Monday, March 23, 2015

Babymoon // Disney World & Arnold Palmer Invitational

When most people think "babymoon," I bet they think super relaxing, super chill getaway. But that's just not the way me and Ethan work.
I bought Ethan tickets to the 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational as a Christmas present last year. To say that was the best gift I've ever given him is an understatement. I knew by the time March rolled around, I'd be around 22 weeks pregnant and I banked on that "2nd trimester feeling great" stage. I knew I'd be bigger, but not too big to still enjoy the trip.
We drove down to Orlando on Thursday and our 1st stop was Ikea! Oh, how I wish we had one closer to us! I've always wanted a sheepskin rug for my baby girl's nursery, so that was Must Get #1. We also snagged three books for her and some floating book shelves to put them on! I can't wait {or rather really need..} to get started on her nursery!
Friday morning we headed to Disney World with Ethan's parents. Right now at Disney is the Flower & Garden Festival, so Ethan's mom was in flower heaven! She literally knew the name for every flower! I was super impressed!
{"The sign you always take a picture of is coming up, get your camera ready." - Ethan}

{1st Stop - Epcot! Feeling like I stuffed the Epcot ball under my shirt!}

{Inside the Butterfly Tent} 

{Looking over the bridge at France}

For lunch we ate the best pizza at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in Italy. It's seriously the best pizza you'll have in your entire life. And of course I had to stop to get macarons at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in France!

{Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in France}

{Crazy street performer in France - he's doing all this while balanced on wine bottles!}
After Ethan's parents left us after lunch, we hopped on the monorail so I could get a bump picture in front of the castle. Seriously. That's all we did there. Well, besides get some water! Hello, dehydration from the heat!

{22w4d in front of Cinderella's Castle}

After my bump pic, we boarded the bus to Animal Kingdom. We thought we could walk around, look at the animals, and go on the safari ride. What we didn't know was if you're pregnant, the safari ride is on the no-no list. Dang. We did walk the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and saw the gorillas. There were two baby gorillas just recently born, so it was neat watching them follow their mom's around and forage like the others.

That night we got some of the best sushi I've ever had {or maybe I was just starving?!} at Fancy Sushi in Clermont. Seriously.. if you live near Clermont, eat there! We watched The Tourist with Ethan's parents and went to bed pretty early to get rested up for the golf tournament the next day.
We left Ethan's parent's house around 11 to park at Universal Studios to take the shuttle over to Bay Hills Golf Club where the 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitation was taking place. Hindsight, the shuttle service was great, but allot for extra time actually getting to Universal's parking garage. That was a nightmare of so much traffic!
Once inside, our first stop was to try to find Rory McIlroy, the current #1 ranked golf player in the world. We knew his tee time was at 1:25, so naturally the warm up area was where we looked first. When we got there, Ethan's first words were "holy sh*t, that's Rory." That moment will forever be burned into my memory. One, Ethan doesn't cuss. Two, it was just too funny. We watched him warm up and basically sat back in amazement at how good he was!

{Rory - middle in the grey shirt with pink stripe}

After that, we followed him over to the putting greens to watch him warm up some more. Ethan kept pointing out where Rory's ball would end up and told me the best shot he's ever made in his life, Rory just did twice in a row. Guess Rory's a pro for a reason. Ha!

Finally it was tee time! We stood by the ropes to get a closer look!

{Rory's playing partner for the day - David Lingmerth}

{My creeper shot of Rory McIlroy}

The rest of the day was spent following Rory or getting a few holes ahead of Rory so we'd have good viewing for when he got there. We were able to see Ian Poulter, Henrik Stenson, Jason Kokrak, Louis Oosthuizen, and Keegan Bradley {to name the bigger players}. I'm really glad I started watching and paying attention to golf with Ethan or this whole experience would have been awful. I also wish we could have seen Rickie Fowler and Adam Scott. They were there, but had earlier tee times, so we missed seeing them. Womp womp..

On most of the holes and when possible, I stayed back in the shade. Sure I wanted to be in on the close-up action, but it was more important to me to stay hydrated and as unswollen as possible for 6 months pregnant in 90* heat!

{My gator picture - very middle of the grass in the water}
One of the holes was right beside this beautiful lake and very shady tree. While Ethan got in on the action, I stayed back and made some friends. I was talking to a couple of older men and asked if there were aligators in the lake. They laughed and said "you must not be from Florida." Of course, I am and not 10 seconds later a gator decided to pop his head up in the lake! I told them I wasn't about to be the pregnant girl in the news who got eaten by an alligator at a golf tournament.

{Creep shottin' Ethan while I stand in the shade!}
{Love this man of mine!} 

{My "illegal" shots of Rory on the fairway}

{Using one of the crosspaths and looking up at the 1st tee box}
Once Rory finished the front 9, we decided to grab a bite to eat so we could catch him coming in on the back 9. It was a much needed sit down break, not to mention we were both starving! After lunch, we headed to the gift shop to get Ethan a hat. He also got a ball marker and golf ball with the Arnold Palmer logo on it. After that we went to the 18th hole to watch the players come in.

We didn't stay at that hole for very long since it was completely out in the sun. We were both literally cooking ourselves. We decided to find Rory and followed him until the 17th hole. After that we had both had enough heat and sun to last a lifetime, so we grabbed Arnold Palmers {half sweet tea, half lemonade} and got back on the shuttle!

{Got my Arnie Palmy!}
All-in-all it was a wonderful day at the golf course! Bay Hill is a beautiful course and I'm so glad I got to experience a professional tournament with Ethan. He's told me again and again what a wonderful Christmas present the tickets were! I hope one day he and our daughter will share a similar trip!
We headed back home on Sunday and basically crashed. Such a fast, fun trip can really take its toll on you! Basically nothing was accomplished on Sunday except for getting home safe, getting the week's groceries, and an early bedtime!
I can't believe our "babymoon" is over. I remember planning this back in December thinking "wow, March is forever away!" So, that's probably it for our quick trips of just me and Ethan! Next time, we'll have a little tagalong!
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  1. I'm so glad you guys got to take a baby moon and get away for a few days, even if it was spent being super busy. It looked like tons of fun! And you are absolutely adorable!!

  2. What a fun babymoon! We're like you guys - we don't want to just lay around, we like to be doing something and seeing things while we're away! I love that you got a bump pic in front of the castle and the whole Disney experience seems great - except the no go on the safari. Boo. I went to the US Open with my husband a couple years ago and seeing the tournament in person is definitely a really cool experience so I'm not surprised you guys had a great time!

  3. The week we were at Disney for our honeymoon was also the flower festival - it was quite an experience!

    Glad you enjoyed your little getaway, we had one of our own, it was fun!

  4. What a perfect babymoon! It looks like you guys had a blast!!

  5. What an awesome babymoon! You are too cute in front of the castle!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I love your presh bump...especially in front of Cinderella's castle!!! xx

  7. What a fun trip! So glad you guys got to enjoy some time together before baby comes! You are looking too cute, love your dress! :)

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  9. Wow, looks like you had amazing weather and such a fun trip! I love Disney! It's always so fun no matter what your age!

  10. Wow! This is an awesome trip! The weather looks great. So cool you guys got to see Rory McElroy. He's pretty cool. Glad to hear you and baby stayed hydrated! thanks for linking up with me on Monday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. YAY! What an awesome babymoon! Love all the bump pictures!!

  12. I was just at Disney mid February and it is crazy how the temperature changes! We were freezing during our trip there. You little bump is so cute! Looks like you had a blast.

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