Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Weeks 4-11 in Review

So these updates are more for me than anybody. I want to be able to look back and see what was going on during a certain week. Whether that be how I was feeling emotionally or physically.  Feel free to pass over this post if it isn't your thing! :) It's a long one since I've been keeping our little secret for over two months now!

Week 4

how far along: I'm going to go with 4 weeks. We're not exactly sure since we don't have the date of my last missed period. Thank goodness I was tracking some things! ;)
size of the baby: My little poppy seed! I so desperately want to hold one in my hand.
total weight gain: Starting this journey with a little extra cruise weight already. Guess that's what you get when you make a cruise baby! Haha!
gender: I have a strong feeling baby is a boy. Mother's intuition?
maternity clothes: Definitely thinking about them. I think I may check out Target, Old Navy, and Dirt Cheap this weekend for deals and out of season items, like a swim suit since I'll be huge next summer!
movement: Only if you count the butterflies I get when I think about being pregnant.
sleep: Lately I have been tossing and turning and didn't know why. I get hot easily at night too. I barely slept the night we found out, which was obviously just from the excitement. But last night I pulled out my pregnancy pillow (yes.. I already had one. It was a good deal!) and slept so great!
missing: Nothing yet. Ok, I'm on Day 2 of no caffeine and it sucks, so maybe my coffee a little.
cravings/aversions: I wouldn't say "craving" but savory stuff sounds good. And for the first time in my life I kind of have an aversion to sweets.
symptoms: The ladies are sore and should have been sign #1! I get semi-nauseated by the time I get to work, so I have to eat something asap. I also gagged on my yogurt yesterday. Also, lots of cramping and twitching. It makes me nervous.
cries: A lot. Probably more than I'm willing to admit. I cried when I found out. I cried praying to God and praising Him for the sweet little life in me. I cry when I think about telling everyone. I cry when I think about baby things like car seats and strollers. Basically my hormones are all over the place.
ethan is: sweet. The night we found out we were both in shock and I think it's still "not real" for either of us. He rubbed my tummy last night a couple of times and said he has to do it at home since he can't do it in public yet. He also asked how baby is doing. I love that he's already referring to him/her.
baby is: a tiny ball of cells and is busy settling into his/her new home (my uterus), prepping for all the crucial development s/he will be doing over the next six weeks!
looking forward to: our first ultrasound on December 19th and telling everyone our wonderful news! Right now I don't when or how to tell everyone?! Do we say something at Thanksgiving in two weeks? Do we do it with Christmas cards early December? Or can we make it all the way to Christmas?!
best moments: Finding out we're expecting! I'm still in shock!

Week 5

how far along: 5 weeks
size of the baby: my little poppy seed is now an apple seed!
total weight gain: same as last week, around 158.
gender: I'm really hoping for a girl!
maternity clothes: No buys this week, but I found a really cute website that I think I'll order from for my friend's wedding in May! ~ Pink Blush Maternity
movement: too soon.
sleep: Much better this week. Still using my pregnancy pillow.
missing: feeling good. See below.
cravings/aversions: food in general doesn't sound good, but that's just the nausea talking.
symptoms: the dreaded morning sickness has reared its ugly head. Also, pregnancy brain. I swear I can't remember crap these days.
cries: only a couple times this week. All the gagging from being sick makes my eyes water, so does that count as a cry?!
ethan is: getting more excited by the day. It's so sweet to watch him.
baby is: starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous)! In the next week baby will double in size!
best moments: sharing our little secret with some family! Taylor was so excited she cried, Ethan's dad asked if it were planned (ha!), and my parents are so excited to have grandbaby #2 on the way!

looking forward to: telling my brother & sister-in-law and grandparents at Thanksgiving this week! 

Week 6 

how far along: 6 weeks
size of the baby: my little sweet pea
total weight gain: been so sick I've actually lost a little weight.
gender: Still hoping for that girl.
maternity clothes: Bought a maternity tunic top from Old Navy by mistake. Freaking love it. I know it'll be something I wear 24/7. Mom also bought me an undershirt and top for Christmas.
movement: too soon.
sleep: Sleep is great. Haven't gotten up to go to the bathroom that much.
missing: still feeling good. I got a prescription for Zofran {anti-nausea medicine} and it's my new best friend.
cravings/aversions: craving: hot carbs. aversions: meat. any and all meat.
symptoms: morning sickness and sore tatas.
cries: just a few.
ethan is: convinced we're having a girl.
baby is: starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks!

best moments: telling the rest of my family at Thanksgiving! They were all so shocked and excited!
looking forward to: talking to a potential builder for our new house and the bank this Friday!


Week 7

how far along: 7 weeks
size of the baby: a blueberry!
total weight gain: {TMI} chalk this one up to lovely pregnancy-related constipation, but, Houston, we're up a couple pounds.
gender: I'd love a little girl, but now that we just found out that Alexis is having a boy - I'm okay with either. This way our baby will have a little cousin super close in age that is its gender. I've got 2 baby girls on Ethan's side of the family and one little boy coming on my side of the family!
maternity clothes: I'm loving leggings right now. I can't stand for something to be pushing on my uterus/bladder area. So unbuttoning that top bottom and baggy tops it is!
movement: too soon.
sleep: Starting to have to get up around 5 a.m. to go to the bathroom, which is super annoying because that means I have to be up in an hour for work. Why can't my bathroom break be at 2 am?! That way I'd have a solid 4 hours till I have to get up!
missing: my morning coffee. I've had decaf a couple times over the past few weeks, but I miss that every-single-morning cup. I need to get decaf for our office.
cravings/aversions: Now that I have my Zofran, food isn't that big of a deal anymore. I did randomly want Pop-Tarts the other night. And when my sister-in-law mentioned sushi the other day, I had to have it!

symptoms: The ladies are super sore and getting huge. Definitely lathering on that stretch mark cream now! Also, stomach cramps and constipation. It's awful. Not to mention as soon as my Zofran wears off I'm gagging and puking. Guys, pregnancy is not all rainbows and butterflies.
cries: A lot this week. I cry at anything and everything and they come without warning. Sitting happily on the couch one minute - sappy/cheesy commercial comes on - instant tears.

ethan is: more sympathetic towards Tiger Woods having the flu and throwing up while playing golf than he is to me being pregnant and throwing up. One day this will be a funny story {kind of already is} but at the moment I wanted to punch him in the nose. {Thanks, pregnancy hormones.}
baby is: developing its permanent set of kidneys!

best moments: finding out my sister-in-law Alexis is having a boy! And my other sister-in-law Emily {whose been on bed rest the past 3 weeks} finally got her C-section scheduled! We'll be meeting Baby Mila on Thursday!
looking forward to: Our 1st appointment - not this Friday - but NEXT Friday! T-minus 11 days {as of Monday, December 8.}

Week 8

how far along: 8 weeks
size of the baby: my little raspberry!
total weight gain: back down to "starting weight." It may have taken some Colace, Miralax, lots of water and some fiber, but things are looking better. Hah!
gender: Mom had a dream that baby was a boy. I think it's because she and I were going through my cousin's baby girl's clothing the night before. Regardless, I just want a healthy baby.
maternity clothes: same ole, same ole. Loving the leggings/sweatpants.
movement: too soon.
sleep: still good. I start on my side, but always wake up on my back. I've heard that's bad to do while pregnant.. I need to check on that.
missing: not much. Mostly just feeling like myself.
cravings/aversions: someone was chewing cinnamon-flavored gum at church on Sunday, so naturally I HAD TO HAVE some.
symptoms: lately I've been burning up! When they say "bun in the oven" I think they literally mean you become an oven. At least that's how I feel.
cries: lots.
ethan is: starting to stress a bit. Between the baby, building a house, going back to school - poor guy has a lot on his mind. He's doing amazing though. So thoughtful and so supportive!
baby is: moving around like crazy. Too bad I can't feel it yet! And baby is forming little fingers and toes! How cute!

best moments: being able to say "our appointment THIS week." And I'm ordering our "kinda" Christmas cards which announce Baby M!
looking forward to: our appointment! Just four more sleeps till the big day!

Week 9

how far along: 9 weeks
size of the baby: baby is as big as a green olive!
total weight gain: According to the doctor's scale I'm a whole 8 pounds heavier than my home scale.. yikes. Granted I had on a heavy sweater, jeans and boots. At home.. we weigh with just our birthday suit on! ;)
gender: crossing my fingers and toes for a little girl
maternity clothes: I bought a new pair of work pants that have an elastic waist band rather than the full belly panel - totally wearing them now!
movement: baby is moving! I just can't feel it yet! We saw our little gummy bear on the ultrasound screen squirming and wiggling away!
sleep: I've been getting hot at night so that wakes me up. Other than that, it's great.
missing: feeling "good." Still got that queasy-all-day nausea thing going on.
cravings/aversions: nothing out of the norm this week

symptoms: more tired than usual and my back has been hurting
cries: one single tear was shed at our ultrasound on Friday. I kept telling myself I was going to keep it together!
ethan is: hoping for a boy! This past Saturday Ethan and I did some Christmas shopping at Toys-R-Us {madhouse!} and we looked around at the baby stuff for us. He saw the baby-sized Nike shoes and fell in love! Sweetest thing ever watching him hold those tiny shoes!
baby is: 9 weeks, 4 days according to doctor! So that means my above-mentioned updates are a little off. Oops!

best moments: seeing our baby on the ultrasound was by far the best ever! {oh and finding out we aren't having twins! I was 110% sure we had twins in there!} Baby was squirming and wiggling away! We also had a strong heartbeat at 180 beats per minute!
looking forward to: sharing our big new to everyone and their momma next week!

Week 10

how far along: 10 weeks
size of the baby: baby is as big as a prune!
total weight gain: up about 4 pounds {according to my home scale} since finding out
gender: I think we'll find out at our appointment in February!!
maternity clothes: Got some new maternity clothes for Christmas. I'm all about that baggy.
movement: nothing I can feel yet.
sleep: decent.
missing: feeling like myself.
cravings/aversions: basically anything my sister-in-law craves and posts about, I crave. So lately it's been more sushi and Mexican! Haha!
symptoms: still tired and the morning sickness comes back just as soon as my Zofran wears off.
cries: nada.
ethan is: so excited for our Babymoon I planned for March. We're going down to Orlando for a golf tournament and a day at Disney.
baby is: forming cartilage and bones and has working arm joints! Also, vital organs are fully developed and starting to function!

best moments: coming clean to everyone! Now everyone is "in the know!"
looking forward to: having the next 11 days off from work! Thank you Christmas and New Years break!

Week 11

how far along: 11 weeks
size of the baby: baby is a lime this week! But one of those small organic ones I'm pretty sure! Haha!
total weight gain: Thank you, stomach bug. I'm back down to pre-pregnancy weight.
gender: the farther along I get, the more I don't care what the baby is. I just want to know!
maternity clothes: totally in love with all things loose and baggy and elastic waist banded!
movement: I can't see or feel it, but baby is moving gracefully in there!
sleep: I slept like a champ this week. Wake up at 10, nap by 1, nap again by 4, bed by 9. I'm loving not having to be at work!
missing: being able to eat and not throw up. Word to the wise: the bigger your "bump" gets, the smaller your stomach gets. Small meals. I repeat: small meals.
cravings/aversions: Nachos were my #1 and strawberries. I ate two containers of strawberries in 3 days. Not even sorry.

symptoms: just resting up after having a stomach bug and a cold. It's been a heck of a week.
cries: lots. My emotions have been all over the place this week. Mostly crying because I didn't feel good. Gosh, I'm such a baby.
ethan is: taking care of me the best he can! Poor thing has a cold too, but definitely put my needs above his this week.
baby is: practicing breathing by swallowing and peeing out amniotic fluid.

best moments: being off work.
looking forward to: our next appointment on the 23rd.
Ok, I'm basically all caught up now! Hopefully I can start next Wednesday with my 12 week update! {Even though I'll be 13 weeks by then.. I'll just have to be a week behind on the blog. Follow me on Instagram if you want to follow along in real time!}
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