Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Weekend of Summer

Gah! How did we get here? Seriously.. how are we to the last weekend of summer?! And surprisingly I didn't spend it like I've spent every other summer this weekend! {You know.. by the pool}
Saturday morning I headed to Cantonment for Kate's 50s Housewife Bridal Shower. On the invitation it said to dress up, but I didn't take that too seriously. I should have because I felt like I looked ridiculous in my maxi dress while all the other girls were in their pearls and heels! Haha! Next time I'll pay more attention to the dress code!
{The Bride-to-Be & Lucy Rosie, our 50s Housewife}

{Some of the guests, notice I stand out like a sore thumb!}
{such cute décor} 

{Chicken & Waffles for Brunch}

{Hardest game ever! PS.. I was wayyyy off on the bottom guesses!}

{Me & the Bride-to-Be}

{mini pies for dessert}

{pin the tie on the husband}
It was a gorgeous day and I should have spent the afternoon by the pool, but after the shower I headed home and took a wonderful nap on the couch. Brunching is hard work! Haha!
Saturday night we headed over to Katie and Daniel's house to watch the Florida State vs. Clemson game. I was super nervous going in to the game since our Quarterback is an immature idiot and got himself suspended for the whole game. Way to go, Jameis. First game of our Conference and you can't even be the leader you're supposed to be. Ok, enough about him before my disappointment in him shines a little more.
We had a great stressful night, but I'm glad we were with friends to experience the amazing ending to the game! My Noles are still #1!
{Sky's Pizza - using Taylor's head for size reference haha!}

{Winning is hard work. Brewster was pooped after the big win!}

{Woohoo! Seminole victory!!}
After staying out past midnight due to the game, we were so tired this morning that we overslept and missed church. It was kind of nice though. Waking up late, lazing around for a little bit, and then meeting up with Ethan's coworker Chris and his wife Natalie and their little girls for lunch at Margaritaville on the beach. I had the Crabcake BLT again and it was amazing as usual! I had a great time holding Natalie's newborn baby girl Ava. She was so full of smiles and funny faces. Ahh I cannot wait till we have our own!
{Frank & Lola Love Pensacola Café}
After lunch we headed home, you know a quick 3 minute drive home and lounged on the couch the rest of the day. Amazingly lazy weekend for the Macarthurs for the win.
{This is what I deal with when I eat anything on the couch. He taps me every few minutes.}
I was able to snap a picture of the last sunset of summer. Ethan looked it up and technically fall starts tomorrow at 7:30 tomorrow evening {how weird?!}. It's now Sunday night and I'm ready to curl up on the couch {again lol} next to my Ethan. It was a wonderful, lazy weekend and I've enjoyed every minute of it with my Love.

{So long, summer. You were good to me this year.}
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! My week coming up looks pretty chill, but that's okay. We've got some amazing weekends coming up! And the countdown till the cruise is on on on!

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  1. That is such a great theme for a bridal shower - so fun!! That pizza is insanely large - i can't believe they can even make them that big! Sounds like a great weekend...minus the win for you guys :) hehe

  2. what a fun theme!! i love themed parties - sometimes i get too into them & everyone else doesn't dress up then i look like the silly one! haha. and that pizza - holy wow!

  3. I love 50s themed parties! And wow...that pizza! Looks good. :)

  4. I LOVE this shower theme! This post makes me want to go back in time and have a 50's themed shower!

  5. This looks like such a fun weekend! Congrats on the win! I was flipping back and forth between that game and my Oregon Duck game and couldn't believe the ending! Definitely a nerve wracking one!

  6. That is such a fun and unique idea for a bridal shower! Love it! Looks like you and your aninmals had an awesome weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Florida State Florida State Florida State WOOOO!! Ha!

  8. what a great idea for a party!
    xo Jessica