Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cruisin' 2014 // Cozumel, Mexico

Our last port day was spent in Cozumel, Mexico. We had an excursion through the ship to an all-inclusive park called Xel-Ha. Our port stop was Cozumel, but we took a 45-minute bus ride to Cancun where the park is. Xel-Ha is a natural park that includes snorkeling, cliff jumping, tubing, and all other sorts of fun things! Our tour guide was really friendly and seemed to always be there. He'd literally pop out of nowhere and be "Hola, Amigos! Do you need anything?!" Haha!
{Coming in to Port at Cozumel, Mexico}
{Our nasty little friend that greeted us upon arrival!}
Side note: This was a natural park, so it contained lots of the local wildlife. Including iguanas stinkin' everywhere! I'm scared of lizards, so imagine my horror at having gigantic lizards literally sitting everywhere.
{On the train to go snorkeling}
The first thing we did after getting our bracelets was load up on the train to go snorkeling. You could either tube down the river or snorkel. We were on limited time, so we went with snorkeling! And you can't see all the pretty fish if you're in a tube!
{all geared up and ready to snorkel}
{mask selfie}

{the water was COLD!}
{We found a hidden cave, which later we decided was a secret love nest for iguanas and I hauled butt out of there!}
{practicing my dive skills}
{swings into the river}
One of the really cool things about the river was that it had different spots where you could get out and do activities, like these swings and then cliff jumping spots!
{thanks to Colin's Go-Pro for catching these shots!}
{I'm honestly not sure if this is Taylor or me? We were twinning that day with our swimsuits!}
After we finished snorkeling the river, we headed over to one of the three all-inclusive restaurants for a bite to eat! Our tour guide described them as "grandma's cooking," "authentic Mexican," and "Taco Bell." We went with Grandma's cooking first since that's what our tour guide suggested! It was amazing food! Ethan was really afraid of drinking the water in Mexico, so he (who is not normally a beer drinker) ordered a Corona from the bottle, no ice. Me, Taylor and Colin decided to chance it and have frozen Margaritas! It's been on my bucket list to have a margarita in Mexico, so it was fun to get to check that off!
{view from inside the restaurant}
{best guac I've ever had!}
{margarita in Mexico - CHECK!}
After lunch we decided to explore the park a little bit to try to find the rope swing that was advertised. Spoiler alert: don't waste your time on the rope swing. Not worth the 30 min hike!
{gorgeous place - this is the river we snorkeled!}
All-in-all it was a gorgeous place, but I'm not sure I'd go back or recommend someone to go? It had a lot to do, but it was pretty pricey and we had very limited time. I'd say if you're going to Mexico for vacation not through a cruise ship (where you have to be back on the ship at a specific time) go for it! I felt very rushed the whole day since we wasted 3 hours on ferries and buses to get to Xel-Ha! It was all-inclusive, which is a bonus, but I wish we had more time!
{selfies with the parrots - I have an animal selfie addiction I think}
{stubborn thing wouldn't turn around for my picture! Haha!}
{exhausted after our long day of fun!}
We had a good 30-minute bus ride back to port so we could get on our 45-minute ferry ride back to the ship. You better believe naps were taken! Oh, and word to the wise: bring extra dry clothes! We were all so cold and shivering on the ferry in our wet clothes! We did have a second to snap a picture of me at Senor Frogs! One day maybe I'll actually get to enjoy a margarita there too!
I loved being in Mexico and would definitely go back! Out of all our stops, Mexico was the best and the only place I'd visit again! Up next is our last day at sea before being home!
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  1. This looks like so much fun! I love snorkeling. :) I love your pink T-shirt dress.

  2. Beautiful! I've always wanted to go snorkeling, it looks like a blast!