Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meadowbelle Market // My Newest Obsession

So a couple weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by Jillian at Cornflake Dreams for store credit to Meadowbelle Market on Etsy. It's an adorable little shop that offers the prettiest and daintiest personalized jewelry. Of course I was thrilled to win {I mean who doesn't like winning..} and almost couldn't pick what I wanted from their shop!
Finally after a bunch of internal struggle {this one. no, this one!} and changing my mind about 100 times, I decided to get their silver stacking ring set with a diamond cz stone and little "e."
The rings are gorgeous. I swear the pictures don't even do them justice! I'm not a big jewelry wearer, but when I do wear it I like my accessories to be simple and dainty. Meadowbelle Market's jewelry is right up my alley and I'm pretty much in love with everything else in their shop!
{sweetest little rings}

{along with the sweetest thank you note}

{they're perfect!}
So, super special thanks to Meadowbelle Market for providing their giveaway.
 I love love love triple x's and o's these precious rings and can't wait to show them off!
I hope one day to add another little letter to the mix. hint.. hint.. Ethan.
But until then, I'll take these rose gold hoop earrings and this initial ring to hold me over.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

My Weekend + Announcement + Giveaway //Whew What a Weekend!

Whirlwind is the word that comes to mind when I think about the last 48 hours. How it's Monday already completely baffles me. And looking at my calendar for the week ahead makes me do two things:
{1} Freak the heck out because I've got so so much to do before I leave Thursday for my mini roadtrip to Tampa to see One Direction
Ok, I'm back in my regular, adult inside voice.
But about that weekend I just had {Well, I think I had.. I blinked my eyes and now it's Monday again. So, you know..}
Friday night we met up with my brother and sister-in-law to give them a special something-something they needed. {More on that a little later on in the post.. ;)} After meeting with them we headed downtown to eat dinner with our friends Taylor & Colin and Daniel & Katie at the Seafood Festival. We didn't know at the time, but both our couple friends were bringing their pups to join in on the fun. Unfortunately the Seafood Festival has a strict "no dogs allowed" rule, so we ended up eating dinner at the food trucks a couple blocks up. I got the yummiest bbq sliders while Ethan got broccoli and chicken. We had a good time just enjoying the cool evening.

{BBQ Sliders & Fried Pickles}
Saturday morning me and Ethan headed back to the Seafood Festival to take a look around. Ethan mostly wanted to go to get the Bayou Broussard sandwich he gets every year. Basically it's a crawfish po'boy with crawfish etouffee on top. Super messy, but super duper yummy!  We walked around for a couple hours looking at all the booths, people watching, and me trying my best to avoid the dessert booths.
{Pensacola Seafood Festival}

 {My sentiments exactly..}

{Me & Ethan}
Update on the dessert booths: I passed! #cruisebody, here I come. Just kidding. I've been absolutely awful at dieting.. and updating on the diet, if I'm being honest.
After the festival, me and Ethan headed over to Taylor and Colin's house to see their wood floor progress. Taylor is quite the DIY home project tackler and decided she and her husband could put in wood floors themselves. Don't blame her though. That junk is expensive enough as is. Me and Ethan got suckered volunteered to help them out. We all had our jobs. Taylor was a "board passer-outer." Ethan  and Colin were "board layers." And Colin's uncle was the "glue guy." What'd I do you ask? Well, I nominated myself to be the "game watcher." And by "game watcher" I mean I put myself in charge of sitting in the garage watching the FSU/NC State game. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

{FSU for the WIN!}

Sunday morning me and Ethan attended church at Hillcrest again. I really enjoy listening to the pastor, but the song service really does nothing for me. They just started a new series about discipleship, so I think we'll hang around long enough to hear this entire series before we make any more decisions.
After church we met up with my parents and another couple from our old church for lunch. It was so good to see them and catch up. We hit up a new Japenese restaurant. While the food was good, the service was super slow. I'd go back, but I'm not sure about everyone else.
Me and mom did go to Sam's Club after lunch. With a cruise only 3 weeks away, I needed to pick up some SlimFast and Lean Cuisines. Yea, I'm not even kidding. I've fallen off the #cruisebody train and I'm resorting to desperate measures! Hopefully I can lose a quick {albeit not healthy..} five pounds or more before the cruise!
Sunday night we had dinner with the Howells and the Cunninghams at Chili's. I went the healthy route and had chips and salsa for dinner. Remember that train I was just talking about.. yea I've definitely fallen off it. I even split dessert with Taylor. It was delicious. I regret nothing. - Says the girls who will be parading around in a bikini in t-minus 19 days.
Now, about that chalkboard I mentioned wayyyyy back when in the beginning of this marathon post. Well.. my brother & sister-in-law have an announcement!!
I'm going to be an AUNT!! Eeek! This baby will make my 10th niece or nephew, but the 1st one that I'm related to by blood! I'm super excited and can't wait to meet this little peanut!

{Follow along with her pregnancy journey here}

{Top chalkboard done by me; Bottom chalkboard done by my amazing and wonderfully talented hubs!!}

Now, because you've been such a great listener.. umm reader as I've rambled along about my weekend. How's about $205 in cold hard {PayPal} cash?!

Yea, it's a pretty sweet deal! Enter below and best of luck!

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terin | tawnya | mar | maegen
lauren | katie | kate | vanessa
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five // Freak Out Edition

Oh, Friday, you beautiful thing, you. Where have you been all my life week?
I've had another crazy busy week at work. I love my new job, so so much, but this end of the Fiscal Year prep is really no joke! And normally this would be my Friday off, but I've switched it to next week to save a little PTO. But, don't you worry, I'm not complaining one bit! And what do I need a little PTO for next week, you may ask?
Ok, I'm back from my minor major fan girl freak out. I mean I bought these tickets nearly a year ago and the fact that it's literally one week away kinda makes my inner 13-year old squeal a little bit.
Ok.. a lot.
So, before I freak out anymore and embarrass myself any further, how's about my 5 on Friday:
{1} Got to spend some quality time with my parents on Monday night. Now that we don't attend the same church, I really don't see them as often and that makes me sad. It did good for my heart to see my Momma. All you Momma's girls out there can relate.
{2} I got some super yummy sushi from my favorite place downtown. If you're ever in the Pensacola area, make sure you check out Joe Patti's. It's a local fav.
{perfection in a roll}
{3} Did some chalkboard work this week for a friend's baby announcement. I can't share the images because.. duh.. you'd see who's getting a sweet little one. They're sharing the big news this weekend, so you better believe I'll be showing off my work on Monday! I think Little Baby Garvin would be proud! Haha!
{4} A couple weeks back I won a giveaway for store credit to the adorable Etsy shop Meadowbelle Market. My order came in this week and I'm in love. They're seriously perfect. I'll have a full post about it next week, but here's a quick Instagram snap for a teaser.
{gah so in love!}
{5} And because my concert is only a week away, I'm going to leave you with my boys. And I really needed an excuse to share this stinkin' adorable gif. Excuse me while I wipe the drool..
one direction gif photo: One Direction gif perfect1D_zps57a2649a.gif
Anyways, it's supposed to be bad weather all weekend, but I'm really hoping me and Ethan can hit up the annual Seafood Festival downtown. Great food, live music, and tons and tons of local vendors and artists. I look forward to it all year!

So, what do you have going on this weekend?

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Weekend of Summer

Gah! How did we get here? Seriously.. how are we to the last weekend of summer?! And surprisingly I didn't spend it like I've spent every other summer this weekend! {You know.. by the pool}
Saturday morning I headed to Cantonment for Kate's 50s Housewife Bridal Shower. On the invitation it said to dress up, but I didn't take that too seriously. I should have because I felt like I looked ridiculous in my maxi dress while all the other girls were in their pearls and heels! Haha! Next time I'll pay more attention to the dress code!
{The Bride-to-Be & Lucy Rosie, our 50s Housewife}

{Some of the guests, notice I stand out like a sore thumb!}
{such cute décor} 

{Chicken & Waffles for Brunch}

{Hardest game ever! PS.. I was wayyyy off on the bottom guesses!}

{Me & the Bride-to-Be}

{mini pies for dessert}

{pin the tie on the husband}
It was a gorgeous day and I should have spent the afternoon by the pool, but after the shower I headed home and took a wonderful nap on the couch. Brunching is hard work! Haha!
Saturday night we headed over to Katie and Daniel's house to watch the Florida State vs. Clemson game. I was super nervous going in to the game since our Quarterback is an immature idiot and got himself suspended for the whole game. Way to go, Jameis. First game of our Conference and you can't even be the leader you're supposed to be. Ok, enough about him before my disappointment in him shines a little more.
We had a great stressful night, but I'm glad we were with friends to experience the amazing ending to the game! My Noles are still #1!
{Sky's Pizza - using Taylor's head for size reference haha!}

{Winning is hard work. Brewster was pooped after the big win!}

{Woohoo! Seminole victory!!}
After staying out past midnight due to the game, we were so tired this morning that we overslept and missed church. It was kind of nice though. Waking up late, lazing around for a little bit, and then meeting up with Ethan's coworker Chris and his wife Natalie and their little girls for lunch at Margaritaville on the beach. I had the Crabcake BLT again and it was amazing as usual! I had a great time holding Natalie's newborn baby girl Ava. She was so full of smiles and funny faces. Ahh I cannot wait till we have our own!
{Frank & Lola Love Pensacola Café}
After lunch we headed home, you know a quick 3 minute drive home and lounged on the couch the rest of the day. Amazingly lazy weekend for the Macarthurs for the win.
{This is what I deal with when I eat anything on the couch. He taps me every few minutes.}
I was able to snap a picture of the last sunset of summer. Ethan looked it up and technically fall starts tomorrow at 7:30 tomorrow evening {how weird?!}. It's now Sunday night and I'm ready to curl up on the couch {again lol} next to my Ethan. It was a wonderful, lazy weekend and I've enjoyed every minute of it with my Love.

{So long, summer. You were good to me this year.}
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! My week coming up looks pretty chill, but that's okay. We've got some amazing weekends coming up! And the countdown till the cruise is on on on!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

High 5 // Hanging Out With Friends

Crazy busy week here on the home front. Typically I don't like to plan too many things after work during the week. Maybe I'm just getting old, but going out every night is for the birds. Although I do enjoy it when I do. Just makes for a tired me the next morning!
Here's my five favorites for the week!
{1} Celebrated my friend Sarah's big 2-6 birthday this week at a new Italian restaurant downtown, V. Paul's. It was really good, but the service was pretty slow. We had a big group of girls, but I think the restaurant is still just so new that they don't have everything quite figured out! Regardless, I'd definitely go back! ::hint hint on a date night, E::
{grainy front camera selfies}

{Me & Tay}

{Me & the Birthday Girl}

{Eggplant Parmigiana}

{2} My One Direction concert is in TWO WEEKS! I repeat TWO WEEKS! {Also, don't be shocked when on next week's Friday post this is repeated, except with ONE WEEK! Haha!}
{3} And in exactly one month I'll be setting sail to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico on a week-long cruise with my honey, bestie, and her hubs! Eek! October is going to be bomb dot com!
{4} Did our Thursday night thang and hit up O'Riley's for some darts! I'm super pumped that they now serve food too. The steak quesadilla that I got was super delish! I felt weird eating a meal in a bar, but whatever.. big girl's gotta eat! Haha!
{The Ladies}
{5} After such a crazy busy week, I'm so looking forward to a chill weekend at home! Just kidding.. I've got a busy weekend too! First stop will be a bridal shower for my friend Kate and then a football party at Katie's. Summer's winding down, so I'm thinking football parties on Saturday will be my fall norm. And I'm quite okay with that!

So who are you cheering for this weekend?! Because let's face it, it's football season and you had better have a team! ;) 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#Cruisebody // Week 4 Weigh-In

Week 4?! Holy cow.. I've been going at this for a month now? And sad to say I'm not seeing much change in my weight. I can see more definition in my arms and thighs, so I know that counts, but let's face it - it's hard to be super positive about not losing weight two weeks in a row.
I weighed in at 155.8 this morning, which if you've been following along is up almost 3 pounds since my Week 1 Weigh-In. It's still under my starting weight of 157.0, but it's still disappointing. I have to remember losing weight isn't all just working out. You can't workout a bad diet. And I can prove that..
Early this year I participated in a Diet Bet with some friends and family. These are my one month results. These results were a result of tons of cardio, super clean eating, and a meal plan. It was hard work, but man, my results were impressive!

That being said, I literally have one month until my cruise. If I can get these kind of results in one month, I can do it again. I'll still continue the Simply Sadie Jane At-Home Crossfit Workouts, but we're going to throw in some extra cardio and definitely a lot better eating! I hope know I'll have better results next week! Stay tuned!


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So I'm Going to a Concert // ID Style

Unless you've been living under a rock or you're new around here {in that case, Hi :)}, it's no secret I'm going to be rockin' out to my two favorite boy bands down in Tampa, FL in a little over two weeks!! Eek! I bought these tickets last November, so the fact that the concert is like 16 days away makes me want to do a happy dance!
I've been thinking long and hard {that's what she said..} about what to wear to the concert. I'm taking my 13-year old sister with me and I'm pretty sure the median age will be 13..  So, what's a girl in her mid-twenties to do?
My first thought was to dress sexy. Yes, I actually thought that. I'm thinking, "Ooo, a little hoochie something something will definitely get me noticed by the boys." Then I remember I'm married and don't actually own hoochie clothes anyways. And I really don't want to look like a hooker in a sea of pre-teens. On to Thought 2..
Though 2 includes being super trendy. Think palazzo pants mixed with a fun top. Maybe even throw in some wedges. Up until now, I've only ever been to Country concerts, so the sun dress and cowboy boots uniform really won't cut it. But then I remember we're going to be outside in an arena in Tampa during the hottest part of summer and I'm going to be dancing my butt off. Those leather skinny pants and/or wedges would be the death of me. Which brings me to Thought 3.
Thought 3, which can now be described as "the look," is your boy-crazy-groupie-band-lovin' look.
I'm thinking a little rock, a little roll. And definitely a whole lot of One Direction!
1. A tank top or tee that says One Direction {or 5 Seconds of Summer since they're the opening act} because it's Tampa and it's going to be hot as heck. And I don't just mean the boys on the stage. ;)
2. Red skinny jeans because I want to be like Louis.
3. Or black demin shorts. Because it says I'm edgy without dying in leather shorts.
4. A cute turban headband which will secretly be a cute sweatband. Gotta keep the sweat out of my eyes from all my dancing.
5. Speaking of, I need this adorable tassle crossbody so I can be handsfree dancing! Nothing kills the mood like doing a purse check every 5 seconds.
6. A black fedora because I want to be like Harry.
7. And of course their newest CD, you know, in case I do get close enough to get some signatures! 
All right, One Direction, I've figured out my look and I'm coming for ya! I'll be the tall girl up front, waving her homemade sign and screaming like a love-struck teenager.
You'll know it's me because I'll be the only one without braces on her teeth.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Playing Ketchup.. Er Catch Up

I for one think it's entirely unfair that Monday has to come after Sunday. I'm going to have my people call the people that decided Monday was a good idea..
Anyways, how's about a weekend recap? Or really a week-long recap since I never got around to getting a post out Friday. Oopsies. :)
Nothing much exciting happened on the home front this past week. Work, like usual. No real "extra curricular" activities planned. I did get contacted twice this past week for things relating to the 'ole blog. One was to be a beta tester for a diet app. The other was to write a post about what I'd bring to a deserted island. I'm pretty sure both of them were somewhat shady.. anyone have any suggestions about blog-related inquiries that you feel could be scams?
Friday my Grandma and I decided to do a little shopping, just like the old days when she'd pick me up from school and we'd spend hours in Limited Too! First we went to this super adorable boutique Lee Tracy and I got an adorable pair of garnet shorts to sport on Game Day! :) Then we met up with my Mom for lunch at my favorite sushi place, Ichiban and then all three of us went to the mall.
Mom left us for a little bit to get Hannah from school. We all got Starbucks and split a Cinnabon. Oh, #cruisebody.. we've got a hard week of working out to make up for this past weekend!

{Hannah & her favorite character from Supernatural}

{Trying to scare Mom with the ripped jeans}

{I'd call that a successful day of shopping!}

Friday night me and Ethan went to dinner at Outback with our friends Taylor & Colin and Katie & Daniel. We have such a good time together and I'm so glad Colin is home from deployment so our group can be all reunited! Especially for all the game days we'll spend together!

Saturday morning, me, Ethan and Hannah walked over to the Corvette Show that was on Pensacola Beach. There were probably close to 100 entries and I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty cars! My favorites were the new 2015 Stingrays and then the really old ones! Haha


{Original Stingray logo}

{New Stingray logo - how cute?! It's actually a Stingray!}
{Speaking of cute.. how stinkin' cute are these matchy matchy couple at the show?!}

{Gorgeous day for a Car Show}

{Car show from our front balcony}
Since it was about 100* out, we all ran to the pool to cool off after walking through the show! My brother Dakota had the day off so he drove out to the beach to enjoy the day with all of us!

My dad and sister-in-law Alexis came out later to go out to dinner at Peg Leg's with everyone else and later we all watched a movie and made some brownies at mine and Ethan's place. I have to say living 40 minutes away from everyone else's houses, I so enjoyed not having to drive home late after the movie!

{Dinner at Peg Leg's}
Sunday morning was the first time me and Ethan trying out a new church. We decided to try out my Grandma's church first, only because of having the comfort of her and my Grandpa being there too. It's one of the larger churches in town and coming from a very, very small church it was very, very different. I didn't enjoy the song service. I'm more of a traditionalist and I like my hymns. The song service songs were great, it just felt more like a performance rather than a time where I could sing praises to God. I really enjoyed the Pastor's preaching. He seemed very smart and well-versed in the Bible. I think we'll go back next week, because you really can't judge a church on one service!
We didn't go to Sunday School, but my Grandparents did, so me & Ethan, Dakota & Alexis went to the Target that's 5 minutes away. Which could become trouble if we do end up at this church.. Sunday afternoon Target trips will become the new norm.

{Bonus: this Target has a Starbucks. Caramel Mocha for the win.}
After all the services were over, we met Grandma & Grandpa and some of their Sunday School friends for lunch at Francos. I had Eggplant Parmesean and it. was. amazing. Worth every single calorie. But probably not worth the disgusting nauseated feeling I had the rest of the day from all the cheesy goodness..
The rest of the afternoon was spent with my Grandma running around town a little bit and getting pedicures. My color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I guess this summer girl is feeling a little fall ;)

We ended our awesome weekend full of family and fun with a visit to my friend Taylor's new furbaby. Meet Daly, the cutest, shyest, sweetest little girl you ever did meet! Ethan definitely has puppy fever, so you know.. Lord help me! Haha!
{She's so special she's even got her own hastag.. #daly_dose}

I've got a super busy week ahead, so hopefully it'll fly by for the next weekend! I don't have any days off until my One Direction concert in 18 day {Eeeek!!!} so the countdown till the next time I get to sleep in is on! Haha!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

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