Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday Five // Google Edition

It's been a good week in my neck of the woods.  Nothing too exciting, but it's always nice to have a "slow" week with nothing really planned.  I spent every night this week at home, which has really helped us keep the house clean.  Normally me and Ethan are go-go-go all week and the household chores really pile up.  I'm proud to announce I only have one load of laundry to fold and my kitchen is currently clean.

Since I don't have five top moments this week, I'll bring the five things I've been googling like a mad woman lately.

{1} Google search "black cocktail dresses"

 I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but me, hubs, and our friends the Howells are going on a cruise this October! ::cue the excitement!!::  I'm desperately wanting a LBD just like this one, just really wanted more of a bodycon cut rather than skater. This one's only $30, which is a lot better that the $50 and more that I've been finding. I'm going to keep my eye on this one..

{2} Google search "best fish taco recipes"

I made these tacos on Tuesday night and they were so yummy!  Ethan's wasn't the biggest fan {I may have over done it on the cilantro}, but I've eaten them for lunch the past two days. I'd totally recommend this recipe! The creamy lime guacamole sauce totally makes the whole meal! I'd say don't overdo the red onion.. those bad boys are strong!

{3} Google search "cruise excursions"

So a majority of my searching lately has been cruise-related. Right now we're trying to figure out what excursions to do while we cruise down to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.  For Belize, we're thinking cave tubing. In Honduras, there's a shipwreck snorkling trip that seems amazing. And in 'ole Mexico, we're feeling Xel-ha, an all-inclusive little slice of heaven!

{4} Searching Birchbox

Ok, so this wasn't a "google" search, but I've got $40 worth of Birchbox points, so it's been burning a electronic hole in my pocket! I can't decide between all these amazing products that I've sampled..


Ok, so if you don't know what Birchbox is.. it's a monthly subscription box that for $10 a month sends you 5-7 beauty samples. I've enjoyed mine for over a year now, and it's fun trying out new beauty samples every month.  Check out my referral link HERE if you're a cool cat and wanna help a sister out in earning points.

{5} Google search "compact/midsize crossovers"

So, there's a little peak into what I kill all my time online doing, well besides blog reading and blogging. Linking up with all my Friday favorite gals ~ Ash @ The Grits Blog, Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth,Paula @ Sincerely, Paula, Rebecca @ xoxoRebecca, Amanda @ Meet at the Barre, Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife, and Karli @ September FARMS.


  1. Ah, those pictures, I need a vacation!!
    Hope you have a great weekend! I am hosting a linkup and would love for you to come by!

    1. Hey! I did link up with you! Thanks for hosting your linkup!! :)

  2. Wow lady. I hear you - I need to get on the googling of cruise excursions - need to find some fun ones for us. I've heard of BirchBox but I'm poor from student loan repayment so after I'm done - I will be able to enjoy the fun. Have a fun weekend, thanks for the post topic idea. Will have to share mine soon. Take care, stopping by from the link up! ~Jessica

    1. I love my Birchbox! I got mine as a Christmas present from my parents, so it's been a fun present that I get every month! Are you going on a cruise soon? Where too?

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your blog too! Very fun! I need to know how to make mine more personal... how did you decide on a template for your blog?

    1. Hi there! I got my inspiration for my colors from my sister-in-law's wedding. It was very country-chic, so I loved the wooden background with the pops of coral and grey! Try to find something that interests you then go from there. Good luck blog designing!