Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So I'm Going to a Concert // ID Style

Unless you've been living under a rock or you're new around here {in that case, Hi :)}, it's no secret I'm going to be rockin' out to my two favorite boy bands down in Tampa, FL in a little over two weeks!! Eek! I bought these tickets last November, so the fact that the concert is like 16 days away makes me want to do a happy dance!
I've been thinking long and hard {that's what she said..} about what to wear to the concert. I'm taking my 13-year old sister with me and I'm pretty sure the median age will be 13..  So, what's a girl in her mid-twenties to do?
My first thought was to dress sexy. Yes, I actually thought that. I'm thinking, "Ooo, a little hoochie something something will definitely get me noticed by the boys." Then I remember I'm married and don't actually own hoochie clothes anyways. And I really don't want to look like a hooker in a sea of pre-teens. On to Thought 2..
Though 2 includes being super trendy. Think palazzo pants mixed with a fun top. Maybe even throw in some wedges. Up until now, I've only ever been to Country concerts, so the sun dress and cowboy boots uniform really won't cut it. But then I remember we're going to be outside in an arena in Tampa during the hottest part of summer and I'm going to be dancing my butt off. Those leather skinny pants and/or wedges would be the death of me. Which brings me to Thought 3.
Thought 3, which can now be described as "the look," is your boy-crazy-groupie-band-lovin' look.
I'm thinking a little rock, a little roll. And definitely a whole lot of One Direction!
1. A tank top or tee that says One Direction {or 5 Seconds of Summer since they're the opening act} because it's Tampa and it's going to be hot as heck. And I don't just mean the boys on the stage. ;)
2. Red skinny jeans because I want to be like Louis.
3. Or black demin shorts. Because it says I'm edgy without dying in leather shorts.
4. A cute turban headband which will secretly be a cute sweatband. Gotta keep the sweat out of my eyes from all my dancing.
5. Speaking of, I need this adorable tassle crossbody so I can be handsfree dancing! Nothing kills the mood like doing a purse check every 5 seconds.
6. A black fedora because I want to be like Harry.
7. And of course their newest CD, you know, in case I do get close enough to get some signatures! 
All right, One Direction, I've figured out my look and I'm coming for ya! I'll be the tall girl up front, waving her homemade sign and screaming like a love-struck teenager.
You'll know it's me because I'll be the only one without braces on her teeth.
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  1. Haha, this post is great!!!! Love the outfit!

  2. this is an AMAZING post. i love the look and how you tied it all together. have a blast!!

  3. Haha, this is so cute! I hope you have a GREAT time! I love the line "You'll know it's me because I'll be the only one without braces on her teeth." You get it girl!

  4. I love the outfit! Have a great time!!

  5. You're good since you're in your 20s. We're in our 30s - now that's old at a 1D concert lol!!

    We felt especially old seeing the "styles". It's all about creating your own fringe shirt and loading them up with plastic beads. You know the thick one that are kinda squarish that are used for crafts? SO random haha!

    I'm so excited for you to see them! Give Harry a kiss for me ;)

  6. I think these are really cute and really appropriate choices! Have tons of fun!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Have fun! I went to the NKOTB/98 degrees concert not too long ago and had a blast. Never got to go as a kid, loved it just the same as an adult!

  8. Reading through some of your older posts (I am not creepy, I swear) and I am so happy I found another One Direction lover!! Midnight Memories was my birthday present to myself back in February because everyone said I was too old for it when they asked what I wanted for my birthday so I just had to buy it for myself... I have been jamming out to it ever since!! I have heard their tour over the summer/early fall was amazing! I hope you had a great time!! I hope the outfit worked out too, these picks are so cute! **opens iTunes to play Midnight Memories CD over and over while reading through other posts**