Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#CruiseBody // 1st Weigh-In

I've mentioned a couple times that we're going on a cruise in October! Naturally I can't wait. Seven full days of nothing but tropical beaches, exotic drinks, snorkeling, cave tubing.. and my bikini. Oh, the bikini. Nothing like the thought of prancing around in barely nothing to get your butt in gear for some major toning and jiggle lose! But what's a girl to do?
Enter here, my 8 week body makeover challenge. Last Wednesday I was going to start with an "initial" weigh-in, but as you all know, life happens and I got busy and the post never came to be. Actually I really sucked at posting last week, again sorry. So here we are technically 1 week in and I've got some results to share!

Last Monday, August 18, I weighed in at 157.0 and started the Simply Sadie Jane At-Home Crossfit Workouts. I've now completed Week 1 and weighed in this morning at 153.4. That's 3.6 pounds total for my week and a half! I don't have any Week 2 Pictures yet, but I promise those are coming next week!

{8/18 - 1st "Before"}
{8/18 - Love Handle City}
So, eight weeks and 15 pounds is the goal. I've done it before, see my final weigh-in for a diet bet I did back in April. Except this time I've got double the time and won't be using Slimfast as meal replacement. This will be hard work in the gym and super clean eating in the kitchen.

Here's what I've been up to for the past week, workout wise. (Sorry it's so huge. Blogger wouldn't let it resize.) All workouts came from Simply Sadie Jane and are not my own. She also has an instructional video of each move and a printable schedule on her website.

 And here's what I have going on for Week 2 of these very intense workouts! To say I'm sore is the understatement of the year! Doing 125 Burpees on Week 1, Day 2 is no joke!
Here's to another hard week of workouts and hopefully cracking the 149 mark by next weigh-in!
Weigh In Wednesday Image Map


  1. You go lady, keep rocking it out. That work out sounds great!! Cruises are SO MUCH FUN, I want to go on another one. :)

    I do a monthly motivational linkup, feel free to join if you want. It's the last tuesday of every month.

  2. this is awesome! thank you for sharing. i joined a gym recently and am trying to drop 15-20 lbs by the wedding.... which is next august so i think it's doable!! now if the people in my office would stop bringing in donut holes...

  3. Woo hoo, that is awesome!!! That workout looks intense, but intensity is a great way to shed the pounds.

  4. Yay you!! I started day 1, week 1 today and I was a sweaty mess. Day 2 of week 1 won't be until Sunday but that's just how life is.

  5. Gosh you look ah-mazing already! Get it girl!

  6. You already look great! Good luck girl!

  7. You look awesome anyway! Good luck! We're doing a cruise in Jan and I'm so excited. It'll be #3 for us.

  8. Go girl!!! I'm sure you will Rock and hit your goal weight.

  9. Woohoo!! Way to go on the weight loss, you look awesome!!