ethan and her house so he could workout and watch the World Cup Finals. We went antiquing and found this gem...

 No worries, neither of us bought it, and we returned to do one hellavu workout.  Taylor's husband Colin basically has a crossfit gym in their garage, so we took advantage of it and did a WOD Taylor found on some other blog.  It didn't look that bad, but once we were done.. holy. smokes!

{Cute & Sweaty}

{Just kidding. It was like death..}

The WOD {workout of the day} was every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, 1 minute plank then 1 minute wall sit. Not bad right.. yea, I never thougth the day would come when wall sits were the better of the two options.  THEN, yea.. we're not done. We did four rounds of 150 jump ropes and 50 walking lunges.  My booty is going to be feeling this workout for a loooong time. #cruisebody {actually for real this time..}

Sunday night me and Ethan decided to just go home. We were both disgusting and tired from our workouts.  We ran by Publix for some work lunch stuff and grabbed dinner.  We did go on a 2-mile walk later that evening, so go us.  Actually, walks are a good time for us to chat about life and whatnot. We talked houses, cars, babies, vacations, church, goals and basically everything else we could think of. It's a good feeling knowing that we're both on the same page for all of these things coming up for us.

If you made it to the end, you seriously deserve a reward!  Sorry for the marathon post.. but this weekend was so much fun it deserved a ridiculously long post! :) Linking up with my Monday ladies: BellaLisa for their Weekend Recap, Biana with Weekending, MollyCarly for Let It Shine, Carylee and On the Daily Express for Manic Monday, RachaelLisa for Weekly Wrap Up, Join the Gossip, and Meg for Monday Mingle. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday Five // Google Edition

It's been a good week in my neck of the woods.  Nothing too exciting, but it's always nice to have a "slow" week with nothing really planned.  I spent every night this week at home, which has really helped us keep the house clean.  Normally me and Ethan are go-go-go all week and the household chores really pile up.  I'm proud to announce I only have one load of laundry to fold and my kitchen is currently clean.

Since I don't have five top moments this week, I'll bring the five things I've been googling like a mad woman lately.

{1} Google search "black cocktail dresses"

 I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but me, hubs, and our friends the Howells are going on a cruise this October! ::cue the excitement!!::  I'm desperately wanting a LBD just like this one, just really wanted more of a bodycon cut rather than skater. This one's only $30, which is a lot better that the $50 and more that I've been finding. I'm going to keep my eye on this one..

{2} Google search "best fish taco recipes"

I made these tacos on Tuesday night and they were so yummy!  Ethan's wasn't the biggest fan {I may have over done it on the cilantro}, but I've eaten them for lunch the past two days. I'd totally recommend this recipe! The creamy lime guacamole sauce totally makes the whole meal! I'd say don't overdo the red onion.. those bad boys are strong!

{3} Google search "cruise excursions"

So a majority of my searching lately has been cruise-related. Right now we're trying to figure out what excursions to do while we cruise down to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.  For Belize, we're thinking cave tubing. In Honduras, there's a shipwreck snorkling trip that seems amazing. And in 'ole Mexico, we're feeling Xel-ha, an all-inclusive little slice of heaven!

{4} Searching Birchbox

Ok, so this wasn't a "google" search, but I've got $40 worth of Birchbox points, so it's been burning a electronic hole in my pocket! I can't decide between all these amazing products that I've sampled..


Ok, so if you don't know what Birchbox is.. it's a monthly subscription box that for $10 a month sends you 5-7 beauty samples. I've enjoyed mine for over a year now, and it's fun trying out new beauty samples every month.  Check out my referral link HERE if you're a cool cat and wanna help a sister out in earning points.

{5} Google search "compact/midsize crossovers"

So, there's a little peak into what I kill all my time online doing, well besides blog reading and blogging. Linking up with all my Friday favorite gals ~ Ash @ The Grits Blog, Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth,Paula @ Sincerely, Paula, Rebecca @ xoxoRebecca, Amanda @ Meet at the Barre, Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife, and Karli @ September FARMS.