Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cruisin' 2014 // Days at Sea

 After leaving port on the 19th, we had two fun-filled days at sea before getting to our 1st destination of Roatan, Honduras. It was decent weather and I figured out pretty fast that days spent by the pool with a frozen mojito in hand are the best. Combine that with the frozen yogurt dispenser {also right by the pool} and you have a deadly combination!

But don't worry, I didn't spend all day, every day day drinking {although that would have been 110% fine with me!}. We ventured out on the Sports Deck for a friendly way competitive round of putt-putt!
After not kicking anybody's butt in putt-putt {it's definitely not my calling in life..} we decided to play around on the FlowRider, a boogie board/surfing simulator. I'd never played on one before and it was a lot of fun. I was just a little nervous about losing my contacts or worse.. my swimsuit bottoms. Never fear, Taylor and I only mooned everyone once! Haha!

{waiting in line with Ethan}
{still not sure}
{getting stuck by the wall}
{FlowRider - Check!}
Night 2 of the cruise was a formal night, so I got to see my Ethan all dressed up in a suit and looking oh-so-handsome! I also got to wear my skanky cruise dress! ;) Haha!

{These two..Ya ask some people to take a photo for you, and they take selfies instead.}

 After dinner, since we were all looking so good, we headed over to the casino to test our luck! Taylor and I ended up playing roulette and I did pretty good at it! I started with $20 in chips and left the table with $69 in chips. I picked the correct number twice! The guys wanted me to keep playing, but I was so paranoid I'd lose all the money I had just won, that I had to walk away! But hey, guess who still has her winnings?! ;) 

{at the roulette table}
{starting to win chips!}

{my 1st $25 chip!}

{all my winnings}
{money money money!}  

{also tried my hand at penny slots.. not so successful there!}
The guys wasted all their time and money on this keyhole game. Basically it was similar to a claw machine, except you had to line up this key with a keyhole and if you lined it just right you got the prize. And the prizes were pretty good, considering there were 10 $100 bills taped together for one prize. Long story short: I'm pretty sure both guys wasted about $25 each trying to win. We didn't win.

{Our 1st towel animal!}
Day 2 at sea was a little more relaxed. The weather wasn't that great, so we mostly just hung around the ship. Hit up the Windjammer {buffet} and explored the ship some more. We later found out that the bad weather was caused by a tropical storm in our area. Being Floridians and knowing all about hurricane-force winds, we should have known! Ethan and I did have an excursion planned for the following day, but decided to cancel it due to the weather. I wish we wouldn't have, but it was better to us to get a refund rather than wasting money snorkeling on a rainy day.
That night we headed to diner and spent the evening watching karaoke and later a comedy show. The show was hilarious and featured two brothers called "Two Funny Guys."
{Two Poets Pub - Karaoke Night}
Next up are our port stops! And in case you missed it:

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  1. How fun!! We're in the planning stages of our summer trip, a cruise is a possibility but who knows!

  2. ahh fun! sometimes the days at sea are still a blast. kudos for going on the surfing simulator. i would've been too chicken!

  3. I'm just like you lady, once I get up, I stop playing. Don't wanna go broke!!!!

    Love the skank dress ;)!

  4. Mojitos and endless froyo is a dream! The formal night looks awesome...getting all dressed up is so fun!

  5. We were just talking last week about going on a cruise. Don't really know when it would happen, but I feel it's even something we can do with kids so we're not in a rush.

    That surf ride is amazing! I would never do it, but I'm sure my husband would love it.

  6. Days at Sea are always the most fun - one because you aren't spending all your money and two you can sleep in! I am hoping to be able to go on a cruise within the next year!

  7. Looks ike soooo much fun so far! That Flow Rider thing scares me. You're brave! You all looked so great for Formal Night!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.