Friday, November 14, 2014

Just a Few of My Favorites

It's been a good week. I mean, any week where you have a day off is good right? I've decided to switch things up this week for my "five." Here goes:
{favorite song}
I'm obsessed with this song right now. And while the official music video is out.. I'd rather not have half (to more than half) naked girls on my page! Haha! Make sure you press play as you continue reading!
{favorite recipe}

I made this recipe this week and it was a hit! So easy since it's a crockpot meal and decently healthy since it's chicken and not steak! Mel's Kitchen (the original recipe author) has a lot of other great recipes that I can't wait to try!
Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
{favorite purchase}
Also obsessed with my new boots! I didn't get them this week, but they're new enough that I feel like I can still share them! I love that they're just a little bit edgy, but not completely grunge!
Sweater-Lined Lace-Up Combat Boots
{favorite thing}

 I'm not a huge Starbucks fan, but when those red cups come out it only means one thing for me: Caramel Apple Spice time!!
{favorite funny}
It's funny because it's real life. Haha!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to a hockey game and my little cousin's 1st birthday! Also, hoping to get a start on my Christmas shopping! Woohoo! I'm not usually one that looks forward to Christmas.. my friends call me The Grinch for a reason, but this morning, I actually smiled at some Christmas d├ęcor that was being put up in our city. I guess a Grinch's heart can change! ;)
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  1. Um, what is the caramel apple spice?!?! I feel like I should know this! Have a great Friday :)


  2. I've never had the caramel apple spice! It sounds so good! Those boots are super cute, too! have a great weekend! :)

  3. Oh cold toes - worst part about getting into bed!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. nice..i hate winter too..
    i like the boots

  5. That bedtime pin is too funny!

  6. Cute boots! I LOVE Caramel Apple Spice! SO good! The cold feet meme is extremely accurate!

  7. Caramel apple spice!? I have never heard of it I am going to have to try it sometime!!

  8. that meme is so true... and yep, love those red cups!! screams the holidays!!

  9. How can all these people not know what a Caramel Apple Spice is?! Maybe it's because I live in Seattle where Starbucks is King, but I'm flabbergasted right now:). You guys should all try's basically a apple cider but kicked up a notch. Heavy on the sweet.
    Love your new boots!

  10. I LOVE the caramel apple spice. I think it gets way less attention than it deserves. I'm going to have to try that crockpot sandwich recipe asap!