Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Staches or Lashes for Little Baby Macarthur?!

With our big Gender Reveal Party just days away, I finally got to my chalkboard to do up a little Old Wives' Tales for Baby Mac!

I lean towards "lashes" more these days, but that's only because everyone and their mother and their brother thinks baby is a girl! I've told everyone countless times, "you have to be excited too if blue confetti comes flying out of that balloon!"
Here's some other Old Wives' Tales I've found:
Mom likes to sleep on her left side.
Mom's skin has been breaking out.
The Mayan Calendar says girl.
Dad has maintained his weight.
Mom's been pretty clumsy.
Mom's skin has been softer but it's winter, so it is kind of dry.
Baby has totally been stealing Mom's beauty.
Mom's had one gender dream and it was a boy.
So, final tally?
Girl: 9
Boy: 9
Guess they really are 50/50! ;)
So what do you think? Is Baby Macarthur a BOY or GIRL?
Find out Saturday on my Instagram (@klm61210) or Monday morning on the blog!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 18


how far along: 18 weeks and now in my 5th month of pregnancy! Holy cow!
size of the baby: around 5.5" - 6" long and weighs around 6-7 ounces! S/he's getting so big!
baby is: beginning to develop a coating of myelin on his/her nerves, a substance that protects and facilitates the brain's communication with the rest of the nervous system.
movement: kid has a serious attitude problem when it comes to my pants being to tight on my uterus. And by "too tight" I mean anything that touches that area. But of course, I'm loving the little feelings every time I get them!
gender: We find out this Saturday!! Eek! Follow along on my instagram page (@klm61210) for the Day Of Announcement at our Gender Reveal Party or wait till Monday for my weekend update with the news!
total weight gain: Last week's 0 weight gain has been counteracted by this week's 2 pound gain.

stretch marks: I really feel like the stretch marks on my boobs are just getting worse. I'm lathering on the Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream twice a day.
symptoms: Oh my aching back and sore nipples.. yikes. Nose bleeds are getting better! Yay!
maternity clothes: broke out some maternity clothes I bought pre-pregnancy. Full panel pants don't fit perfectly, but they're much better than regular pants. I bought two dresses this week too and can't wait till my legs are tan enough to break those bad boys out!
sleep: still good and still getting up at least 1-2 times a night for a potty break, but I fall back asleep easily.
missing: not much these days. Feeling pretty good and the weather is starting to get warmer! I can't complain!
cravings/aversions: Still loving my chocolate milk and not feeling grilled chicken.
cries: happy and sad tears this week. {See below.}
ethan is: my favorite person in the whole wide world. :)
best moments: having good news come back from our Quad Screening. I had been going back and forth on whether or not to get this blood work done because if it came back positive I'd more than likely worry the entire pregnancy, but if I didn't get it done I knew I would worry regardless. Hearing from the MA that the results were negative was the best news I received all week.

not so best moments: I found out that my aunt who has previously fought and survived cancer now has cancer again. It breaks my heart and would ask that you send prayers for her.

looking forward to: finding out what this baby is! {By the time anyone reads this..} Friday is our ultrasound and Saturday is our gender reveal party!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

1st Beach Weekend of the Year

It was one of those weekends that was absolutely wonderful!
Saturday I helped celebrate the upcoming birth of a sweet friend's miracle baby! I couldn't be more excited for Leslee and can't wait to finally see her as a mother! Her baby girl Landree got so many beautiful and thoughtful presents!
{Beautiful Momma-to-Be Leslee}

{18 weeks and 32 weeks}
After the baby shower, I headed to my parent's house for some grilled bacon-wrapped deer meat! Dad finally got himself a deer during hunting season and I immediately capitalized on his game! ;)
Sunday Ethan and I met our friends Taylor and Colin at 5 Guys for some super yummy burgers! It was only my 2nd time going and I really feel like I've been missing out in life! Ha! Afterwards we all headed out to the beach to meet up with some other friends to let the dogs run on the beach. The weather on Sunday was just too gorgeous to sit inside for anything!

{Daniel & Brewer, the Great Dane}

{Max, the Doberman & Daly, the German Shephard }
Basically, to be friends with us.. you have to be a member of the BDC. Black Dog Club. Ethan and I have thrown around the idea of a black/brown Lab or Rottweiler to be exclusive members of the club. Haha!

{Daly Dukes}

{Us girls trying to get some sun!}
{Ellen-style Oscar selfie}
{Gorgeous Gulf Islands National Seashore}
After sufficiently wearing out the pups, we all headed over to Shaggy's to grab some dinner! Shaggy's is one of two dog friendly restaurants on Pensacola Beach! Next time we'll have to eat at Flounder's {the other dog friendly restaurant}! The food was delicious and the margaritas were only a $1 thanks to National Margarita Day! I even joined in on the fun and had a virgin margarita.. aka a limeade!
{Pups waiting for an outside table}

{Gorgeous sunset to end a fabulous day!}
It was SO nice being in our "neck of the woods" with friends for a chance! After dinner Ethan and I were able to walk home! Normally it's a good 30 minute drive home! We watched a little bit of the Oscars and then went to bed early! Preggo can't handle staying up late after going all day without a nap! Ha!
Now it's Monday morning and officially "we find out what baby is this week" week and I couldn't be more excited! I'm over here making lists on top of lists on top of lists for stuff we need to do and get done! Eek! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and I'll see you around this week!
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday's Five // A little Random and a Little American Idol

I apologize for the radio silence this week.. I just haven't been in to it. And when I have a day off {like Monday for President's Day} I tend to not get my weekend recap out on time.. plus I didn't take any pictures over the weekend. So double oops.. thank goodness for those weekly pregnancy updates or I'd have nothing to show! Let's get on to my five very random things this week!
{1} For all my bloggy friends living up to their ears in snow, I genuinely hope winter is ending soon for you! But, on the bright side, if you've had enough snow for one season.. book a trip to my hometown! We were just featured as the #5 Best Beach in the US on Trip Advisor! Come on, sugar white beaches > snow.

{I took this picture March '13}

{2} Anyone else obsessively watching American Idol?! I haven't watch it in YEARS, but for some reason I'm hooked this season! {Probably because of Harry Connick, Jr. if we're being honest!} But I've got my favorites for the year and ::shocker:: they're the youngest boys. Man, that makes me sound like a creep! They're just adorable! {Said in my most "mom" voice.. to make me sound less like a creep.} Who are your favorites for this year?!
{My #1 Fav - Daniel Seavey (image via)}
{My #2 Fav - Trevor Douglas (image via)}
Does it help that I'm trying to get my 14-year old sister to marry one of these two? Yes? No? Still creepy? Ok. Moving on..
{3} Apparently Jinxy Cat is the only thing I take pictures of these days.. so here's a few from this week of my favorite kitty :)
{He has claimed the spot above my pregnancy pillow as his own.. he's a pillow hog.}

{Snugglin' little brother or sister}
{4} I can't remember who shared this video on Facebook, but it's me and Ethan in the car. True story: I once pulled a hot pink toy microphone out for a car performance. Oh to have recorded Ethan's face. To this day, one of my favorite "dumb" memories of us.
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 {5} We are ONE WEEK away from seeing our little baby at the 20 week ultrasound!! EEK! I haven't seen that sweet little nugget since I was 9 weeks pregnant and I'm dying to see if we can make out some features from either me or Ethan! If this baby has Ethan's perfect little nose I may lose it!
{Here's baby at 9w4d - the hard white line is his/her backbone and the middle nubbin is an arm!}

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you again on Monday!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 17

how far along: 17 weeks
size of the baby: one app says an onion, another a turnip, and another a pomegranate. But all agree we're around 5" long and weigh around 5.5-6 ounces!

{via Ovia app}
baby is: about the size of my palm {yes, I measured!} and the heartbeat is now regulated by the brain (no more random beats) to 140-150 times per minute! Which at my last appointment was in the 150s, so I've still got my fingers crossed for that "high heart beat = a girl" old wife's tale!

{size of baby's hand! Via Ovia app}
movement: little bumps here and there, mostly really low. I notice them most right after I've eaten or I put my jeggings on. Apparently someone doesn't like it when my pants are tight across where they hang out all day!
gender: I can officially say the week after next! Ahhh and my countdown is in the "teens" now! Gender reveal party is on the 28th!
total weight gain: Was pumped to see that I didn't gain any weight this week! Woohoo! Still hanging out at 7 pounds total.

stretch marks: same 'ole, same 'ole. Double lathering on the Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream!
symptoms: Round ligament pain for the win. Congestion, backaches, and feeling out of breath.
maternity clothes: just got two bags of maternity clothes from my sister-in-law Em! Yay! And there were a lot of pants!
sleep: Getting up at least twice a night for a potty break, but thankfully I am able to go right back to sleep. Also, my dreams are getting unreal. I woke myself up one morning answering a question that someone asked me in my dream! Thank goodness Ethan had already left for work or he would have made fun of me to no end!
missing: nothing I can think of this week.
cravings/aversions: Loving my milk. Chocolate milk to be exact. Probably explains my increase in weight gain.. also got busted by the game warden (aka Ethan) with my new Pringles craving. I beg for them at the grocery store when we shop together, he says no. My defiant self stops by the grocery store by myself after work, thinking I've outsmarted him. Until he drives my car randomly that same night to a friend's house.. my two cans of Pringles are sitting in the front seat, waiting to be hid at my office the next day. Oh, the things I do to try to be sneaky! He wasn't mad or anything, just laughed at me.
cries: bought baby a CD of lullabies and totally cried listening to the classic ones and imagining 2 a.m. with a fussy baby singing lullabies to get him/her back to sleep.
ethan is: wanting to feel the baby kick as bad I as do! He held his hands on my belly the other night "trying" to feel something, but I told him it'd be at least another couple months before the kicks were strong enough to feel from the outside.
best moments: using my sister-in-law Alexis' home Doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat! We clocked it in around 156-160! Best sound in the world!

not so best moments: hurting so bad from all this round ligament pain. Ouchie!

looking forward to: NEXT WEEK when we find out if we have a little miss or little mister!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 16


how far along: 16 weeks!
size of the baby: as big as an avocado, measuring around 4.6" and 3.5 ounces!
baby is: listening to the sound of my voice, growing hair {please, please, God, let my baby have lots of hair!}, lashes and eyebrows, and forming taste buds!
movement: every app is telling me to "be on the lookout" so this week I've been extra attentive in this area. I'm pretty sure I can feel some kicks after I eat. I'll lie down on my side and {gently.. for Ethan} press the top part of my stomach to cramp up some space.. I'm terrible, I know.. but I swear I felt some kicks on more than one occasion! I think babe hangs out on left side {my belly looks lopsided most days} and I can't wait to confirm that at the ultrasound!
gender: February 28th is our Gender Reveal Party!
total weight gain: Up a total of 7 pounds.. guess I've been splurging a little too much! Definitely going to try to start working out again this upcoming week.

stretch marks: still just my tatas, but I've started rubbing stretch mark lotion all over my breasts, stomach, hips, butt, and thighs - just in case.
symptoms: I've given up on my Zofran after seeing one of those "Attention: have you or a loved one suffered from..." commercials about Zofran during pregnancy. I know my doctor told me it was ok, but after seeing that, it significantly freaked me out. I still feel somewhat gross {wouldn't say nauseated} in the mornings and when I'm really hungry. Also catching myself out of breath more often when I bend over and I've still got that congestion in my nose.
maternity clothes: summer dresses are starting to come out! Tried on one at Target, but ended up only getting the shirt!

{question: why are horizontal stripes a thing for pregnant gals? lol}
sleep: starting to need belly support when I lie on my side and I'm wondering how in the world I'm going to roll myself over my pillow to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night soon.
missing: stereotypical.. but I'd love a fruity drink right about now. I'm not a huge drinker, but occasionally I'll enjoy something while out with friends.
cravings/aversions: Grilled chicken still sounds disgusting, but I'm trying to eat healthier, so I basically gagged through a grilled chicken wrap the other night. Yea, not happening again any time soon!
cries: Not bad this week - except for the giant Charlie horse I got in my calf in the middle of the night this week. I was crying and whimpering at 4 a.m. and I woke Ethan up. Poor guy thought I was going in labor and I really freaked him out.
ethan is: still not on board with the idea of a gender reveal party. Poor guy.. he's just going to have to get over that one!
best moments: possibly, probably feeling some kicks this week!

not so best moments: seeing that dang Zofran commercial. Ugh.. this momma's heart is super worried now!

looking forward to: a couple sweet friends' baby showers coming up. I'm going to take note on what they get and what I see that I didn't know I'll need!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stylin' the Bump // Eshakti-Style

Since Florida can't seem to make up its mind - hot one day, cold the next - me and Hannah decided to do a mini-photo shoot this past weekend when the weather was gorgeous! It was fun having my 14-year old sister take pictures for my blog. She really gets into it with the "Myspace" angles and understands how semi-awkward it is to pose for pictures when you're not exactly a "fashion blogger."
I received this top from and loved how customizable their entire website is! Anything on their website can be altered to fit exactly what you need! Need a longer hemline? Done! Need the sleeves shortened? Done! They don't kid when the tagline is "We design. You customize!"
I originally planned to use this top as a fall staple with its gorgeous cream color and rust red flowers, but God had other plans and that plan was months of morning sickness and a baby bump! But, you know what? I think this top works perfectly as a maternity top! The top is accommodating for my growing bump and the cotton is some of the softest I've ever felt! My sweet stylist Hannah threw a braided belt around my waist for definition and a denim jacket to make those colors pop even more! {See, I told you it was fun shooting with a 14-year old!}

Special thanks to for the gorgeous top and to Hannah for being my little stylist/photographer extraordinaire!
I received the top as compensation from in exchange for a post on my blog. All opinions are true and my own.
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Funs

Happy Monday! This Monday starts the 1st of my 3 short weeks or, as I like to call them, the 3 short weeks until we find out what baby is! I swear I'm not trying to wish this month away, but... if I could be February 29th, that'd be great!
Spent Friday night at my parent's house. We got Sky Pizza {the most traditional NY-style you can find around here} and watched bad Netflix.
{My head for size comparison!}
Saturday morning, me and Mom went to a baby shower for one of her friend's daughter-in-law. It was a brunch-style and it was amazing! Best part was being able to see my sweet cousin William!

After the shower, me and Mom had big plans to find some gender reveal decorations! We hit up Hobby Lobby {and scored some cute mustache paper straws and paper tassel d├ęcor}, Party City {for mason jars with handles}, and JoAnn's {more paper straws}. Our haul might not have been huge, but it was just what I had in mind when I started looking!
I'm also hoping baby is a girl because if so, I found some of the cutest nursery knickknacks that I can't live without!

{Ya catching the mint, coral and gold theme?}

We also learned to not go grocery shopping when starving, and mostly starving and pregnant! Along with dinner ingredients, we went wild and got chips and spinach dip, egg rolls, and king cake. And all three were!
Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Florida! The temperature got up to 72*! We had planned to go to church, but were running so late, that we ended up skipping.  I'll be so happy when we move back home and church isn't a 40 minute ride away! We did stop by Target and get some essentials we've been going without and then headed to my parent's house again for Sunday lunch. Mom made shrimp gumbo and I swear I could have stuck a straw in the pot and drank all the brothy goodness!
{heck yes, at the mall!}
Sunday evening we went to dinner with our friends Taylor and Colin, got our grocery shopping done for the week, and prepped for the week to come! We tried to watch some of the Grammy's, but honestly they were so boring, we turned them off and hit up some Friends on Netflix! Perfection!

How was your weekend? Anything you're looking forward to this week?!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Let Me Auto-Awesome Your Friday!

How about something different from me for this glorious Friday? I've mentioned before that my phone creates "auto-awesome" photos on its own. I don't know why it picks what it picks or even how to set it to always make them. Because let's be honest, I'd always want these photos! But when I do get them, it's sporadic and I end of loving them!  So, for this Friday - Here's my top 5 auto-awesomed photos! :)
{1} Just us girls at the Hunter Hayes concert.
{2} Some summer fun.. "fitting" through a small pool float.

{3} Fro-yo double date with my husband and brother. Yes, I am the only normal one in my family.

{4} Ok, I lied. None of us are normal. My siblings and momma on the 4th of July.

{5} Woo-hoo!! Touchdown NOLES! Now, how many days till football season starts?!

{and a bonus} Only because in T-minus 22 days I get to experience this same feeling! Eek!

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