Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cruisin' 2014 // Roatan, Honduras

After two days at sea, it was finally time to stop at our first port ~ Roatan, Honduras! Unfortunately the night before, Ethan and I canceled our shore excursion due to impending tropical storm weather. We had planned to go snorkeling around a shipwreck, which I thought was so cool! But with the weather forecasting bad, we didn't want to waste money on an excursion we wouldn't be able to enjoy. But of course the weather was absolutely stunningly beautiful on Wednesday!

Our friends had a different excursion planned for Honduras {follow along with Taylor here}, so this was our first day on the cruise just us. We got breakfast and decided to venture off the ship to look around at the little shops.

I like to collect magnets from all the places we've been, so of course that was on my list of souvenirs to buy! We got off the ship and were immediately hit with the humidity! It was so hot, but it reminded me a lot of Florida's humidity.

We didn't venture out past the shops at the port, which later we were told was a good idea. There's really not much after the port for a few miles. We got back on the ship and headed to the pool. The pool was perfect on Wednesday! Most everyone on the ship got off, so it was basically me, Ethan, and about 6 older couples all lounging. The pool had a step in the water that was about 3 feet wide and had about 6 inches of water, so I just plopped my self right there and laid in the water. Pure perfection! We hung out by the pool, grabbed lunch {and mojitos and fro-yo} until it was time to get ready for dinner and hear all about Taylor and Colin's awesome day on the island! They had an awesome time, and you'll totally have to read about her day! {Remember.. follow along here}
{post dinner pictures}

{my favorite chair on the ship! It was so cool!}

{Killing time waiting for the Love & Marriage Game Show to start}

{Taylor's awesome napkin rose}

{Ethan's pitiful, self-made napkin rose haha}
I totally recommend going to all the game shows on Royal Caribbean ships. Especially the Love & Marriage game show and The Quest {more on that one later!}! The Love & Marriage show took one newlywed couple, one couple married at least 10 years, and then the longest married couple in the audience. Our longest married couple had been married 65 years and they were adorable!
The couples stayed together on the stage and were asked questions about their relationships. For each question, they would write the answers down and if their answers matched, that couple got a point. It was so funny hearing the answers! Like the newlywed couple answering "where's the most unique/memorable place you've done the deed" and she answered "the pool table," which was her parent's pool table and they were on vacation with her parents and they were in the audience! And when asked "what do you do to get your man in the mood?" The wife in the longest married couple answered "I put a blue pill on his pillow." But that's not the best part.. his answer actually matched! In the end, the longest married couple won! Although I think me and Ethan could have given them a run for their money. While we were playing along, we got most of the questions right too!

We made a really good habit of hitting up the 24-hour café after the shows for pizza and cookies. Cruise life > real life. Haha! Our first day at port was so much fun, even if we didn't get to go on our excursion! We did get to bed decently early because we had a big day cave tubing and zip lining in Belize City, Belize the next day!
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  1. One of my co-workers went to Roatan over Christmas last year and said it was stunning there!! I seriously love all the entertainment that takes place on cruises - they do such a great job!

  2. this place looks amazing! i hate you cancelled your excursion and then it was beautiful!

  3. Lovely pictures! I need a vacation STAT! Looks like a wonderful time :)

  4. That game show sounds so fun to watch even when you don't know the people! I need that chair in my house ASAP! The parts of Hondorus you did see look very pretty!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle