Friday, September 19, 2014

High 5 // Hanging Out With Friends

Crazy busy week here on the home front. Typically I don't like to plan too many things after work during the week. Maybe I'm just getting old, but going out every night is for the birds. Although I do enjoy it when I do. Just makes for a tired me the next morning!
Here's my five favorites for the week!
{1} Celebrated my friend Sarah's big 2-6 birthday this week at a new Italian restaurant downtown, V. Paul's. It was really good, but the service was pretty slow. We had a big group of girls, but I think the restaurant is still just so new that they don't have everything quite figured out! Regardless, I'd definitely go back! ::hint hint on a date night, E::
{grainy front camera selfies}

{Me & Tay}

{Me & the Birthday Girl}

{Eggplant Parmigiana}

{2} My One Direction concert is in TWO WEEKS! I repeat TWO WEEKS! {Also, don't be shocked when on next week's Friday post this is repeated, except with ONE WEEK! Haha!}
{3} And in exactly one month I'll be setting sail to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico on a week-long cruise with my honey, bestie, and her hubs! Eek! October is going to be bomb dot com!
{4} Did our Thursday night thang and hit up O'Riley's for some darts! I'm super pumped that they now serve food too. The steak quesadilla that I got was super delish! I felt weird eating a meal in a bar, but whatever.. big girl's gotta eat! Haha!
{The Ladies}
{5} After such a crazy busy week, I'm so looking forward to a chill weekend at home! Just kidding.. I've got a busy weekend too! First stop will be a bridal shower for my friend Kate and then a football party at Katie's. Summer's winding down, so I'm thinking football parties on Saturday will be my fall norm. And I'm quite okay with that!

So who are you cheering for this weekend?! Because let's face it, it's football season and you had better have a team! ;) 

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  1. Ok so 1, how was V Pauls? I have walked past it a bunch of times but have yet to try it! 2, the hubs and I just got back from the EXACT same cruise 2 weeks ago..are you sailing on the Dream? If so you will LOVE it!!! And make sure to catch a movie or 2 on the big screen by the pool!!! By the way, Belize---get ready for the scariest boat ride of your life!!! You dock 15 miles away from the port and get on these tiny little tender boats....and drive insanely fast!!!

  2. That food looks amazing! I love Italian food and am an Olive Garden junkie... so not legit lol :)
    I'm excited to see your post about the 1D concert!

  3. I'm so jealous of your cruise! That's going to be so fun!
    Found you through the friday favorites link up!
    Have a great weekend girl!

  4. sounds like a fun week! that eggplant parmigiana looks soo good!

  5. Omg a cruise!!! I am so jealous.
    Found you through the friday favs linkup!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  6. Looks like fun!

  7. What a fun shower. Never seen the theme but love it! Sounds like you had a great weekend all around :) Thanks for linking up for MMG!