Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // 14 Weeks


how far along: 14 weeks! 2nd Trimester, baby!
size of the baby: babe is the size of a lemon, measuring about 3.4 inches and weighing in at 1.5 ounces!
baby is: moving like crazy! I so wish I could feel it! I lay so still at night trying to and hoping that I feel something! Baby is also squinting, frowning, and can even suck its thumb!
movement: none yet. Whomp whomp..
gender: We scheduled our anatomy scan for February 27th, so the countdown is on for February 28th when we'll have our gender reveal party! I'll announce on the blog that following Monday, but if you want to be "in the know" I know it'll be all over my Instagram! Follow me at @klm61210
total weight gain: Up 4 pounds. I have got to start exercising again and saying no to all my salty food cravings!

stretch marks: Still just my tatas, although I've noticed more of them. Anyone have suggestions on what worked for you to avoid {anymore} stretch marks?
symptoms: I've noticed more headaches, but I'm not sure those are pregnancy-related or from my cold. Also, more round ligament pain and still the nosebleeds.
maternity clothes: My sister-in-law Alexis scored us some tops online at Old Navy. I already had the top in black, but loved it so much I wanted it in tan! Thanks, Lex!
sleep: getting better now that I'm not coughing up a lung in the middle of the night and still only getting up to pee about once, at most twice a night.
missing: my clothes fitting me. I'm getting to the point {see picture above!!} that my belly is starting to pop, so things aren't fitting well. I'm having to get creative for work outfits until my full panel maternity pants fit!
cravings/aversions: really wanted a cupcake from Oh, Snap, but I said no. Then I really wanted a coke icee.. said no again. I'm trying really hard not to give in to too many cravings, but don't worry I do let myself splurge at times! Still NOT feeling grilled chicken!
cries: So many. I cried holding an orange, knowing that my "fruit of the week" for next week was an orange. More cries for all the golden tickets on American Idol. And then the sweetest cry came Sunday when Ethan was telling me how excited he was to be a dad. Poor guy didn't see those tears coming!
ethan is: getting really excited about being a dad! Haha see "cries" above. Also, we recorded the baby's heartbeat at our last appointment and it's the sweetest thing to watch him watch/listen to the video. Ok, and now I'm crying.
best moments: hearing baby's heartbeat again! Thank you, God, for a good appointment!

not so best moments: stepping in cat puke at 1 a.m. on my way to one of my many bathroom trips. Awesome.

looking forward to: buying stuff for our gender reveal party! Which is now scheduled for February 28th!

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And here's a fun "auto-awesome" photo my phone created out of the shots Ethan took for my bump picture this week! Hello, white belly! Haha!

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  1. You look great!! Eeew, stepping in cat puke, I think I would have puked myself! That's so sweet about Ethan being excited! I would have cried too!

  2. Go you for saying no to the cupcake & the icee! I totally want a cupcake now though...

  3. you look so good!! eek a little lemon. ethan seems so sweet!!

  4. Oh my goodness...the auto awesome is adorable!

  5. What are you doing for your gender reveal party? I plan on having one, when that day comes for us, because anything is good for a party :)

  6. Love your little bump! Hearing the heartbeat is the best!

  7. Such a fun blog you have here. And this is such a fun idea. So cute! =)