Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 22


how far along: 22 weeks and I'm now considered "6 months pregnant!"
size of the baby: Around 10.5-11.8" and weighs around 12.7-20.8 ounces! So basically she's a foot tall and weighs a pound! {Good.. I can start blaming some of my weight gain on her! Haha!}

{Last week's hand (left) versus this week's hand (right)}
baby is: sleeping in cycles - around 12-14 hours per day! I totally know when she's going to be awake and kicking best! Unfortunately one of those times is not around 2:30 when we have our next ultrasound scheduled.. maybe we can wake her up and see that pretty face!
movement: getting stronger and more frequent! My mom got to feel her for the first time last week and a couple of my friends got to see her kick!
gender: GIRL!
And if you missed my announcement on Instagram! She has a name too!
We can't wait to meet you, Charlotte Reese!
total weight gain: According to the scale Monday morning, I'm up 18 lbs since we found out! Yikes! I need to take it slower now, since I know that number will only go up!

stretch marks: same and still lathering on the stretch mark lotion in the morning, and the intensive stretch mark butter on at night!
symptoms: Back aches and tailbone pain! I read somewhere that tailbone pain can be associated with an anterior placenta, which I have.. I'm going to ask my doctor about that!

wedding rings on or off: Still on, but taking them off at night!

belly button in or out: Getting more shallow each week!
maternity clothes: Recently discovered maternity maxi skirts. Heaven on earth dipped in chocolate and topped with whipped cream and a cherry!
sleep: Fine, except this sunburn is really cramping my style.
missing: Still not missing anything besides fitting into my old clothes
cravings/aversions: I love me some Firehouse Subs. Honestly think I could eat them day and night!
cries: This Pampers commercial. Dang, Pampers. Seriously, grab your tissues.

ethan is: still living on a post-Arnold Palmer Invitation high. He had a blast and my heart swells with happiness that he had such a good time!
best moments: Getting away for a few days for OUR BABYMOON!

not so best moments: Having to come home from our babymoon and go back to work! Womp womp!

looking forward to: Our next ultrasound and appointment on April 3rd!

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  1. You look so adorable and I love the name you picked out for your little one! What app did you use that shows you how big her hand is? I just LOVE that!!

  2. Looove her name! Baby Charlotte, so sweet!

  3. Love the name & you look great!! Keep up the good work & thanks for linking up! XOXO