Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 19

{19w4d - holding the top secret gender envelope!} 

how far along: 19 weeks!
size of the baby: all my food comparisons are a little weird this week.. We have a zesty zucchini, tomato, and a mango dipped in cheese {I'll explain that one later} but they all agree that baby is around 6" long and around half a pound!
baby is: developing a protective coating over his/her skin, called vernix caseosa. Hence the cheese-dipped mango illustration. Thanks, The Bump app. It's that greasy, white stuff you see some babies born with. BUT it's very important because it keeps baby from being pruney from it's 24/7 amniotic bath and helps move baby out of the birth canal!
movement: I've been wearing full-panel maternity pants, so I don't feel the baby as much as when I have on a tighter, lower band. I still get reassuring pokes here and there.
gender: It's a GIRL! Check out our Gender Reveal Party here!
total weight gain: forgot to weigh myself on Sunday morning like I usually do, but no worries.. I'm gaining weight! Ha!

stretch marks: So last week I was complaining that I think they're getting worse, well this week I'm opposite. I've been lathering on the Palmer's Body Lotion in the morning and caking the Intensive Palmer's Body Butter at night. I wake up the next morning and I swear they look better each time. I'm going to continue this ritual from now until I can't see any of those marks!
symptoms: aches and pains in my stomach and back. I seem to be getting more headaches these days too.
maternity clothes: living in them. I could probably still wear some, if not a lot, of my non-maternity clothes, but I choose comfort over cute any day now. Bring on my flowy tunic tops and full panel pants!
sleep: Good. Still getting up at least once for a potty break. Also, my Jinxy cat has now decided the space above my pregnancy pillow is now his bed. Woke up with kitty paws on my face the other morning.
missing: my tan. Come on warmer weather!
cravings/aversions: Still basically anything and everything my sister-in-law has a craving for! She says Firehouse, I say when?! Sushi? Right now. But don't talk to me about grilled chicken or bacon. That junk sounds nasty as ever!
cries: Cried driving to work on Tuesday knowing that we'd be finding out what our baby is on Saturday. I can't believe it's that time! And cried Sunday morning {the day after our party} thinking about our sweet baby girl!
ethan is: after watching The Duggars with me on Tuesday night {as in the Tuesday before we found out what baby is} really hopes the baby is a boy! He doesn't want to have to deal with paying for a wedding one day!
best moments: Finding out that we are having a little girl!!

not so best moments: Little stinker was stubborn as ever during our anatomy scan. She was curled up in a ball, head down, with her fist in front of her face. We tried everything to get her to move.. the tech tried scanning her while I laid flat, with a pillow underneath me, while on my left side and right side, after I ate M&Ms and drank apple juice, and even a vaginal ultrasound. NADA! Oh, and having to have a full bladder for the anatomy scan is the WORST! I was almost cried I had to pee so bad! But, on the bright side. We get to have another ultrasound in 5 weeks since she was so uncooperative!

looking forward to: getting started on the nursery!

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  1. How fun is it to say "she" and "her" now!!?!? So much fun. So much LOVE! xx

  2. No bacon?? I'll eat all the bacon for you!

  3. i am still in awe of how cute your reveal was! and your reaction - i love it

  4. Congrats on your sweet little girl! That's so fun! xo

  5. I'm so over the mood excited you're having a little girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston