Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Morning, Friday

I'm getting a late start this morning.  Got my coffee made {with light whipped cream and low fat chocolate syrup drizzled on top.. mmm the little things} and I'm just now sitting down to write up my Friday post.  I would've done it last night, but... I kind of got sucked in to binge watching a couple few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Yes, I'm a little late on that train. So far, I love the subtle humor here and there, but some of the raunchy scenes.. a little much for me. I've heard it gets pretty graphic, so we'll see how it goes.

Ok, enough about OITNB {or whatever the cool kids say?!}, here's five highlights from my week:

{1} I got to play Bunco with my Bunco Ladies Tuesday night. These are all technically my Mom's friends, so they've known me since I was at least elementary school aged or younger, but now that I'm an "adult" {when did this happen?!} I get to play Sub when someone can't make it from the regular group. I didn't win anything, but I did get to eat about 3 chocolate chip cookie covered brownies, so I feel like I won anyway.

{Source Facebook}
{2} Actually, on the diet subject, I've lost nearly 3 pounds this week.  Other than the above-mentioned delicious brownies, I've been eating better and actually breaking a sweat every night. Except last night.. I got out of my comfort zone and did an actual heavy weight workout with my hubs, and hated every single stinkin' minute of it. It was supposed to be his "killer leg workout" - one that would leave me sore for days and barely able to walk. This morning? My shoulders where the bar sat for most of the exercises is the ONLY thing that hurts on me. My legs.. they're laughing at that attempt at a leg workout.  I'll stick to this ridiculous workout that Taylor and I did this past Sunday that left me crippled till Wednesday.
{3} Ethan and I are going car shopping this afternoon, like for real!! :))) I got pre-approved at another bank for a better amount and a good interest rate, so once he gets off, it's off to the dealership we go!
{4} My July Birchbox came in yesterday and it was by far my most favoritest ever! I got rose gold nail polish, polish remover wipes, two jars of hair mask, body lotion, lip balm, and a facial peel.  Not to mention the 1-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine! It was like Christmas morning opening that bad boy up!
If you're on the fence about trying Birchbox, July is the month to do it because you can get this box for FREE! You can order the box here and then when it arrives, mail back the subscription of Women's Health saying you don't want it. They'll send you a $10 rebate! Now, if you want to keep the magazine subscription, that obviously means your box won't be "free" but you did get to try it out and get a year's subscription to Women's Health! Not a bad deal either way!  I'm actually debating whether or not to "claim" my subscription or get the $10?!
And in the spirit of full disclosure, if you do decided to try out Birchbox and use my link, I get referral points that turn in to "Birchbox dollars" that I can use to buy stuff in their Birchbox shop. But then you get your own referral link and can earn points too, so it's basically a win-win for both of us. :)
{5} The weather around here has been seriously amazing. Its been unseasonably cool in the afternoons that Ethan and I have been taking advantage of it and going on walks. I wish I would've had my phone to take some sunset pictures, but when we walk, we purposely leave all phones at home and use it as a time to just talk. It's probably one of my most favorite things that we've started doing.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I'm off to get the kitchen cleaned and maybe a load of laundry on. #goodtimes  Linking up with my favorite Friday Ladies ~ Karli @ September Farm Ash @ The Grits Blog, Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth, Paula @ Sincerely, Paula, Amanda @ Meet at the Barre, and Jennie @ Diary of a Real Housewife.


  1. Congrats on 3 pounds down! Car shopping can be so fun. Do you know what you want yet? Yay for Birchbox!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Thanks! We ended up getting a Mazda CX-5! I'm super excited about it!