Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Galveston Island & Historic Pleasure Pier

Saturday was probably the most fun I've ever had road tripping. I've made the 6-8 hour drive over and down to Tampa or Orlando too many times to count, but this was my 1st time going West! And I have to say that Louisiana is one stinkin' long state to drive across! I honestly thought we'd never get out of there! Haha! {No offence to any of my LA friends!}
{Also a lot of people asked why we cruised out of Texas.. helpful cruising tip for all those around the Panhandle: The Port at Galveston is the same distance as Port Canaveral!}
We hit the road about 6 a.m. and it was non-stop laughs from there. From made up songs to having "exact change" for the tolls. {Another tip: "exact change" literally means change. Like quarters and dimes. So when you drive into the packed "exact change" line with two $1 bills. You better be able to find 8 quarters fast. I'm still laughing at us all for this one.}
We did go a little out of our way to eat lunch at Chipotle! Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get some chips and guac in her life. Amiright?
We reached Galveston Island around mid-afternoon, dropped our bags off at the hotel, and hit up the Historic Pleasure Pier and Downtown Galveston for a couple of fun hours before FSU's big game that night!

{Hanging out in the rocking chairs while Taylor & Colin ride the swings}

{Big nope, nope, and nope for me.}

{Don't let the smile fool you. I was honestly terrified.}

{Lucky game day shoes on! ;) Oh and 1 of 2 basketballs Ethan won. Ethan was the only person the girl had ever seen sink 2 out of 3 tries to win. Way to go, babe!}
{Gorgeous view from the death ferris wheel}
After hanging out at the pier for a couple hours, we decided to go a few blocks over to check out Downtown Galveston Island. They had a lot of really cute shops and since it was Saturday night, they had a live band playing and activities for the kiddos.

{LA King's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour, Candy Factory, & Coffee Shop}

My favorite part of this store was the penny press. Yes, they made a mean Coke Float, but I was thrilled to see a penny press. Random tidbit about me: I love love love pressed pennies! :) So if anyone out there wants to send me one from your home state/favorite place I'll gladly accept them!
{The guys hanging out while we girls do some knick knack shopping}
It was such a pleasant evening. The weather was amazing and that just-before-vacation excitement was definitely sinking in! We headed back to the hotel to get into our comfy clothes just in time for the FSU vs. Notre Dame game to start! Speaking of that game.. let's just say watching a close game in a hotel room is not ideal for me. I wanted to scream at the TV so many times, but couldn't. I was a stinkin' nervous wreck the ENTIRE game! In the end, we did win! Woo-Hoo a still perfect season! Let's just not make it that close ever again, boys! ;)

{Go Noles!!}
The next morning we got to sleep in a little bit since we weren't boarding the ship until 11. We made a last-minute stop at Krogers {my 1st time ever!} and a breakfast run to Starbucks! {Cruising tip I got from Taylor: bring a cup on the ship. The bars can fill it up with water any time you'd like while you're soaking up the sun! I'm mentioning this here because that's where I bought my cup lol!}

 Stay tuned for our first couple days on the ship! :)  

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  1. I never knew Galveston had so much to offer! Looks fun so far, can't wait to see more! :)

  2. How fun! We live in Texas and have never cruised out of Galveston (it's about a six hour drive for us, too!), but we are cruising out of Houston for a New Years cruise this year. :)