Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekending // Foley & FSU

I'm not really sure how weekends fly by so fast? I mean two days at work doesn't nearly go like a good Saturday and Sunday. Regardless, it was a good weekend and I got a lot of quality Katie and Ethan time!
Friday I decided to take a half day {told you my new job was awesome} and me and Ethan headed out to Foley, AL for a mini-roadtrip to eat at Longhorn's and do a little shopping!
{Nike Outlet. Ethan's favorite store in the whole wide world.}

{Forget Pumpkin Spice, gimme all the Salted Caramel!}

{Bought some Auntie-themed onesies for a special someone coming in my life soon! More on that later!}
Saturday mornings were made for eating bad fast food breakfasts and then working out. Not the best combo. Especially when my workouts are ridiculous. Word to the wise: don't do 160 jump squats after devouring chicken minis.
It's okay because then I spent the next 5 hours lounging by the pool. Ethan stayed out with me for an hour, but then headed in. Lucky me though, one of my mom's friends Dawn was staying at our condo for the weekend and texted me literally 2 minutes after Ethan went inside to see if I were home and wanted to lay out. I texted back "girlfriend, look down. I'm already out here!" I'm so so glad she was here! We talked and talked and had the best time! I'm not normally one to stay out by the pool for more than a couple hours, but I stayed from noon to 5 and the pink on my cheeks totally show for it!
{Please stay summer forever!}

{Fun fact: I figured out how to sneak Bushwackers from The Shaker to my pool. Summertime score!}

{Me & Dawn}
Saturday night we grilled out at Taylor's house {correction.. Ethan and I grilled out. Everyone else had to use the oven after the grill ran out of propane.. I felt awful!} while watching the FSU game! Another FSU win for the books! It was a boring game and we had our 2nd or 3rd string in by halftime {which explains why we let this nothing school score..}, but I still do like winning! We switched back and forth between all the big games! Can't believe Ohio State lost?!
{Via FSU Football Facebook Page}
Sunday morning Ethan and I went to church, per the usual. Except we left after the song service. We've made the very personal decision not to attend that church anymore. Our church has been having problems for about 4 months and it's finally time to say good bye. I'm saddened by this, because this is the church I've attended since I was 8 and got saved at when I was 10. It's also the same church my husband got saved at a few years ago. And the one my family attends, as well as everyone I consider my church family. But as much as that church means to me, we have to move on. We have to do what's best for our family. I'm looking forward to finding a new place to call home. A new place that will preach the gospel and I can raise my children at. Please pray for us as we begin this journey of finding a new church.
Ethan and I drove around Cantonment looking for other churches that morning. All the services had already started, so we jotted down the names and times of other local churches to visit. We also drove through a few neighborhoods that we've been looking at to move in to. So many new things coming up for us. New church, new house, and hopefully new baby soon. It's a little overwhelming to think about, but I know as long as we keep God first, He'll help up through it all.
We spent Sunday afternoon at my parent's house. I would have napped, but I got sucked in to this horrible Disney movie about a popular girl that falls in love with a geek. Cliché.. yes.
Sunday night we got ready for the work week ahead {aka.. laundry} and watched some NFL. I'm not a huge NFL fan. As much as I love college football, you'd think I'd be all about the Pros. Nope. But I did enjoy watching the Colts v. Broncos. Good game and I think Ethan got some good points in his fantasy league! Haha!
{All my boys on Sunday night <3 p="">
{Dat face ::insert heart eyes emoji::}
 Hope everyone else had a great weekend! I can't lie.. I'm already looking forward to the next one! And I'm linking up with my Monday ladies.
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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend - especially with all the pool lounging!! I mean the bad breakfast is totally counteracted by your kick butt workout! Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. praying for you and ethan to find a new church! when i was younger my family did this as well. i love how cute your little kitties are!

  3. great pictures! that frap looks so good!

  4. Looks like you had the best weekend!
    Pool/lay out sesh's are always the best
    Thanks for linking up for our weekend recap!
    Showered With Design

  5. I wish it would stay summer forever too! I would love lay by the pool...

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Is your job hiring bc I'm still jobless and willing to relocate ;) Aaaand I am all about the salted caramel too. I bought that same frap as soon as fall drinks arrived.

    I'm sorry about your church. We made the same tough decision a few years back and it's not easy but you have to do what's best for you. Sounds like you're well on your way to finding a new home.

    Sidenote: have you pre-purchased 1D's new album and listened to the new single? Loving it!

    Thanks for link up for MMG and the sweet comment about my pup from Monday. I appreciate it :)

  7. Oh. Em. Gee!! Did I miss something!? Are you an FSU fan??

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