Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World Cup Time // Four Years From Now

I like to say that the World Cup holds a special place in my heart.  Not because I love soccer {football, yea I know, but I'm American}, but because I watched my first World Cup.. wait for it.. on my honeymoon.  Complete with brand new hub's best friend calling every night to discuss game day events.  Ok, so maybe he didn't call every night, but calling just once while someone's on their honeymoon, is one time too many. I have "fond" memories of sitting in our deluxe suite on the couch, watching who knows play who cares. {Come on.. I'm on my honeymoon, people.}

Ok, before this becomes a vent, rant, and ramble post, I'll get to my point.  I think it would be fun to write down all of what I've got going on right now, so that in another four years, when this phenomenon known as the World Cup rolls back around, I can look back and reminisce.

Dear 29-year old me,

How are you? I hope this finds you well. More preferably, it finds you sitting in your mega mansion, with your maid cleaning your house and the cook preparing dinner. Ok, probably not, unless I start playing the lottery, but I mean the thing about being well.

Nonetheless, I'm sitting here eating my "*Liz beans," typing out a letter to future me, while Ethan naps on the couch.  I'm eating beans for dinner because you're back on your health kick and you realize that in some shorts weeks you'll be coming off your birth control and you really want to get down to your "goal weight" before you get pregnant. So, beans it is.

So, this time last World Cup, you didn't own a smart phone.  You were rocking some sort of medieval device, but since then you've visited the Apple world with the iPhone 4 and the Android world with your current Galaxy S4, which is outdated now that the S5 is out. Lame. I'd assume by the time you're {I'm.. I really don't know how to address future self?! Me, us, we?} reading this, you'll have the iPhone 9S or something like that.

Currently you're still driving the same little go-cart of a car you drove last World Cup. Although, hubs and I are looking into a new "mommy" ride for me. I've got my eye on the Mazda CX-5, but those are hard to come by since they're such great little cars and maybe even a little out of our price range. Needless to say, we'll be driving a new car by time World Cup 2018 rolls around.

I hope when you read this, some little blond-haired boy that calls you Mommy comes walking over to see what you're up to. If my math is right, he should be about 3 or close to it.  If I were to name him right now, he'd be your little Harrison, but I'm pretty fickle when it comes to names, so who knows.  Also, the precious almost 3-year old could be twin girls, so that completely voids my Harrison daydream.  Regardless, I hope I find 29-year old me with at least one child and maybe even one on the way. Heck, isn't it about time we start thinking about baby #2?

I wonder if you're reading this on the back porch. I hope we've moved back to Cantonment. I hope, since it doesn't get dark till after 8 during this time of year, that little Harrison is playing in the backyard. Maybe he's chasing our giant Shiloh Shepard Barkley around the yard.  Maybe I'm still blogging, and this time outside is when I do a quick post while the little one plays.  Right now I'm sitting in the dining room of our beach-front condo. We've moved since the last World Cup, starting out in our little 2-bedroom apartment by Grandma's house and now to the condo.  We're trying to make plans to move soonish. Soonish, as in whenever we get pregnant. Actually a lot of our life revolves around the idea of expanding our family. We'd love a place in Cantonment, close enough to my parents that child care would be easy and no where near bridges. I can't even begin to tell you how over going home over two bridges I am.

Tomorrow is my last day working for the County Administrator's Office. I start my new job as a Director's Aide in the Budget Office on Wednesday.  I'm nervous, to say the least. There's a lot to learn and I really don't feel like there'd ever be enough time to learn it all before Bernie retires. I'll have a learning curb for a little bit, but I'm sure I'll get the swing of it before too long. What do you do for a living, 29-year old me?  Obviously if you've won the lottery like I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty sure you've probably retired, kissing 8-5 work goodbye. But let's be real here, you probably still work in the Budget Office.

Church.  Now this is something I really don't know about.  Last World Cup, you attended our little white church in the valley, now fast forward four years and things have gone terribly wrong.  Our pastor has resigned and right now we're all trying to hang on, find a new pastor, and keep our little church going.  For right now, right this second, I don't think things look that great and I can't raise my children in a church that doesn't have a pastor, but I'm going to hold on and help our little church for as long as I feel led by God to do so.  I'm sure we still go to church, but where?

Well, future me, this is pretty much what's going on right now in your 25-year old life.  And right now, I'm going to sign off and cuddle up to my Ethan on the couch and just enjoy the time where it's just the two of us.  The sun is setting, the curtains are pulled back, and just enough of the sunset sky is seeping in. I know the days of just me and him are limited, by how much.. I don't know, but I know someday soon, there'll be three of us. And maybe right now you're thinking how the days of just being a family of three are limited.

I don't know, but I hope four year from now I find me happy, loved, and surrounded by my family. I hope we have the "American Dream." The house, two cars, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. I hope you've taken adventures and taken more pictures than you can count of those adventures. I hope I'm still blogging. I hope so many things for me in the next four years. Really, when I think about it, the next four years will be filled with so much. So much change, so much fun, so much heartbreak, I'm sure.  The only thing I'm sure of really, is that the next four years will fly by, so I better make the best of it all.

Until next World Cup,
25-year old me.

*Liz beans are a delicious recipe my old co-worker Liz shared with me.  I'll have to do a post about how to make them the next time I do make them. Because we all know you can't blog if you don't have pictures!

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  1. Coming over from teh Thoughts for Thursday link up. You mentioned Cantonment, I'm in Baldwin County in AL. HAve a great 4th!

  2. Thanks for linking up, gal!! I can not believe that your first time watching the world cup was on your honeymoon!! But, I did grow up playing soccer every day of my life, so I guess I can understand. Have a happy 4th!!

    1. It's slightly embarrassing that I had never watched the "superbowl" of soccer, but then again I had never watched the Daytona 500 or Wimbledom before my husband came around. He's a big believer in watching every sports most important game! Hope you had a happy 4th also!

  3. too funny! i too watched my first world cup game on my honeymoon. my husband is a huge soccer fan--so it has been quite the adventure!!!