Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekending // Houses & More Houses

Happy Monday before Christmas, friends! I hope you have all your Christmas shopping done and you aren't sending you husband out after he gets off work to complete your list.. #guilty.
We have a really good reason for not getting it all accomplished this past weekend and that excuse is we spent an hour in Toys-R-Us. That was enough craziness to kill the Christmas shopping spirit for the both of us! Ha!
We did get a lot of people crossed off our list on Saturday. All the kiddos are shopped for and the remaining people are mostly just gift cards. Now I get the lovely task chore of wrapping all bajillion presents. It's okay though.. I really got in the Christmas spirit and wrapped for a couple hours on Saturday morning all while watching American Horror Story on Netflix.
Holy. Crap. Does anyone else watch that show?! I just started and it's so creepy, but disturbingly enough I'm hooked! I have to know what happens! So creeped out in fact, that I wouldn't go home by myself Saturday night after my girl's night with Taylor and Marissa. I hung around Taylor's house afterwards until Ethan had come home from his guy's night so we could both go home together!
Speaking of our girl's night - Taylor, Marissa and I hit up Carrabba's for dinner and then Wild Honey for some fro-yo dessert afterwards! Such a good time hanging out with the girls!
Saturday {after the atrocious Toys-R-Us visit} Ethan and I walked through a model home of one of the floor plans we really liked. We've decided we're going to build through Paragon Homes. You just get so much more for your money!
{The Laurelwood}
We had two floor plans in mind, but this was the only one we thought we'd be able to see in person. Of course we loved it and we were really excited that *this* could possibly be our future home!
That night we went to the hockey game with my Grandparents. We got to watch the Ice Flyers kick some Fire Ant butt and see special guest appearances by Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Prince Hans of Frozen. They sang during each intermission which was cute, but there's some die-hard hockey fans there that did NOT care if Elsa wanted to "let it go."

That night Ethan got an email from our builder saying if we wanted to walk through the other plan we liked, we could see it Sunday at 12:30! Of course we jumped at the opportunity!
{The Osprey}
We freakin' loved this floor plan, and as long as everything works out budget-wise - this will be the house we're building starting next year! We want to try to incorporate stacked stone or hardie board to give the front more personality and maybe mess with the roofline, but we'll know more after we officially talk to the builder! Now we definitely need to get our lot appraised and the perc test done so we can move on with the next step!
And here's some creeper shots I took of the neighbor's houses for future reference on what we liked!
{LOVED this front door}

{Love the color scheme}

{Love the front door and colors}
All-in-all a very good weekend with some very definitive plans made! :) I hope you'll stop by tomorrow ~ I'm revealing my Christmas card! I have to say it's my most favorite ever! I love how it turned out!
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  1. Yay for building a new home!! I work with builders and I know it can be a long and hard time, but remember to try to enjoy the process!! I actually is really fun!! Best Wishes!

  2. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see what you pick out and how it all comes together!

  3. Ah so great! Your house will be gorgeous!

  4. That so exciting that you are building a home! The outside looks beautiful. :) You are so brave for going to Toys-R-Us the weekend before Christmas. I don't think I could handle that!

  5. So amazing that you will get to build your dream home!! Can't wait for the start of the year for you both so you can share the process with us :) xo, Biana

  6. Cute houses! I wish we could decide on one, ha!! Its just sooo hard!

  7. sounds like things are going well! hope y'all had a great christmas!

  8. I love where you're going with these house themes! I know yours will be amazing. Happy house building! :)

    Merrie K. @