Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello, Beautiful aka.. It's Friday!

How is it Friday already? I swear it was just Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. and I'm dragging my butt in to my "long" week at work. Now it's Friday and I'm even getting off at 3. Have I told you how much I love my new job?!

It's been a good week. Hashtag cruise body is in full swing. I officially re-officially started back on the diet and exercise grind.. Last Sunday was exactly 9 weeks until we set sail. It's been nothing but protein shakes, grilled chicken, veggies and tuna for this girl since Monday. And I'm happily down 2 pounds. Granted it's the same 2 pounds I gain and lose all the stinkin' time, but 2 pounds nonetheless.

Here's some other things that have been happening:

{1} I entered the #newcarface contest. Basically, upload of picture of you and your new car {which we all know I just got.. finally} to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, hashtag #newcarface and tag @carsdotcom, and BAM you're entered to win up to $25,000 to go towards your car loan. That would be freakin' sweet. So to make things a little more exciting, contacted me to get the backstory on my #newcarface so they could maybe feature me in an ad about the contest. I wrote back my little blurb and we'll see if they decide to use me! How cool would that be?! 15 minutes of fame please. Actually, just let me win the $25k, that'd be better!

{2} Tuesday night me and Ethan were cooling off after our run on the balcony and we saw a dolphin swimming around in the bay! As soon as I saw it I jumped up like the excited 5-year old I am and watched that thing swim around for a good 30 minutes. And of course took about 800 pictures in the process. I told Ethan we can officially move now. Haha.

{Do you see him?!}

{And a gorgeous sunset picture, just cause..}
{3} Like I said, I started working out again. My friend Taylor has been doing an at-home crossfit program for the past month and has loved it, so I started Week 1, Day 1 last night. If you're interested in the program, check it out here.
{4} Look at this little cuddle bug. Someone thinks he lives the high life.
{Jerry my Berry}
{5} This recipe from SkinnyTaste popped up on my Facebook this week. Skinny Eggplant Rollatini, yes please. Special thanks to everyone that helped me Monday when I asked for good diet recipes! I so appreciate it! :) 

Well, I'm off. Hope everyone had a great week! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I'm hoping to hit up a speed boat race!

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  1. Your backyard view is heavenly!! Hope you have a great weekend and congrats on the diet progress!

  2. I see him! That is so cool! The pictures are beautiful, looks like so much fun!
    I would love if you would stop by and linkup with me today!

  3. Wow! So cool that you saw a dolphin! I would've reacted the same way. They're one of my favorite animals!

  4. Awhile ago I stumbled across this website where she has a 30 day at home crossfit workout planned out. I followed it on the days I made it to the gym and it was a great workout. I'm hoping to try it again, and I'm going to look into the site you listed above! Yay for those 2 lbs :)

  5. Stopping by from the link up. Good for you for dumped those 2 pounds! And I love the dolphin pic. Good luck with your diet this week.
    Penny @