Monday, September 29, 2014

My Weekend + Announcement + Giveaway //Whew What a Weekend!

Whirlwind is the word that comes to mind when I think about the last 48 hours. How it's Monday already completely baffles me. And looking at my calendar for the week ahead makes me do two things:
{1} Freak the heck out because I've got so so much to do before I leave Thursday for my mini roadtrip to Tampa to see One Direction
Ok, I'm back in my regular, adult inside voice.
But about that weekend I just had {Well, I think I had.. I blinked my eyes and now it's Monday again. So, you know..}
Friday night we met up with my brother and sister-in-law to give them a special something-something they needed. {More on that a little later on in the post.. ;)} After meeting with them we headed downtown to eat dinner with our friends Taylor & Colin and Daniel & Katie at the Seafood Festival. We didn't know at the time, but both our couple friends were bringing their pups to join in on the fun. Unfortunately the Seafood Festival has a strict "no dogs allowed" rule, so we ended up eating dinner at the food trucks a couple blocks up. I got the yummiest bbq sliders while Ethan got broccoli and chicken. We had a good time just enjoying the cool evening.

{BBQ Sliders & Fried Pickles}
Saturday morning me and Ethan headed back to the Seafood Festival to take a look around. Ethan mostly wanted to go to get the Bayou Broussard sandwich he gets every year. Basically it's a crawfish po'boy with crawfish etouffee on top. Super messy, but super duper yummy!  We walked around for a couple hours looking at all the booths, people watching, and me trying my best to avoid the dessert booths.
{Pensacola Seafood Festival}

 {My sentiments exactly..}

{Me & Ethan}
Update on the dessert booths: I passed! #cruisebody, here I come. Just kidding. I've been absolutely awful at dieting.. and updating on the diet, if I'm being honest.
After the festival, me and Ethan headed over to Taylor and Colin's house to see their wood floor progress. Taylor is quite the DIY home project tackler and decided she and her husband could put in wood floors themselves. Don't blame her though. That junk is expensive enough as is. Me and Ethan got suckered volunteered to help them out. We all had our jobs. Taylor was a "board passer-outer." Ethan  and Colin were "board layers." And Colin's uncle was the "glue guy." What'd I do you ask? Well, I nominated myself to be the "game watcher." And by "game watcher" I mean I put myself in charge of sitting in the garage watching the FSU/NC State game. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

{FSU for the WIN!}

Sunday morning me and Ethan attended church at Hillcrest again. I really enjoy listening to the pastor, but the song service really does nothing for me. They just started a new series about discipleship, so I think we'll hang around long enough to hear this entire series before we make any more decisions.
After church we met up with my parents and another couple from our old church for lunch. It was so good to see them and catch up. We hit up a new Japenese restaurant. While the food was good, the service was super slow. I'd go back, but I'm not sure about everyone else.
Me and mom did go to Sam's Club after lunch. With a cruise only 3 weeks away, I needed to pick up some SlimFast and Lean Cuisines. Yea, I'm not even kidding. I've fallen off the #cruisebody train and I'm resorting to desperate measures! Hopefully I can lose a quick {albeit not healthy..} five pounds or more before the cruise!
Sunday night we had dinner with the Howells and the Cunninghams at Chili's. I went the healthy route and had chips and salsa for dinner. Remember that train I was just talking about.. yea I've definitely fallen off it. I even split dessert with Taylor. It was delicious. I regret nothing. - Says the girls who will be parading around in a bikini in t-minus 19 days.
Now, about that chalkboard I mentioned wayyyyy back when in the beginning of this marathon post. Well.. my brother & sister-in-law have an announcement!!
I'm going to be an AUNT!! Eeek! This baby will make my 10th niece or nephew, but the 1st one that I'm related to by blood! I'm super excited and can't wait to meet this little peanut!

{Follow along with her pregnancy journey here}

{Top chalkboard done by me; Bottom chalkboard done by my amazing and wonderfully talented hubs!!}

Now, because you've been such a great listener.. umm reader as I've rambled along about my weekend. How's about $205 in cold hard {PayPal} cash?!

Yea, it's a pretty sweet deal! Enter below and best of luck!

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  1. Ok I have a few things to say...
    1) I am so jealous that you can get your hubby to go to festivals! Mine is a complete introvert and hates crowds :(
    2) You obviously picked the best job as game watcher.
    3) Holy artistic! Love the chalkboard you did - how did you do it??
    4) Oh and those fried pickles look amazeballs!!!
    5) Does SlimFast really work for you? Like do they fill you up?

  2. Love the chalkboards! What a cute way to announce a pregnancy :)
    Congrats on becoming an aunt... it's an amazing feeling! I think I mentioned this 4894389 times, but I love your blog Katie :)

  3. AHHHH! Congrats Aunt Katie!!! By the way, was that game not a nail biter or what?!

  4. Your chalkboard is gorgeous...and I am such a huge fan of fried pickles! :)

  5. FRIED PICKLES! And the rest is cool too....except my pitiful Pack getting stomped....oh well I'm used to it NCSU born and bred LOL!

  6. Congrats on becoming an aunt!! I love being an aunt! The festival sounds amazing. I love fried pickles!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Congrats on becoming an aunt! That's awesome! Those sliders look awesome too!