Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 1st Monday of the New Year!

Good morning, everyone!
 First off, I want to thank you all for your kinds words and excitement for me and Ethan as we start this new journey together! In case you missed it, here's our announcement here. {It was also the last post I wrote.. almost 2 weeks ago. Sorry guys, I've been totally MIA.}
And since it's been a hot minute since I last updated on anything, here's a quick recap of all things Christmas and New Years!
I had to work Christmas Eve this year, but work totally made up for it with a Christmas party for our office. We had steak biscuits and donuts and exchanged stocking stuffers. The best part was telling all my coworkers I was pregnant. I gave each of them our Christmas card with a Chick-Fil-A gift card attached. I told them to make sure they read the card.. and wouldn't you know one by one they didn't read the card! Haha! I got lots of excited smiles about Chick-Fil-A but I was cracking up over the fact that they were missing the real thing. Finally someone "got it" when we were on coworker 4 of 6! Priceless!

We spent Christmas Eve evening at Ethan's sister's house. We didn't do anything special, just spent time with Ethan's brother and kids and his parents that were in town. I wasn't feeling that great, so I was curled up on the couch waiting for my Zofran to kick in. My sweet niece Emma came over and asked "do you need a cuddle?" Of course I'd take any 3-year old cuddle, so she climbed up with me to cuddle, but jumped down .656 seconds later. It was wonderful while it lasted! Haha!
We decided not to spend early Christmas morning over at Ethan's sister Sarah's house. Normally the entire family gets together around 6:30 and we open presents. It's a big, fun chaotic mess, but since Ethan's other sister Emily just had a baby 2 weeks earlier, they decided to stay home for their preemie and me and Ethan followed suit!
Ethan and I exchanged Christmas presents just the two of us Christmas morning. He got me a gorgeous Dooney & Bourke purse, a snow cone machine {gotta love pregnancy cravings of shaved ice} and the big bottle of It's a 10! This year I was pumped about the gift I got him! Truthfully, I'm not a good gift giver! But this year, oh this year.. I got him tickets to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament in Orlando for this March! We're going to make a little "babymoon" out of it. We'll hit up the tournament and then a day at Disney!
Next we went to my parent's house for presents with my parents, brother and his wife and a little bit later my grandparents. Apparently I was too busy unwrapping gifts and eating cinnamon rolls to bother taking any good pictures. Sorry in advance.
{Christmas morning at my parent's house}

{My dad & sister - right after she got her 1st cell phone and was so excited}
After the fun at my parent's house, we headed over to my Grandma's house to have Christmas lunch with my mom's side of the family. We ate, laughed, and opened more presents. It's fun having a baby around for Christmas. My cousin's little boy William is just now at the age that he enjoys opening presents! I can't believe at next Christmas we'll have three little ones!

{Never fear - Ms. Stringy Ends has a hair appointment this week! Haha!} 

{Christmas 2014 - Alexis 20w3d and Me at 10w3d - Cousins exactly 10 weeks apart!}
We headed to Ethan's sister Sarah's house after Christmas lunch for Christmas dinner and presents. I'm kicking myself for not getting more pictures of the kiddos. This was the first time we could have had all 9 of them together! I guess the memories I made playing with them and their new toys will have to do!
{Opening presents at Sarah's house}
The day after Christmas my Grandma and I went shopping and saw the movie Into the Woods. Very good movie, just so. much. singing. Which, I was forewarned it was a musical, but man.. that was an extremely musical musical. Also, it follows the Grimm Brothers version of the fairytales, so don't expect too many happy endings.
The rest of the week is somewhat of a blur. Thankfully I was off work because between me and Ethan we battled two colds and a stomach bug. Neither of which is very fun and top it off with being pregnant and unable to take regular medicine. We did spend New Year's Eve and New Years Day at our friends Taylor & Colin's house. New Year's Eve was really low key. The girls chatted in the kitchen while the boys watched football. And somewhat the same for New Year's Day, except I watched the FSU v. Oregon game too. Which was awful, but my Noles have had an amazing run and I couldn't be prouder of them! 29 wins, 2 undefeated regular seasons, 3 ACC Championships, a Heisman winner, and a BCS Championship. It's been one hellavu two years!

{My cousin William after FSU's 1st loss - "what do you mean 'lost'?}
Ethan and I did venture out on Saturday to Foley. We ate lunch at our favorite steakhouse Longhorns and did a good bit of shopping {for him lol} at the Outlet Mall. This one little shopping outing was the highlight of our weekend, but I'm thankful I had the week off from work to recuperate.
So there's my last two weeks in a {rather long} nutshell. Ate, slept, opened presents, fought colds and stomach bugs, hung out with friends, shopped. All-in-all a good ending to 2014 and ready to bring on 2015! Starting tomorrow I'll be sharing a little bit more of my pregnancy thus far and then some Hump Day Bump Days.
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  1. What a cute way to tell coworkers! Looks like it was a great holiday!

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    -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  6. Hi dear, nice pics and great holidays!!
    happy new year

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