Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans // FSU's Big 25th WIN!

Happy Monday, folks! And the only reason I'm saying "happy" is because tomorrow is Veteran's Day and I have the day off! Other than that it would be your typical Monday and that sucks! Haha!
How's about a little weekending recap, shall we?
Thursday I got a surprise text from my aunt asking if we'd like to go to the Florida State game with them on Saturday. Of course I jumped all over that and we made plans to ride with my Grandparents to Tallahassee on Saturday, attend the game, and stay at my aunt's house in Tallahassee Saturday night after the game! 
Friday was my "off Friday," so I got an oil change that morning and met Taylor for lunch at Olive Garden. I just recently discovered their Chicken & Gnocchi soup and can't get enough of it! And you can't beat the unlimited soup and salad on the menu! 
After catching up, Taylor and I went to Michael's to kill some time. I ended up buying these six "create your own gallery wall" kits that were on mega sale 80% off! So basically I got all six for the price of one and I can't wait to start going through them and redecorating/updating all our rooms in the house! Plus I think some would make really cute gifts! Can't wait to show you what I have in store with my new decorations!
After Michael's I hit up Target alone. Which hindsight was a bad idea for my bank account, but on the bright side I got a ton of super cute wintery clothes! Maybe one day I'll be a real fashion blogger and give the blog a taste of my new Target style! Haha!
That night I got suckered into mine and Ethan's typical Friday night plans.. I'll explain the "suckered" part. Ethan gets off work at 1 on Fridays, so we met up at home and decided to go see Interstellar. We went to the 3:30 showing since it's nearly 3 hours long with plans to get Happy Pig BBQ for dinner. Now comes the "suckered" part.. he says he doesn't want Happy Pig, which is fine.. I'll settle for good sushi, meaning one of my favorite places Ichiban. He says he likes the sushi at the mall best and that's what he really wants. Long story short: we got to the mall to get his favorite sushi, but he gets Pita Pit instead leaving me with mall sushi. I was not happy.. He's making it up to me tonight when we get Happy Pig for dinner :)
On a different note.. Interstellar was a really good movie! And bonus: it was really clean! I think there were a couple curse words, but no nudity/violence! I honestly felt smarter after seeing it! Even thought I found out some of the science in the movie is off.. Oops! Haha!
Saturday morning we got over to my grandparent's house so we could start the 3-hour drive to Tallahassee for the big game! The drive was easy and we stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. We had to bundle up for the game since the low was in the 40s! 

{Osceola & Renegade at center field}

{I love how my phone creates these!}

{blurry pre-game pic, but Ethan looks too cute not to post!}


{Nat Champs: '93, '99 & our most recent 2013!}

{My Grandparents}

{Post Game Victory Pic!}

{Big 25th straight win on former Head Coach Bobby Bowden's 85th birthday!}
I'm so glad I got to see my Noles win a game this year! Hopefully we'll keep on winning and we can celebrate another National Championship!
After getting home Sunday afternoon, Ethan and I spent the rest of the afternoon at my parent's house just visiting with them and later met up with our friends to see a 3D show projected on to the Courthouse. It was a really cool show on the history of Pensacola called "The Tale of 5 Flags."
{Those vines are a 3D projection. So cool!}

{Blue Angels}

{The show was sponsored by Foo Foo Fest}
After the show we headed over to O'Riley's for the guys to play darts and the girls to catch up. It wasn't our typical Thursday night, but I loved how un-crowded the darts area was!
But now it's Monday and I'm back at work after a fun-filled 3-day weekend filled with a shopping spree and an FSU win!! Also, I'm promise I'm still working on catching up with my cruise recap! Not that I expect anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat! Haha! You can check out all the updates I've done on my Royal Caribbean cruise here!

Oh, and side note: Anyone interested in creating a group to do P90X starting asap?!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend!! Glad the Noles won! :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend :) I love that soup from Olive Garden too. We're off tomorrow too, makes all the difference in this Monday huh!

  3. SO SUCKS that I missed you!! I was out of town and then cleaned ALLLLL day on Saturday and Sunday. At least you got to see a good game. Next time you are in town want to grab dinner or something?

  4. hi dear,very nice pics...
    i'm a new follower(ColorBlock) follow me back if you want

  5. Glad you were able to make it to the game - 25th win is pretty big even if I dont like your team LOL!! Have a great day off tomorrow!!

  6. We're going to try to see Interstellar this weekend so I'm glad you liked it! How is Pita Pit? We just got one here, but I haven't tried it yet-i'd rather have sushi:)

  7. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my little blog today! What a fun weekend! Congrats on the win! I would love to go to a college game someday, it looks like so much fun! That 3D projection show looks so cool!

  8. Wow, the thing at the courthouse looks really cool! Sounds like you had a great weekend - how could it not have been when shopping was involved? Congrats on your team's win! Nick is trying to convince me to see Interstellar, but I'm not sold yet. Thanks again for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. What an awesome weekend! A trip to Michaels followed by a Target run would equal $0 in my bank account... I am such a sucker for both stores! Also, I love that you included gifs of the game...such a clever idea!

  10. Such a fun weekend! There's no better way to spend a Saturday in the fall than at a football game :) Hope you're enjoying your day off!

  11. how in the heck does your phone create those moving pics?? that is TOO cool!