Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's Your Love Language?

So yesterday while I was browsing the "Popular Post" section of my Bloglovin', I saw a post from Cupcakes and Cashmere about the Five Love Languages. I've heard of these before and was about 110% sure I already knew what my love language was, but I bookmarked the page with the intention of me and Ethan both taking the test later that night. Here's what we found out.

 Katie & Ethan's Love Languages

 It's honestly no shocker to either of us that my #1 love language was, in fact, Words of Affirmation. Ethan and I already knew that I'm the type that needs to be told "I love you" and "I'm proud of you" on a regular basis. He's pretty good about complimenting me, but I have been know to ask every now and then all the time, "do you love me?"
The real shocker to me was that Receiving Gifts is barely there. The test is done on a scale of 1 to 12, with 12 being the most meaningful to you. I scored a 1 on gifts. What was a little interesting was when Ethan mentioned that it makes sense because when I get a gift, it's a sincere thank you, but I'm "over it" within five minutes. Maybe that has to do with me being hard to impress? "Things" don't impress me. Actions speak louder than words, well.. unless you're telling me you love me. ;)
Ethan didn't score super high on one particular thing. His highest though was Receiving Gifts, which is polar opposite of me, which almost makes me feel super guilty because gifts aren't something I put a lot of thought in to. I'm actually a terrible gift-giver. Aka gift cards are my best friend. But now, after reading this, and knowing that this is his love language, I'm going to try harder to put thought, effort, and time in to his presents. Case and point - his birthday is this Saturday and I've yet to buy him a gift.
But in my defense, we are always together. There's really not a time I'm not with him, unless you count work, and you can't do that. This does make sense since we both scored Quality Time pretty high.
I completely recommend taking the Love Language test with your significant other. It's really opened my eyes about how to love Ethan the way he needs to be shown love. {Take the test here.}

Did you score polar opposite of your SI like me or do you both "speak the same language"?

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  1. Love this! Nick and I read this before we got married. My love lanuage is gifts! Did you know that we typically show love to others using our own love language?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. love this! I instantly went and did the test!! thanks for sharing.

    <3 Sarita

  3. Great post. I don't have a S/O but I took the test months ago. I scored: Quality Time -- 10, Physical Touch -- 9, Words of Affirmation -- 6, Acts of Service -- 4, Receiving Gifts -- 1. None of which surprised me. Just being with someone is far more important to me than presents or fancy dates.

  4. Matt and I are the exact opposite of you and Ethan. He's a Words of Affirmation guy and I tie for Receive Gifts and Acts of Service. It's always a 'battle' trying to meet in the middle of telling vs showing the other how much we love each other!

  5. I did this test a while back and I got the same language as you. I thought the test was spot on!

  6. I was literally just talking about this to a co-worker. I am forwarding to her!!! Off to take the test!

  7. I actually read the book after we got married, and I got Quality Time as my love language. It makes sense because we've been together for almost five years before we got married, but more than half the time was spent apart (he served in the US Army while I lived in Manila). I always look forward to "making up for the lost times" whenever he comes home to visit, thus validating my love language.

    My husband's, however, is Words of Affirmation which I need to work on harder because I'm naturally verbose especially when expressing my thoughts and emotions. I blog for obvious reasons. ;)