Thursday, January 22, 2015

Current Thoughts for Thursday

Making || lists. So many lists.
Cooking || just made and ate a breakfast sandwich. So yummy! I've also been quite the housewife and made homemade meals twice this week already.
Wanting || to know the results of our pre-approval with the bank. We probably won't know for another week.
Looking || into birth photographers. Holy cow is this stressful! 1) They're super expensive. 2) There aren't many options for experienced birth {as in - in the room while I give birth} photographers in my area. So 3) I feel stuck and like this is a super important thing I have to get right.
Playing || Trivia Crack and Candy Crush Soda.
Watching || every episode of Friends. Thank you, Netflix.
Wishing || it were summer. I'm over colds and cold weather.
Waiting || for 5 o'clock. It's my Friday. #bejelly
Liking || that the days are getting longer. I'm no longer driving home in the dark, but now at sunset. Means my beloved summer is coming.
Wondering || if baby is a boy or girl. My thoughts drift to girl these days, but rest assured, my mind will change in 5 minutes.
Loving || Harry Connick, Jr. on American Idol. He's a hoot.
Hoping || I can survive 6 more months of unsolicited advice.
Needing || to get over this cough.
Wearing || my heart on my sleeves these days. Hello, emotions.
Noticing || my belly getting rounder. Now if I could just start noticing some flutters..
Thinking || about everything that needs to get done and how soon it needs to be done.
Praying || that we have a good appointment tomorrow. We haven't heard the heartbeat since December 19th and I'm anxious to hear it again.

What are you currently up to these days?

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  1. It's my Friday too! Yay! :) I hope you are able to find what you need for a birth photographer!

  2. I always love these little -ing blogposts! Gives a little insight into who you are. Finding a photographer is super canNOT reshoot that moment! I have 4 kids and I loved every second (well maybe not EVERY second) of being pregnant. Feeling that little baby move never got old. Good luck with your appt!

  3. Yay for Friends! I hope that your cough goes away soon.

  4. Aww I'm excited that you get to hear the heartbeat again tomorrow! And I am all over watching every episode of Friends on netflix. My husband asked what I was watching last night and I replied, do you even need to ask. I just LOVE that show!

  5. Totally Jelly it's your Friday and totally love that you say JELLY cause I do, too!

    I hope the stress about the photos eases. You'll find the right person, and if you can't find the right person, you'll get amazing photos after the birth!

    Can't wait for you to hear the heartbeat, how fun!

  6. Harry Connick Jr is HILARIOUS! Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow!

  7. Friends on Netflix is a dream come true for me! The unsolicited advice does not end once you give birth... it might actually get worse once you have the baby :) Hearing that heartbeat whoosh is the best sound ever.