Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // 12 Weeks

how far along: 12 weeks. Finally. I can see the 2nd Trimester peeking around the corner and I'm so excited. After having a rough 1st Trimester with all the morning sickness, I'm ready to start feeling good and I'm ready for the "honeymoon" trimester!
size of the baby: A plum! Around 2.1" long and weighing in at almost .50 ounces!
baby is: About to enter the growth and maturation state, in which all of baby's organs and tissues will grown and develop rapidly.
movement: According to my app this week, baby is also developing reflexes. So if I poke my tummy, baby would most likely respond to it!
gender: I have a feeling it's a boy. But it's just that.. a feeling. I'm not confident enough to say 110% either way, but I feel like it's a boy. I'm aware I make no sense these days. Haha!
total weight gain: After last week's stomach bug brought me down to pre-pregnancy weight, I'm still hanging out at 158.
symptoms: I've been having nose bleeds lately. Not full-on, but if I blow my nose there's always blood. I looked it up and this is due to the thin nature of the lining in the nose and the increase in blood due to baby. Also, cramping/growing pains in the uterus area. Ouch.

stretch marks: My poor tatas have taken a beating. I probably have 4 or 5 on each side. I've tried three different types of stretch mark cream to prevent. Anyone have suggestions for my belly? It's still stretch mark free, but I'm a bit concerned.
maternity clothes: the baggier, the better.
sleep: waking up a lot due to being hot. I've tried countering this by sleeping only in a tank top and shorts and using only one blanket.. not working so far even though I'm freezing when I do go to sleep. I'm also getting up at midnight and 4 a.m. for a potty break. It's like clockwork.
missing: nothing really.
cravings/aversions: Got my nacho fix, finally. And I'm still craving strawberries. As for aversions, pasta with white sauce sounds gross. New cravings would be hibachi and carrots dipped in ranch sauce.
cries: Totally teared up this week baby stalking other blogs on Instagram. I love looking at the 1st hospital picture and imagining our little one. Also, thanks to American Idol, I cried every time someone got a golden ticket to Hollywood. Spoiler alert: it was a lot of golden tickets.
ethan is: I think Ethan is starting to feel like this pregnancy is "more real." I read him the updates from all my apps all the time and his eyes light up with every new week's development.
best moments: hitting that 12 week mark. I don't know what it is, but this was a milestone for me.

not so best moment: Having a cold and being pregnant is no fun. All my coughing has upped my puking score. Think blueberry Poptarts out the nose at work and again at a restaurant. Yuck..

looking forward to: Our next appointment on the 23rd. It'll just be a normal checkup, no ultrasound, but I know we'll get to hear the heartbeat and hopefully our next appointment scheduled will be our anatomy scan where we find out if baby is a little miss or mister!

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  1. Enjoy the second trimester because the 3rd is tougher than the 1st (for me). I'm excited to hear if you're going to be another boy mama!

  2. Look at you and that cute bump!!! Cant wait to hear whether its a little man or little princess! :)

  3. Oh my goodness.... you look amazing, momma!! I am SO excited for you! I hope the 2nd trimester brings you a lot of relief, and energy ;)

  4. You look great lady! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well,I hope that the 2nd trimester is nicer to you!!!!!