Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Current Confessions

{my picture has nothing to do with my post. sorry, it's just pretty.}
Making || Check lists and checking it all off. Lists for days around here.
Cooking || Nothing. I don't cook. I'm actually a terrible housewife. Ha.
Wanting || My face to clear up. Being 25 and having pizza face isn't fun.
Looking || Forward to Gone Girl being in theater!
Playing || Candy Crush. I think I'm the only person that still plays that stupid addicting game.
Watching || Parks and Rec. Seriously the funniest and best show ever.
Wishing || Summer would never end. That cool breeze out just isn't my cup of tea.
Enjoying || A quiet evening at home with hubs.
Waiting || For it to be Friday! I'm so ready to see One Direction!
Liking || The idea of dressing in layers. Don't get the wrong idea that I'm excited for fall. I just like a few of my sweaters that aren't acceptable to wear in summer.
Wondering || If I'll get super close to the stage Friday night. I mean we have floor seats, but like can we rush the stage?! Will I touch one of their hands!?
Loving || My sweet husband. He's told me so many times how much he's going to miss me while I'm gone this weekend.
Hoping || It doesn't rain Friday night. Outdoor stadium + concert + rain = a wet, but hopefully not cancelled concert.
Needing || Something to wear to my concert! Good thing I'll have time to run by the mall tomorrow after work, but before my beastie's birthday dinner/girl's night.
Wearing || My husband's shirt. It's just so much comfier than my own.
Noticing || How fast time is going by.. Seriously. It's October now.
Thinking || I didn't do so hot on the #cruisebody challenge. Oops.
Praying || That there's good weather for our trip this weekend and our cruise in 2.5 weeks!

What are you currently doing?

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  1. I still play Candy Crush also... it's so addicting! And I'm so excited for Gone Girl. Hope the weather cooperates for your concert :)

  2. I just downloaded candy crush again the other day so I could play it on the plane after I finished my book haha.

  3. I just started reading gone girl because I needed to read it before I saw the movie lol!

  4. What a great post! I could def relate/agree with almost all of these!

  5. Seriously--my face breaks out more now than it did when I was in high school!

  6. AHHHH so close!! Be prepared for crazy little girls! Like insane. One tried to attack me because a streamer landed on me and she wanted it. Little girls are violent.