Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 20

how far along: 20 weeks! We're halfway there!
size of the baby: Little girl is the size of a banana, measuring about 6.5" {crown to rump} and weighing in at 10.5 ounces!
baby is: sprouting teeth buds underneath her gums, as well as lips, eyelashes and eyebrows! She also now has fully formed ovaries that have about 7 million primitive eggs!

{My favorite part of each week - seeing how big her hand is getting!}
movement: Definitely feeling her these days! They're still the little bumps and pokes I've been feeling since Week 17, but they're more frequent and have a pattern to them!

{3/4/15} Ethan got to feel the baby kick for the 1st time! Such a sweet moment and his eyes light up when she gave him a little bump!
gender: GIRL! See our Gender Reveal Pictures here!
total weight gain: Definitely soared right through the 160s right on to the 170s! But I'm still around 13 pounds total. I'm going to try to watch what I eat this week in hopes to not gain the 2 pounds a week thing I've been doing!

stretch marks: Nothing new here. Doing my 2-step daily process and I feel like they may be fading already.
symptoms: Lightheadedness for real for the first time, also more headaches in general. Also my hands totally fall asleep a ton now! But all-in-all I feel wonderful. Whoever said the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon phase, was definitely right!
maternity clothes: got complimented on my maternity style from a coworker. She said she's happy to see me {in the flowy loose tops} because the skin-tight ones are tacky. Haha! I'm just all about the comfort and that's all I care about! Picked up a really cute pair of shorts at Old Navy this weekend! They aren't full belly panel, but rather have stretchy panels on the side and are meant to be worn under the bump! So comfy!
sleep: tossing and turning at night. Probably due more to my cat wanting to use the pregnancy pillow more than I do.
missing: Not much this week.
cravings/aversions: I think I'm over my grilled chicken aversion! Woohoo! Other than that, no new cravings or aversions!
cries: Ethan is just melting my heart left and right these days! Totally teared up when he felt baby girl kick for the first time and then again when he told me out of the blue how excited he was that baby was a girl.
ethan is: {see above}
best moments: Ethan being so sweet and scoring some great deals on some super cute nursery décor and baby clothes!

not so best moments: finding out my sister-in-law was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and contractions! Mr. Walker is no due until May 11th, so this was definitely too soon! She's feeling better now and he's doing fine still in Momma's tummy!

looking forward to: starting nursery prep! I've got so many ideas running through my head!

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  1. You're too cute! :) That's so sweet about Ethan, sounds like he is going to be a great dad! :)

  2. Halfway there already - wow! The bump is looking adorable! :)

  3. I love the hand too! I look at it ALL THE TIME! I can't believe you're halfway there! I'll be there in 5 weeks! :)

  4. i can't believe it's halfway. and the fact that ethan is so sweet with her already just makes my heart melt!!

  5. Oh the first kick that he felt must have been amazing!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. What a special way to journal your pregnancy. It's always wonderful to read about a new life growing!

  7. you're adorable! this is such a perfect way to document this new adventure! thanks for linking-up!

  8. Halfway! You look so so cute.