Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 15


how far along: 15 weeks!
size of the baby: baby is as big as a navel orange, measuring 4-4.5" and weighing about 2.5 ounces!
baby is: making lots of progress: the joints and limbs can all move now! And baby's legs are finally longer than its arms!
movement: maybe something? I've felt the same swooshing feeling about 3 nights this week, and it's always at night in the same place. I have high hopes for some real movement next week!
gender: We find out February 28th!
total weight gain: 5 lbs.

stretch marks: nothing new, but lathering on the lotion 2xs a day now and drinking more water.
symptoms: round ligament pain. Holy. Cow. And I still have morning sickness. Darn app lied to me that this would be the week that it went away. Went one night without my Zofran - bad idea.
maternity clothes: I'm having to get creative with my work wardrobe. Using the hair tie hack on pants with buttons and wearing my looser fitting tops.
sleep: note to self - don't eat watermelon at night. You will get up twice as many times to use the bathroom. Other than that, sleeping good and getting up once or twice a night for a bathroom break.
missing: my pre-pregnancy body. I never thought I'd struggle this much emotionally and mentally about my gaining weight and changing body, but I have to be honest here. I'm just about to my heaviest weight ever and the numbers are getting to me. I keep reminding myself that every pound and every stretch mark is my body growing and safekeeping my precious baby.

{left - 15w6d :: right - around 4 weeks} 
cravings/aversions: my sweet tooth is coming back, but I still love the idea of anything salty. I also can't wait for all the yummy summer fruit to start popping up! Watermelon, peaches.. oh my!
cries: had a total ugly cry when we became a cat family of one this past week. I also tear up when I read any of baby's accomplishments this week.
ethan is: so ready to find out what baby is. I think he's told me 8 times this week. Too bad we've got a whole month to go! Hah!
best moments: ordering the invites for our gender reveal party! And some other party-related stuff!

not so best moments: getting our W-2s from work and pre-filing on Turbo Tax. I'm thankful God blessed us throughout the year, but man, Uncle Sam wants his share now. Boo..

looking forward to: feeling the baby move more and definitely our anatomy scan and party!

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  1. You are looking fabulous! Ugh, I feel you on having to do taxes, not looking forward to that!

  2. You look amazing! We had a bad tax year the first year we we're married because we claimed married but didn't make that "married but filing at a single rate" option and ended up having to pay in $1,300! It was awful!

  3. You look great, lady! I can only imagine how tough it is to watch the scale creep up, even if it's for the best cause in the world. Remember you look great and keep the mindset it's what your body is made to do. not that I've ever been pregnant, but that's what I've heard from my mama friends.

    Hope the pain goes away!

  4. My favorite part is the cravings. I always love seeing what people crave throughout their pregnancy & wonder what in the world I'll crave when I get pregnant.

  5. I feel ya, mama. I am certainly my heaviest ever!!! Obviously. :) But you know what? The numbers play more games with my mind than anything. Just gotta let them go and focus on the miracle of growing a baby. Easier said than done, I know! xx