Monday, October 6, 2014

It Was the Best Night Ever // Where We Are Tour 2014

Before I share the highlights of  Day 1 of our Tampa trip, I want you all to know I am the featured blogger for Monday Morning Gossip!
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Special thanks to the hostesses for the opportunity to play guest host for the day! Special side note: Leeann and I became fast friends over our shared love for being adults that unashamedly love One Direction! Twice the age of the typical One Direction lover? No big deal.
step brothers gif photo: did we become friends? - step brothers tumblr_mdjup44cfL1rqztxu.gif
So, without further ado, I bring you my weekend with One Direction {oh.. and my family vacation too!}
On Thursday my parents and sister picked me up from work at noon and we started the 8-hour road trip down to Tampa, Florida! I've made this drive several times with Ethan and it doesn't take that long, but all the anticipation of the concert made it seem like it was a 20-hour drive!
We made it to our hotel safe and sound, of course after finding the nearest Chipotle! Hey, a girl's gotta get her chips and guac on!
Friday morning {aka CONCERT DAY} we opened up Busch Gardens and stayed till 2.
{Day 1 - Busch Gardens}
The Kangaroon Habitat was my favorite! The little baby kangaroos are the cutest and would let you scratch them under their little chins!
{his little smiling face. gah. so cute!}

{because naturally I need a selfie with a baby kangaroo}

{gorgeous walkway}
{feeling happy}

{pure 90 degree drop - The Sheikra}

{you're gonna hear me roar}

{dad & Hannah}

{me & mom didn't want to get wet}

{Falcon's Fury - Freefall}
Finally it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the concert! I was super nervous about picking up our tickets since we bought them from a friend's boss {his daughter wanted a different VIP package.. I'm not complaining one bit how I lucked out!} and I was using a photocopy of his credit card and ID to pick them up from VIP Nation. Long story short, we got our tickets and I think our faces show it all!
{waiting in line to get in the building}
Because we had VIP tickets {which I've never had before and would totally totally recommend. such a cool experience.} we were able to hang out inside the Raymond James Stadium's season ticket holder lounge. It was air conditioned and super nice! We grabbed the Buc's signature burger for dinner and ate overlooking the field. Not too shabby!

{my beautiful sister Hannah}
We also got swag bags from VIP Nation. It came with a limited edition tank top, really cute white watch, lip balm, and ear plugs.

Before we headed out to our seats, we stopped by the souvenir stand. Hannah got a hat and I got a t-shirt. I really wasn't going to get a shirt because I was NOT paying $40 for a t-shirt. Well, after standing in line for 20 minutes I talked myself in to it and bought one anyways. I knew as soon as I left the concert without one I'd regret it. Now after the fact, I don't regret my super overpriced shirt one bit! Haha! 

{making our way to our seats}

{I may have made an outfit change}

{excited selfie I sent my hubs to show off my new shirt}
Finally the moment I had been waiting 11 months for! The concert was starting! 5 Seconds of Summer opened up for One Direction and they were amazing! They sounded great live and they were so full of energy and really played up the crowd! They have a new single called Amnesia out right now and you should probably go listen to it right now!
{opening act - 5 Seconds of Summer}
{Michael, Luke & Calum}
Not two minutes after they finished it started raining so hard! So there me and Hannah sat, no jacket, no umbrella, no little poncho thing.. in the pouring rain. But that's ok. We really didn't want to be anywhere else! We did run to the bathroom between the set and unfortunately missed One Direction coming out! The girl behind us told us that it was rumored that it would take up to 2 hours to set up for One Direction.. yea. Remind me to never listen to random strangers ever again.
Regardless we made it back to our seats and rocked our little hearts out for the next 2 hours.
{And this is the part I'm going to do a picture dump. Enjoy :) }
{pure excitement}
{little things}
{it was so hard not to get a blurry picture. they moved around sooo much!}

{all the cellphone glows}

{their one signature choreographed dance move}

{can't believe I was in the same room as Louis. fan girling.}
{Louis & Niall}
{Harry and his ridiculous French braids}

{finally gave up on my hair. Tampa humidity + downpour = messy bun}


{excuse me while I swoon a little}



{so pretty}

{perfectly sums up our night}
One Direction put on a seriously good show. This concert is something I've been looking forward to for almost a year now and it didn't let me down. My baby sister was the best little concert buddy and we're already making plans for who to see in 2015! {I'm thinking Taylor Swift!} I'm so glad I was there with her as she experienced her first concert!
All-in-all it was a night I'll remember for the rest of my life and.. if I do forget I have the overly priced concert shirt to jog my memory! Haha!
Well, folks.. it's getting late and ::womp womp:: I have to return to work tomorrow so I'll leave you with Day 1 of our little family vacation! Tune back in tomorrow for Part 2! I took another animal selfie.. and it's not as cute as my little kangaroo one!


  1. Your little sister is so cute! Yay for VIP tix. How cool! Looks like you had really awesome seats! Glad it was everything you ever dreamed of ;) !!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Wow you guys had really great seats!! Looks like it was a really fun weekend!!

  3. How fun! Lol! The girls I nanny for will be so jealous!

  4. Really great pictures!! Looks like a fun time.

  5. What an awesome trip! it looks like such a fun time!!

  6. YES! So glad you had a great time. You're seats were amazing. Look at how close you are to my boyfrand, Harry! I can't with the braids though. I tried to accept the long hair but this is just going too far hahaha! You and your sis are super adorable! Thanks for letting me relive the amazingness of 1D again through you!

    And thanks for always being a supporter of MMG! I love that your intro and mine are both about the band hehe :)

  7. Wow!! That looks life fun!! Super great photos. That walk way was beautiful but, I will pass on that roller coaster. haha Don't be ashamed about the overpriced t-shirt....sometimes we have to splurge. :) I am a new follower from the Mingle Monday. Hope you will stop by.

  8. I've wanted to go to Busch Gardens forever! So much fun! And OMG, you were so close to 1D, I'm dying! Harry's braids are so ridiculous though. When I saw them floating around Twitter I immediately told Leeann about her ugly boyfriend. (Niall girl here ;)) You are the coolest big sister ever!

  9. OMG! The baby kangaroo!!! I die!! Cutest selfie ever!

  10. I've seen many a boy band in my life, but not One Direction. not that I wouldn't, because I so would! I'm religious about my concert tees - I definitely have to get one so I always mentally prepare for the sticker shock! And if you do see Taylor Swift - she's amazing too! I've seen her twice and she's so great and making herself accessible to everyone in the stadium regardless of what seat you sit in! And she's just awesome anyway!
    Great, fun post! Glad you had an amazing time!! Carylee |

  11. Although One D isn't my favorite boy band, there are so many other things I love about this. You took a trip to Tampa, my hometown, and spent the day with kangaroos - my favorite thing about my new home in Australia!
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!


  12. What a fun trip!!! Also, how CUTE is your blog?! Seriously, love it. New follower!! :)

  13. such great photos! looks like a blast
    xo Jessica

  14. That kangaroo selfie is pretty epic - it posed with you!!!! #amazing!!! I would totally go to a Taylor Swift concert too!

  15. These pictures are great!! Looks like it was an awesome concert...also so glad you ended up getting the shirt!! I hope 1D is touring next summer for the release of their newest CD!