Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th, Yall

Happy Independence Day, friends! I spent my 4th surrounded by family and friends and loved every single minute of it! Me and Ethan woke up late Friday morning, did our typical Saturday morning cleanup, and got ready to go to Mike and Tracee's house for some sunshine and bbq!

{Tracee, Me, Momma & Lex}

{Momma & Tracee being float buddies}
Around 6 we headed downtown to get a good spot to watch the fireworks at Gulf Power. It's kind of our tradition and it's where me and Ethan spent our 1st 4th of July together NINE years ago! Holy cow, we're getting old!

{Action shot. Spot the aerobie}

{Ethan playing aerobie with Hannah}

{Our view for the fireworks, Downtown Pensacola}

{But first, lemme take a selfie}

{I heart him}
{Big 'ole diet fail}

{But oh-so-good!}

{This one picture is worth all the selfies we took}

{Ok, normal faces}

After the fireworks, we met up with Taylor, Colin, Sarah, and Andrew for some Downtown P-cola nightlife. We went to Play, an adult arcade, and then O'Riley's. It was my first time going to Play and I had a blast. We played all the typical arcade games and had such a good time! After Play, we tried to get a dartboard at O'Riley's, but unfortunately, they were all taken, so we ended up playing the Big Buck Hunter game that we had just played at Play. It reminded me of "Duck Hunt" from way back in the N64 days and I was decently good at it! We stayed out wayyy past my bedtime, but it was fun just hanging out the 6 of us! I hope we do it again soon! 

{Pic of a pic  ~ Our photo booth shenanigans}
Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! I think Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! Thank you to all the brave men and women, past and present, who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that I can enjoy being an American citizen with all my freedoms! God bless the USA!!

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