Monday, September 15, 2014

Playing Ketchup.. Er Catch Up

I for one think it's entirely unfair that Monday has to come after Sunday. I'm going to have my people call the people that decided Monday was a good idea..
Anyways, how's about a weekend recap? Or really a week-long recap since I never got around to getting a post out Friday. Oopsies. :)
Nothing much exciting happened on the home front this past week. Work, like usual. No real "extra curricular" activities planned. I did get contacted twice this past week for things relating to the 'ole blog. One was to be a beta tester for a diet app. The other was to write a post about what I'd bring to a deserted island. I'm pretty sure both of them were somewhat shady.. anyone have any suggestions about blog-related inquiries that you feel could be scams?
Friday my Grandma and I decided to do a little shopping, just like the old days when she'd pick me up from school and we'd spend hours in Limited Too! First we went to this super adorable boutique Lee Tracy and I got an adorable pair of garnet shorts to sport on Game Day! :) Then we met up with my Mom for lunch at my favorite sushi place, Ichiban and then all three of us went to the mall.
Mom left us for a little bit to get Hannah from school. We all got Starbucks and split a Cinnabon. Oh, #cruisebody.. we've got a hard week of working out to make up for this past weekend!

{Hannah & her favorite character from Supernatural}

{Trying to scare Mom with the ripped jeans}

{I'd call that a successful day of shopping!}

Friday night me and Ethan went to dinner at Outback with our friends Taylor & Colin and Katie & Daniel. We have such a good time together and I'm so glad Colin is home from deployment so our group can be all reunited! Especially for all the game days we'll spend together!

Saturday morning, me, Ethan and Hannah walked over to the Corvette Show that was on Pensacola Beach. There were probably close to 100 entries and I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty cars! My favorites were the new 2015 Stingrays and then the really old ones! Haha


{Original Stingray logo}

{New Stingray logo - how cute?! It's actually a Stingray!}
{Speaking of cute.. how stinkin' cute are these matchy matchy couple at the show?!}

{Gorgeous day for a Car Show}

{Car show from our front balcony}
Since it was about 100* out, we all ran to the pool to cool off after walking through the show! My brother Dakota had the day off so he drove out to the beach to enjoy the day with all of us!

My dad and sister-in-law Alexis came out later to go out to dinner at Peg Leg's with everyone else and later we all watched a movie and made some brownies at mine and Ethan's place. I have to say living 40 minutes away from everyone else's houses, I so enjoyed not having to drive home late after the movie!

{Dinner at Peg Leg's}
Sunday morning was the first time me and Ethan trying out a new church. We decided to try out my Grandma's church first, only because of having the comfort of her and my Grandpa being there too. It's one of the larger churches in town and coming from a very, very small church it was very, very different. I didn't enjoy the song service. I'm more of a traditionalist and I like my hymns. The song service songs were great, it just felt more like a performance rather than a time where I could sing praises to God. I really enjoyed the Pastor's preaching. He seemed very smart and well-versed in the Bible. I think we'll go back next week, because you really can't judge a church on one service!
We didn't go to Sunday School, but my Grandparents did, so me & Ethan, Dakota & Alexis went to the Target that's 5 minutes away. Which could become trouble if we do end up at this church.. Sunday afternoon Target trips will become the new norm.

{Bonus: this Target has a Starbucks. Caramel Mocha for the win.}
After all the services were over, we met Grandma & Grandpa and some of their Sunday School friends for lunch at Francos. I had Eggplant Parmesean and it. was. amazing. Worth every single calorie. But probably not worth the disgusting nauseated feeling I had the rest of the day from all the cheesy goodness..
The rest of the afternoon was spent with my Grandma running around town a little bit and getting pedicures. My color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I guess this summer girl is feeling a little fall ;)

We ended our awesome weekend full of family and fun with a visit to my friend Taylor's new furbaby. Meet Daly, the cutest, shyest, sweetest little girl you ever did meet! Ethan definitely has puppy fever, so you know.. Lord help me! Haha!
{She's so special she's even got her own hastag.. #daly_dose}

I've got a super busy week ahead, so hopefully it'll fly by for the next weekend! I don't have any days off until my One Direction concert in 18 day {Eeeek!!!} so the countdown till the next time I get to sleep in is on! Haha!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

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  1. Love that you went shopping with your grandma! That is so special!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. That car show looks amazing. I love corvettes!!!

    I'm all about the caramel mocha too, so tasty!

  3. dad always says, if you can't afford a whole pair of jeans I'd be happy to chip in!

  4. shopping, a pedi, starbucks, the pool, and a target trip all in the same weekend?! lucky lady. :)

  5. Oh my I remember Limited Too! They had the cutest stuff and it was great quality. I wouldn't worry too much about your cruise diet, you're doing awesome and you'll be fine :)

  6. That matching couple is just adorable! Your weekend sounds just about perfect! I've also been contemplating a fall nail color. For my sister's wedding last year, I did a deep purple and I'm thinking about getting that same color again.

  7. Love OPI Lincoln Park After Dark! Looks like such a fun weeked!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle