Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekending

Because my schedule is now officially awesome, I started my 4-day Labor Day weekend on Friday. I got up around 8ish, cleaned the house a little, got my workout in, then met Taylor around noon for lunch at Applebee's and then pedis at Van's. Applebee's new {maybe new? at least new to me..} Thai Shrimp Salad is amazing! It has a hint of spice and it's relatively healthy and easy on a diet! After lunch we headed to Van's to get our pedis. The only problem was that Van's was packed and all we ended up doing was waiting for 45 minutes. I had to pick Hannah up at 3 from school, so we left around 2:15. I did get my car washed and vacuumed out though! And we stopped by a really cute new shop Kountry Girl Boutique. It's the kind of place that sells cute wooden signs and the random cutesy stuff that looks like Pinterest threw up.
I dropped Taylor off at her house around 2:50 and went to get Hannah. I've made a goal for myself to pick her up from school more often and start to spend quality time with my little sister. She's growing up so fast and now that I don't live at home, I feel like I'm missing it all. We had a good time. Went to the mall, got mini-makeovers at Sephora, got Starbucks, and did a little shopping! We ate dinner at the food court {Friday night sushi for the win!} and met our Mom at the movies to see If I Stay.
{Hannah chose the Smokey Eye Tutorial, while I went with the Brow Makeover.}
If I Stay was such a good movie! I knew it would be a tear-jerker going in to it, so it didn't surprise me when the tears started rolling! The only problem I had was the two little sh*ts sitting behind me that would NOT stop talking. Seriously.. these children  were probably 12. And that's being generous with their ages. I asked them twice to stop talking. The third time I was going to get the manager. Yes, I went Grandma Carol on their butts. {For those of you who don't know my Grandma Carol, well.. she's strict and says what she wants. Bad children are not tolerated.} And I most definitely did not pay $10 for a movie ticket to hear those kids talk and giggle. Moving on.
On Saturday my Ethan turned 26! The birthday boy woke up to a custom chalkboard by me and his presents. I got him the FSU jacket he'd been eyeing and some bracelets I thought he might like.
Around 10 the birthday boy left to meet up with Matt to play golf. Almost as soon as he left, Taylor texted me telling me her phone thinks on Saturdays she visits The Shaker {the bar right in front of our condo}, so not wanting to disappoint her phone, I told her to get her booty out here to the beach! We had a good time laying out. It was hot as heck, but I did get a little color on my cheeks, so I'm happy.
{Happiness is this right here. 10 points if you know where that quote comes from..}

{Made a friend. Tiniest little baby crab ever.}

Saturday night we went to The Grand Marlin for Ethan and his sister Sarah's birthdays. I ordered the sea scallops and oh-my-gosh they were so good! You even get free dessert there on your birthday. Ethan got the peanut butter pie. It was so rich and of course I gobbled it up. Diet?! What diet?!

{Sarah and her Praline Bowl. My fav!!} 
{Birthday Boy}

{More cake at Sarah's, even though none of us had any because we were stuffed!}

{Ethan & Sarah}
Side note: Can we talk about how stinkin' hot my husband is. Gah.. I just have to pause here and appreciate that face. ;) Mine.. all mine.

{Happy 26th Birthday, My Love}
We stayed at Sarah's for a little bit. Ethan opened his presents from his Sisters. And we got another little surprise! Ethan's sister Sarah is pregnant with her 4th child and is due the beginning of April! Saturday night was also the 1st game for FSU football! Woohoo! This girl loves some FSU football!! We watched the 1st half of the game at Sarah's house, then went to a friend's house after for the 2nd half.
{The Girls}

{The Guys}
Another side note: Colin {middle} is currently deployed so we had to Facetime him in for the game. He's also "wearing" his jersey. Daniel got the white jersey, Colin the black, and I'm happy to say Ethan got his garnet one this past weekend! AND next Saturday Colin will be home {for good!} and all the boys will be together to watch the game in their jerseys! Hopefully this little good luck token will help us win the game! Yes.. we won this past Saturday, but it. was. ugly. Like bad ugly, like I was sweating thinking we were going to lose the opening game as the #1 ranked team to an unranked bobo team. Yikes. Bad bad bad!

{But.. a win is a win!! Image via the FSU Football Facebook page}
Sunday morning was the normal church routine. We had another guest preacher, one who's been there before. He preached on the Lord's Prayer and broke it down piece by piece how our prayers should be. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. We had Ethan's birthday lunch at my parent's house after church. Steak, potato salad, baked beans, Caesar salad, and rolls. And to top it all off, funfetti cake for dessert! My poor poor diet. I can guarantee you this week's diet update will not be a pretty one.
We also got another little surprise this weekend. I can't share it all the deets just yet, but do know that once it's all said and done, I'll be the aunt to 10 little ones.
{Ps.. if you've made it this far down this super long post, you deserve a medal.}
Ethan and I spent Labor Day just bumming around. We went to lunch at Firehouse and then made a trip to the mall to make a couple returns. The aforementioned jacket I got him was the wrong size. Oops.. at least they had a Medium! ;) We got ice cream from Chick-fil-A and then went to PetLand to look at puppies. I told him if they were having a "Super Puppy Sale - All Puppies Free Sale" we could get one. Thank goodness they weren't having that sale! Haha!
My Grandparents have been visiting my Aunt Velma for the weekend. She's not doing too good, so please say a prayer for her. She's 91 and has had a couple strokes. I did get to spend alot of time with my Grandma and even got to see my precious baby cousin William. We stole him from his parents and rode him around on the golf cart. That little boy loves to drive! He's only 9 months old, but he is all boy! His dad and Grandpa rode over on their 4-wheelers and I swear his little jaw dropped when he heard them! He'd just stare at it and smile at the loud motor. He's such a sweetie and he does good for the soul!
{Gah I love that little face!}

{Will driving}

Now it's back to work after a 4-day weekend. I know I'll only have to work 4 days this week, but I'd bet money it's not going to fly by as fast as that weekend did! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I'm sure 99% of you are packing up your summer gear and putting pumpkins everywhere, but this Florida girl will be soaking up every last bit of summer I can! Labor day is the unofficial start of fall, but not for this girl! Pass me my sunglasses and sweet tea and pray I get a sunny day for laying out this upcoming Saturday! ;)
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  1. What a perfect weekend!! That baby crab is just so tiny!! How sweet that you all facetimed with your friend for the game - now that is a true fan right there!!

  2. That custom chalkboard message was a nice touch! Super cute idea!

  3. Happy birthday to your husband and his sister! Saying a prayer for your aunt.

    You are your husband are pretty people, you need to have babies bc they will be ADORABLE!

    Glad you had a fun, long weekend. Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Love that you have such a close relationship with your little sister! Mine is my closest friend and she had to move away to be with her fiancé while he's in law school... two more years and I get her back!

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend and the desserts look yummy!

  5. i love that little chalkboard sign! so cute! and pshhh if anyone remotely close to me has a birthday, all dieting goes all out the window.

    actually... it goes even when there are no birthdays...............